Darkness Descends over the Internet Via the U.N.

If you want to have the all seeing eye monitoring your every activity and controlling all of the content that you will see just let then gain control over the Internet.  Right now the U.S. Congress is considering that and somehow it seems plausible that it will happen.  Let us hope not for the sake of our children and their children.  First off, the U.S. built the Internet from beginning to end so why should we pass it over to some foreign entity.  If you asked a dimwit like Carter he might think it’s a good idea, sorta like giving up the Panama Canal.  Only a world improving fool would have seen the benefit of that.  So check this out and see what the one world crowd has in mind.  I say no to this.


Economic Collapse Update

Here is a great prediction about our coming financial turmoil with specifics.

Invest in metals, whether gold, silver, or lead.  Keep cash on hand, and your ears to the ground waiting for the rumble of a financial earthquake.  Hard assets, food, water, and weapons will get you through.