Anatomy of a Power Grab: Internet Lost, Savage Silenced, Holt Does a Crowley

Internet Giveaway fait accompli  The purpose of this is to give cover for censorship by diverting the blame to the stakeholders rather than the statists, leftists, and power elites.

Savage shut down when talking about Hillary Medications – All he said was Levodopa and the Clinton minions went to work.

Holt does a Crowley  – In between gulps out of her feedbag Crowley found a way to change the debate outcome against Romney.  This time around Holt emulates her and does a tag team effort with Clinton against Trump in front of the nation.  The masque is off.  The media and the little grub worms that comprise the journalist class are now exposed to the light.  It is quite disgusting.  Sadly, it also tells us that the whole system is corrupted as these shills pretending to be journalists are nothing but water carriers for their masters.


Invasion Continues – Collapse Continues

McD replaces workers with H1-B foreign workers.  Had enough yet.  This is why the country is on a knife’s edge.  We have politicians willing to destroy our lives to enrich themselves.

Vegas in social collapse.  Meanwhile our dear leader dumps cash on foreign countries.  Americans can take a hike.

Refugees Flooding USA Cities  It is happening now.  Face the future.  It involves prayer rugs and calls to prayer.

Sharia being normalized in USA – Sharia in Sheep’s Clothing

Terror Reels Across the USA

ISIS USA – one of many potentials  Here is a good example of why we should limit immigration.

Feds Mistakenly grant citizenship to 800+ with security concerns.  I still remember a threat from the left to take away citizenship from those on the right.  IN THEIR DREAMS of course, but meanwhile we are told this mistake can’t be undone.  Yet, if the bank deposits money wrongly into your account you will have it taken away no questions asked.  Which is more substantive to the law and order of the country.

Somali Fanatic goes on knife rampage in Minn.  He was sent onto his reward by a concealed carrying citizen.

100k Somalis brought to USA since 9/11 attack  Our geniuses in charge appear to want us all at risk.

Letemgo from Gitmo He’s working for them, not us.

Immigration lets them slip through.  10 times in 2 years that we know about.  Multiply that times 20 most likely since lying to the public is now considered part of governmental function.

The Goal of One Man.  Flood the West.  Soros continues his quest.

Disinformatzia the new Standard with Media Complicit

Mis on Lying Campaign  We are in a time where the media has become an arm of the Government and Globalists.  The average person you meet gets most of their information from government controlled sources so their opinions will reflect that.

Media spins the truth.

Trump Trolls the Media and they are quite mad about it.  And none of us care or should we say we enjoyed it.



Financial collapse update

Jimmy Rogers Warning be worried.  Yes, we are.

EU Disintegration – Breaking up into power blocs.  And what next, secret alliances and defense agreements.  WWI got started that way.  Hopefully, they had their fill of it though.  It seems the crux of this is lustful power grabs in Brussels and the migrant crisis.

China Dumping U.S. Debt  They’re getting ready for what we know is coming:  A dollar non-reserve currency situation where we all end up broke with worthless paper.

Invasion Update: Gang Rape in Paris, German Hijabs, Boise, Berlin, Flint

Here it is.  The city of lights becomes the city of fear as Algerians are charged.   French are prepping for Civil War.

German women encouraged to wear hijabs.  And what does this mean but the conversion of a country led by a former communist who apparently wanted revenge on the West.

Boise has more Syrian refugees than LA and NY combined.  Idaho must have voted for Romney since this appears to be revenge.

Berlin Nightclubs – non-citizens preferred, attack the citizens- ban so called right wing groups.  You never hear the term neo-communists applied to the crazy left.  You never even hear ultra or extreme left.  It is just the progressive left.

Flint Michigan not informed about BigGoV plan to dump 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees on them.  They probably even voted for our dear leader in Flint but he decided that they could use a 100 more Dem voters.  Remember they are DOA, Democrat on Arrival.

The internationalists are very active right now.

Want a Survival Garden – Start with Tomatoes


Why do I suggest tomatoes?  Because they are so easy to get/purchase, grow, and actually get some results.  More importantly, you will have an immediate source of food.  Rather than putting in fruit trees and waiting years you can get a fruit right off the bush within months and use it for the whole growing season.  You can get different types and start some later to keep them producing right up until the cold weather.

Buy the wire supports or use something that can substitute for that.  I used an old wire clothes dryer rack plus some metal grid fencing that I have.    Here are some photos.

A simple set-up using the dryer rack.

The total cost of this setup is 6 bags of potting soil at $3 each = $18.

Tomato plants cost approximately $3

The pots I already had along with all the other wire racks etc.  I just grabbed what I had.

Total investment  $21.

I am well ahead on this investment and here is something to consider.  If there is a food shortage this winter I’ll be ready to have fresh tomatoes again next summer.  If I decide to radically increase production I could put away enough by canning or freeze drying, sun drying, or whatever means I decide to use that I would have a major low cost food supplement for the winters.



You also see a pepper plant in a plastic pot that is producing great tasting green peppers.


The grape tomatoes are superb sources of fresh vitamin filled fruit and the taste is superior to anything I can find in the store.  I get this much yield every four days and have for the past two months.


I figure just that little bowl of tomatoes would cost around $2-3 in the supermarket.  I get at least 10 of those this season, and probably a 15 or more and that is with just 4 tomato plants.  Total predicted value $45.


This is just one type of food and the easiest I know of to get started with.  You can do this on your deck in pots if you live in a subdivision  or if space is hard to find.

Rather than put off growing your own food, how about next spring getting started.  Or better, get your potting soil in bags now and consider it a prep along with some seeds and powdered plant food.

This is just an idea for you to consider in your goal for a balanced self reliance that you can accomplish incrementally.  The fear of the unknown if you don’t grow your food already will quickly disappear if you get started and have a few seasons of experience under your belt.

Do it for yourself and do it for your family, and just as importantly do it to remain a viable member of your community in the event of food disruptions.  Think of it as your Victory Garden.

Gun Confiscation – Will you turn in yours?

Gun Confiscation: Will you turn yours in rather than wait for the door kicking session.

This article says you turn them in voluntarily. 
He said it was to slap gun owners awake and good for him if he did wake a few up.

As for turn ins.  Do what makes you feel better, safer, and accept the accompanying fate.

Ammo will be the real concern since they can choke that supply off easier than guns.  Imagine a world of cars without gas.  Ammo shortages have already been implemented by the ruling class as a test most likely.

Have a few extra guns around that are way old and probably not trackable, and whatever you do make sure you have enough to feed them for an extended period of time.

I somehow agree that they probably won’t go door to door initially, but rather will first keep adding groups of people who must lose their gun rights for various reasons, Veterans with PTSD, Medical Marijuana Users, Drunk Divers and then later seat belt violators, and alimony delinquents.  Eventually the list might include mental illnesses that are defined by believing in the Constitution or anyone who utters things that are not approved by the collective.

Finally, they might come after online commenters and bloggers who suggest any kind of resistance to overt actions by the government even if the resistance is only in the form of non-compliance to illegal edicts.

Collapse Update: Ruins of America – How History Rhymes

Rome and the USA – The parallels including coinage.

Ruines of Rome 3

By Edmund Spenser – 1591

Thou stranger, which for Rome in Rome here seekest,

And nought of Rome in Rome perceiv’st at all,

These same olde walls, olde arches, which thou seest,

Olde palaces, is that which Rome men call.

Behold what wreake, what ruine, and what wast,

And how that she, which with her mightie powre

Tam’d all the world, hath tam’d herselfe at last,

The pray of Time, which all things doth devowre.

Rome now of Rome is th’ onely funerall,

And onely Rome of Rome hath victorie;

Ne ought save Tyber hastning to his fall

Remaines of all: O worlds inconstancie!

That which is firme doth flit and fall away,

And that is flitting doth abide and stay.

Collapse Update: Jim Rogers what is coming – Dr. Doom says Doom is coming with a 50% market drop – Possible Mrs. President is one seizure away from the Presidency -The Lost Culture of Millennials-Socialist Buys 600k Summer Home – feel the Bern

Jim Rogers what is coming

Dr. Doom says Doom is coming with a 50% market drop

 Possible Mrs. President is one seizure away from the Presidency

The Lost Culture of Millennials 

Socialist Buys 600k Summer Home – feel the Bern