Anatomy of a Power Grab: Internet Lost, Savage Silenced, Holt Does a Crowley

Internet Giveaway fait accompli  The purpose of this is to give cover for censorship by diverting the blame to the stakeholders rather than the statists, leftists, and power elites.

Savage shut down when talking about Hillary Medications – All he said was Levodopa and the Clinton minions went to work.

Holt does a Crowley  – In between gulps out of her feedbag Crowley found a way to change the debate outcome against Romney.  This time around Holt emulates her and does a tag team effort with Clinton against Trump in front of the nation.  The masque is off.  The media and the little grub worms that comprise the journalist class are now exposed to the light.  It is quite disgusting.  Sadly, it also tells us that the whole system is corrupted as these shills pretending to be journalists are nothing but water carriers for their masters.


Collapse News: Inflation, Families Struggle, Texas Gold, China Nukes, Homesteading

The Fed lies about inflation and finally comes clean.
The game may be up soon.

Average family would struggle to spend 1k on an emergency. 
No surprise.  Many are struggling and living week to week.

Chinese Nuke Subs to patrol the seas.
This is another benefit of the Clinton years where nuke sub technology was given away for donations.

China Wants War with USA
They are getting big for their britches and are expending a tremendous amount of effort at growing their military strength.  Also, because we have a foreign operative running our country and a likely coward any conflict or risk of one would likely go against us.   With the current makeup of our government we may go down to multiple adversaries that include Russia, China, Iran, and whomever else wants to take advantage of our current weakness.  They all smell the blood in the water.

Texas Gold Depository
Here is another sign that confidence in the Feds is waning.  Texas would rather have the gold within its borders than in some NY bank.

Homesteading Video
Something to do while you wait for fallout or scoops to arrive.

Collapse update: Yuan Rises, Russia Bans Soros, Fourth Turning

Yuan on Ascendance and to be on equal footing with the U.S. Dollar
See this as just another indicator of the eventual displacement of the Dollar as the world reserve currency.  When that day comes U.S. citizens will pay dearly for support of the spendthrift policies of their government and of our love for never ending wars.  China may be the one to replace it as it seems to be in their strategic plan.

New Financial Order with China in Charge
This is a follow on to the first article and it is almost an advertisement article but at least you will learn some very valuable information.  I never knew the way we had our gold from Fort Knox looted of course as result of the stupid policies of our government.

Russia bans membership to Soros groups
Putin seems to be the only leader of his country willing to do exactly what it takes to prevent outsiders from interfering in the future of his country.  The USA is suffering badly as a result of manipulation by such outside groups in elections and policy.

Fourth Turning
This is a very uplifting article is you look forward to the collapse since it offers up something for everyone in terms of challenges.  In the words of a particularly dim witted President even counting our current incompetent, bring it on.

Sitrep: China Threat – Nukes, Collapse Update, Social Breakdown, Age of Antibiotics is Over

 China Threat

China Threatens Nuclear Sub Attack on USA
This is an update to their threats back in the 90’s when Clinton was in charge.  Now they have many more subs capable of hitting the US mainland with nuclear weapons and they know we have an extremely weak president at the moment. He is too busy crushing domestic opposition.

US Military Being Purged
This cannot come at a worse time since we have threats from all side including our main rival China.

1983 War Games Almost Caused Armageddon 
If you think the Chinese bluster is a joke just remember how close we came to going at it with the Soviets over a game they thought was real.

Financial Collapse

Only One Peaceful Path To Avoid Destruction
Denninger is a math guy and his numbers usually make sense.  The bottom line for him is that we can’t vote our way out of destruction.  Protect yourself.

Annihilation of US Dollar is Coming
This along with the confiscation of deposits to make banks whole will finish off the US economy and way of life.

Social Breakdown

NYC Coping with Flash Mobs
Gangs of bikers, skate boarders, and whatever else you can think of are now the next big problem for cities.  Think of Attila pushing his way through NY with his horsemen in a bid to show power and strike fear as he drove those victims of earlier conquests before him.  Do you want to live where this is allowed.  Not me.  Not ever.

Prepping May Be a Flag or Become Illegal 

Here are some prepping ideas for social unrest. 

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial
What more needs be said other than what a waste for good Americans to be killed by criminals not legally in the country.

Pandemics and Disease

The age of antibiotics is over according to the CDC.
 So if you lived between 1950 and now you have been within a charmed timeline where most bacterial illnesses could be treated.  That is now coming to an end.

U.S. Dominance Coming to an end

The bad news for the U.S. continues. Now we have an article from Reuters that indicates that China could catch up with us militarily within the next 10-15 years. Wonderful. See, that’s how it works when you employ Chinese Nationals in your nuclear research labs and give them access to your technology that you spent trillions of dollars and 60 years developing. They’ll just copy and use everything we’ve developed as they do with everything else. We are stupid in this regard.

The problem is we’ll pay dearly for it and so will many other allies that relied on our protection in Asia.