Anatomy of a Power Grab: Internet Lost, Savage Silenced, Holt Does a Crowley

Internet Giveaway fait accompli  The purpose of this is to give cover for censorship by diverting the blame to the stakeholders rather than the statists, leftists, and power elites.

Savage shut down when talking about Hillary Medications – All he said was Levodopa and the Clinton minions went to work.

Holt does a Crowley  – In between gulps out of her feedbag Crowley found a way to change the debate outcome against Romney.  This time around Holt emulates her and does a tag team effort with Clinton against Trump in front of the nation.  The masque is off.  The media and the little grub worms that comprise the journalist class are now exposed to the light.  It is quite disgusting.  Sadly, it also tells us that the whole system is corrupted as these shills pretending to be journalists are nothing but water carriers for their masters.


Speaking Truth to Power Clint Eastwood Style

Clint asks the country to Make My Day. It takes an 82 year old man to show the courage the rest of the entertainment industry and the media would never show. Now the media is turning on Clint with trying to mock him simply because he did his job as an entertainer and mocked the President.

In the end, he simply said to Mr. Obama that you are our employee and we think it’s time for you to move on. What is so bad about that?