Panic News: Economic Collapse -The Planned Takedown

Why the state of the economy says prepare.  Well and good that we know these things but the economic engine keeps plugging along no matter how much the powers in charge keep trying to crush it.

Inflation/Deflation Either way or both ways we’re screwed.  The worst of it is that they are using the system to loot our wealth.  Our money becomes worthless as the power elite load up on hard assets of the major kind, farmland, gold, silver, and remote retreats.



Anatomy of a Power Grab: Internet Lost, Savage Silenced, Holt Does a Crowley

Internet Giveaway fait accompli  The purpose of this is to give cover for censorship by diverting the blame to the stakeholders rather than the statists, leftists, and power elites.

Savage shut down when talking about Hillary Medications – All he said was Levodopa and the Clinton minions went to work.

Holt does a Crowley  – In between gulps out of her feedbag Crowley found a way to change the debate outcome against Romney.  This time around Holt emulates her and does a tag team effort with Clinton against Trump in front of the nation.  The masque is off.  The media and the little grub worms that comprise the journalist class are now exposed to the light.  It is quite disgusting.  Sadly, it also tells us that the whole system is corrupted as these shills pretending to be journalists are nothing but water carriers for their masters.


Economic Collapse and Other Inconveniences

While the media trumpets the latest propaganda put out by the White House regarding the economic recovery the cost of goods rises daily while asset values such as real estate are collapsing still further. I can’t see assets other than silver, gold, food, and necessities such as medical supplies and power production as having any lasting value if there is an economic collapse.

Meanwhile, the predictions are regular and dark. Here is a favorite. I read this today and needed a walk to commune with nature after contemplating what this meant. What it seems to mean is that we’re destined for total destruction of our way of life within the next decade or so. Check out this site and read the post titled “The Gathering Storm.” Find something positive there other than reasons to justify your preparations.

A run on potassium iodide pills has ensued as West Coast Americans panic in the face of a radioactive cloud. Meanwhile most are fully ignorant that terrorist groups have plenty of the same materials that can be used to detonate a dirty bomb. Still they vote for open borders and multicultural foolishness that ignores the realities of the war of civilizations that has been ongoing.