Invasion Update: ISIS threatens attacks everywhere

ISIS coming to your neighborhood soon.

It is great to know our dear leader is intent on bringing in as many potential terrorists as possible.  We know that the well being of the country and Americans is last on his list.

Our other anti-American waiting in the wings in between convulsion episodes has promised to ramp up our invasion 500% so expect Europe writ large if she wins.  We have guns here so the street level of violence will probably escalate rapidly as the wonderful alien extremists decide to grope, rape, and slash their way through the country.  To think that citizens will sit back and let it happen to them without arming up is not realistic here so expect the stumbler/head-shaker to work for a gun ban and ammo ban if she wins.

As for the other guy, the Billionaire.  He promises to stop the madness of open borders and refugee flooding of our towns.  We can hope he holds true to his word.  I will have to trust the guy who says what we want to hear and hope that his word is good.

(His stance on guns sounds strong but so was Bush 41 until he implemented an assault weapon import ban and dropped his NRA membership once he scammed his way into office.  Bush’s son was no better on many issues.  I wouldn’t wipe myself on a Bush which is why his weak chin BRO got nowhere because they are known deceivers and establishment pukes and globalist sellouts.   Most conservatives are tired of the fraud that the Republicrats kept playing on them.  Thus Mr. T)


What to DO:  Arm Up, Train, and Vote.  If you don’t vote don’t complain.  Admittedly, voting only seems to matter a bit.  Do it to clear your conscience if nothing else.

Government in denial about Terror Attacks

Clueless President refrains from calling it Terrorism
Most of the media, a lot of the elected officials, and the so called leader of the Free World are in denial.

Let’s see, a pair of attackers making pipe bombs, and spraying rounds in a crowded place that also happened to be where coworkers were having a Christmas Party.  The attackers were Muslim and had done all the things to prove that they were clearly radicalized still can’t be defined as terrorists according to even the FBI.

This reckless stupidity qualifies as negligence when it comes to protecting Americans.

Recommendation:  Arm yourself and protect yourself since your government has no interest in seriously doing the job.

Federal Grabs Continue, China Strong, DHS Ammo Purchase, Police Shooting Dogs, USA Changes Sides in War on Terror

Texas AG warns BLM not to take land.
The further incursions against private property and state rights are running fast.  Keep an eye on how this may eventually lead to rebellions, first local, but later on a national basis.  If that happens, be prepared to fasten your seatbelts for a ride into roadblocks, searches, gun registrations, and massive increases in taxes to keep the leviathan going.

China Making Noise, Rattling Sabres
The buildup in China now finally and very late in the game has captured the attention of defense analysts who for the longest time said we had 20 years or even 40 years before reaching this point.  We are at risk in many places and this just adds to the worries and in addition they are feeling strong about their economic prowess since we shipped all of our factories to China.  How stupid, huh.

DHS to buy 25 million shotgun rounds
Here we go again.  What possible reason can justify this volume of shotgun ammunition that includes 15 million slugs and 10 million buckshot rounds.  The most obvious thing is to cause another price increase and shortage.  The secondary purpose is they will need slugs for car windshields and buckshot for mobs.  What are they expecting to happen that they aren’t telling us about.

Police Dog Shootings Continue
If you have any reason to call the police to your home I highly suggest you lock the dog up somewhere where the police have no reason or excuse to enter such as a shed in the backyard or even bring it to a neighbor and ask them to keep him locked up until the potential killers of your pet are finished with you.  They must have this as part of training doctrine where your dog counts no more than a rodent or snake.  This is a very sad commentary on where we have gone in the realm of aggressive police behavior.

USA Changes Side in War on Terror
This has become obvious and the point of this article is that Libyan leader may have been a bad customer but he was our bad customer and he had signed onto our war on terror.  So what did we do, we had him killed.  No wonder our allies no longer trust us.

Pentagon to Destroy 1 Billion in Ammo
This appears as more proof that the Gov is trying to tighten ammo supplies in the civilian market.