Planned Destruction of USA

The O Plan for destabilization and decline via invasion.

How can you take a country from the top tier of economic performance and quality of life and reduce it to a third world pauper with the accompanying unrest.  One good way is to flood the country with near voting age and military age young men and women who do not share the values of the new host country.   Deportations plummet.

Not Children 

They call them children but these children are close to combat age and they are eligible for benefits that exceed those earned by retirees on social security.  The last fact alone should be good cause for unrest, but the leaders also know that they can find a complicit media that will avoid reporting these facts.

Net Effect 

The overall net effect of this operation is going to be a loss of culture and one that more closely resembles that of the country these future voters came from.  If you want a clear example just look to California where a huge percentage of the population is not native or from the previous dominant white culture.  It has become a socialist paradise complete with severe spending versus revenue problems.  The tax rates in CA are now high enough that many high income working people are leaving if they can, and the state takes a cut even after you leave unless you can prove you’ve fully left the state. 

Replace the Citizens with Pliant Supplicants

With the Calif. model you can see that the chance of a conservative free market Republican winning any state wide or national office have just about disappeared.  This happened only a short 40 years since an amnesty for illegals and an ongoing flood of anchor babies becoming voting age foreign voters with an American citizenship.

Latino Protestors threaten Americans

Here you have citizens who are faced with threats by simply exercising their right to assemble and perform a civic duty.  They are threatened by non-citizens and those fronting for them.  In the end this may work against the protestors but it also shows how brazen they have become as their numbers have increased.  Expect more violence and more intimidation by these groups intent on taking what they perceive as their right to retake America.

What can you do.

Vote to keep your conscience clear so you at least have tried the right way, the civil way to move the country in the right direction.  Knowing that this won’t really likely protect you from what is coming do the smart thing and hedge your bets.

Get out of Dodge while you still can.  This simply means relocating to a place where a less dense population exists so that you won’t have to run if things cut loose.  One option is a Bug Out Planet.  Just kidding.

Put away food.  Use common sense and put away as much short term, medium term, and long term storage food as you can.  Learn to grow food as a survival skill.

Protect your water supply.  Have a well, have a cistern, and have stored water along with top notch filtration.

Store money in the form of precious metals and other hard assets such as arable land, guns, ammo, vehicles, and solar capability.

Train for your life.  Condition yourself for foot travel with cargo on your back.  Train in armed self defense, stick training,  and if you are fit unarmed self defense.

Stay informed.  Follow infowars, drudge, foreign press, various survival blogs, financial news.

To quote Matt Bracken during an Alex Jones radio show visit, “the tsunami is headed our way.”

Kryptonite for the Left – A gun channel on cable.

I had to laugh when I heard about it.  A sports channel is one thing, but a guns for sale channel is heaven.    Check it out.

The left with go Bat Guano crazy over this and especially the number one Bat Guano crazy politician who is prattling on about something must be done about gun ownership.  Ah, such small pleasures as knowing the angst about to be rendered when the channel goes live.

Improvised Ammo Cans

The price of military surplus ammo cans continue to increase so I’ve looked for other options for ammo storage. The main ingredient for successful storage is to limit moisture. Temperature concerns aren’t as critical as long as temperature extremes aren’t ongoing. My main focus is to avoid temperatures past 110 degrees for extended periods of time. Experience has proven that storage in non-climate controlled areas like sheds or other outbuildings is less important that simply keeping the ammo dry. Putting the ammo in sealed containers with moisture absorbers like silica desiccants is the way to go.

Water bottles once dried out can act as a great dry storage container and it’s easy to drop a silica pack in with the ammo and seal the top for airtight and watertight storage. With plastic bottles the main thing is to avoid sunlight to limit UV deterioration of the plastic.

I’ve used this method for years and tested the ammo and found no problems. Think of it as an expedient battle pack.

5 gallon Pails- 2.44 each

Wal-Mart has 5 gallon pails for 2.44 with lids at .96 each. The prices may vary at different stores but this is a great price for storage containers.

I haven’t yet determined if these are food safe, but putting items inside that you want to protect from water and pests makes this a low cost option.

I’d still use mylar storage bags inside these to give you a second line of defense against rust, humidity, and oxidation. has mylar bags for sale with oxygen absorbers.