Housing Collapse – Living in a Van

NY has homeless catastrophe  –  Put a WALL around the place like in the movie “Escape from New York.”

Living in a Van  – The coming America thanks to the left.  I’ve traveled in a van many years ago and found it possible but not wonderful.  You got by.  Having spent lots of time in a tent in the military a van seemed like a major improvement, but let’s face it.  If you could get a nice place to live and afford it easily, why would you choose to live in a van.  You wouldn’t.  That is why you see plenty of welfare types living a good homes but the ones in vehicles are the falling middle class or working class that can’t get the free ride or aren’t skilled at scamming their way into it.

What you should do:  If you ever get into the position to have to consider this it might be best to imagine what alternatives there are.  If it is about work like for some of these people who want to work in a high paying high expense area then I can almost see the logic.  If on the other hand you have some limited assets and job prospects are bad based on your health or age, or lack of skills then maybe consider a downsize to a small trailer or travel trailer in a semi-remote area that would give you the option of cheap land, no mortgage, and low taxes.  Most people can find some type of work anywhere if you are willing to get your hands dirty or drop your pride.  One thing that will always work in your favor is great communication skills, the way you talk and present yourself, and reasonable hygiene.  There or dollar discount stores everywhere and I always see ads for work.  I guess the only problem might be if you have a police record.

Be creative.  Start working on some way to generate an income right now that you can use as a backup to losing a job or moving into a no job location.   So that means coming up with something like online sales, gun show sales, making your own product.  Examples.  Holsters if you are good with leather, or handyman skills.  Senior care is becoming a big thing everywhere so you might earn something just helping out someone else.  Get a resume going in that by signing up with the county you live in and getting some training or certification.

Whatever you do, try to stay off the street at all cost.  It can cost you your life in terms of health and also risk of attack since homeless people are often targeted by psycho bullies and gangs who have no concern for their fellow humans.

Managing The Risk of Old Age in Financial Collapse

Creating a Plan for Old Age – Investing in your Human Capital.

80 is the New 60 for Baby Boomers 
This is probably more reflective of financial reality than a feeling of wonderful health and fulfillment.   
Investing for retirement is not always about money.  It is actually investing for a productive future even into old age when retirement may be an option but it might not be the option you choose.  In a harsh economy or a collapsed economy your health, knowledge, and community involvement along with a family and friend support network may be your best ally for survival.  Rather than focusing all of your efforts on piling up loads of cash that might get taken from you, it might be best to work toward a more meaningful existence now.

Education and Skills

This includes education to keep you skilled and up to date so that you can compete with the youth coming into the marketplace.   It keeps your mind active and will help you make contacts and stay marketable.  I remember a guy putting in satellite dishes when he was in his 70’s and I knew another who did CCTV security systems at the same age. 

Become Self Employed

Self employment is another avenue that can give you that strong fallback plan when layoffs abound.  If you are the boss you can always cut prices just to make a living.  If you are an employee, they usually just cut your hours or your job.   Find a business that aligns with your skills and interests and you’ll have a way to make a living where you can excel and enjoy.  Here is an idea for you.  Since you are somewhat into survival why not find an avenue of that to make a living.  Survival Business is Booming.

Own Your Home

This means something.  Sure you don’t own the land it sits on since the state and county will tax you on it, but usually you can find the money to pay the taxes but finding the money to pay rent or a mortgage is a challenge as work becomes harder and you slow down.  If the economy slows down too then you are dealing with stress that would have been unnecessary if you had paid off your home.  Go small if you must.


Make friends with those old and young.  You’ll need both and exposure to both groups can be helpful and rewarding.  Don’t get stuck in your age category.

Find a Sport

Anything that gets you moving and around other people will suffice to keep you active long after many are stuck on the couch.  As a recommendation I’d take up something that limits risk of injury like golf, tennis, hiking, swimming, or even bowling.  I’d stay away from bicycles, motorcycles, jogging, basketball, and water skiing or jet skiing due to risk of injury.   As an add on to that, lift weights and by that I mean just 10 or 15 lb dumbbells to keep your arms strong.  Start now and keep going with it.   You will be amazed at how much strength you maintain.  Stretch every night if you can and at least do the hamstrings since they protect your back when loose and put it at risk when tight.


Keep your mind active and engaged by reading anything and everything.  Even pulp fiction novels will do.


Share what you know and what you have learned.  It is a creative process that will also help you organize and formulate in your mind those things you know into a cohesive and useful source of information.


Writing is a way of teaching but also teaching directly by individually teaching someone or a group a skill you know is very rewarding.  It can also open up many more ways for you to stay engaged with others and to make a living well past when you can work a production job.  Teaching helps others and by doing this you will help yourself.


Rest is essential for productivity.  Rather than taking vacations to recharge I have found it just as useful to just take time off daily for doing nothing but finding enjoyment.  Doing this is also good training for your reclining days of retirement if they ever come.  You may choose to keep working not just for income but for the joy of working at something you like to do.

If you notice something, almost everything on this list costs nothing or near nothing and in many cases can earn you income.