Invasion Update: ISIS threatens attacks everywhere

ISIS coming to your neighborhood soon.

It is great to know our dear leader is intent on bringing in as many potential terrorists as possible.  We know that the well being of the country and Americans is last on his list.

Our other anti-American waiting in the wings in between convulsion episodes has promised to ramp up our invasion 500% so expect Europe writ large if she wins.  We have guns here so the street level of violence will probably escalate rapidly as the wonderful alien extremists decide to grope, rape, and slash their way through the country.  To think that citizens will sit back and let it happen to them without arming up is not realistic here so expect the stumbler/head-shaker to work for a gun ban and ammo ban if she wins.

As for the other guy, the Billionaire.  He promises to stop the madness of open borders and refugee flooding of our towns.  We can hope he holds true to his word.  I will have to trust the guy who says what we want to hear and hope that his word is good.

(His stance on guns sounds strong but so was Bush 41 until he implemented an assault weapon import ban and dropped his NRA membership once he scammed his way into office.  Bush’s son was no better on many issues.  I wouldn’t wipe myself on a Bush which is why his weak chin BRO got nowhere because they are known deceivers and establishment pukes and globalist sellouts.   Most conservatives are tired of the fraud that the Republicrats kept playing on them.  Thus Mr. T)


What to DO:  Arm Up, Train, and Vote.  If you don’t vote don’t complain.  Admittedly, voting only seems to matter a bit.  Do it to clear your conscience if nothing else.

Movie Review: Contagion (2011)

The movie from 2011
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This is a well done movie with some realistic outcomes.  When a lethal pandemic strikes, the government overreacts in some areas and the usual human selfish motives start appearing.  A chief medical officer  of the CDC warns his wife first and try to get out of Chicago and of course she tells others so the rumors spread.  Riots and food shortages begin and battles to get perceived cures and vaccines cause mass panic.

There are millions of casualties worldwide but in this instance a vaccine is found so a happy ending is predicted.

Reality:  We may not  be able to create a timely vaccine if something like this comes along.  What will you do if we have something equivalent to this?

Physical separation from others is the only safe answer.  To accomplish this you need a home that ideally is physically separate as well.  This means one that doesn’t have the possibility of air infiltration from an adjoining home.  Food shopping is not advisable and may not even be possible so would you want to rely on MRE handouts from the government if available.  Lay aside lots of food.

At the end of the movie and at different points you get replays of the vectors that may have caused and spread the disease.

Highly recommended for survival preparation ideas since there are some plausible scenarios in this movie.

Watch the trailer  Contagion

EMP Death Totals

In an article posted at World Net Daily there is a predication that 80-90% of Americans would eventually die as a result of the systemic collapse from an EMP event. Of course it’s hard to accurately predict outcomes like this in the wake of the Y2K non-event, but if you look at our dependency on electronic devices that might be vulnerable to EMP energy then you would have to say that it makes sense to take some precautions. The easiest one is to drop a few little AM/FM radios into ammo cans or some other shielded box. You might want to further insulate that with mylar bags and bubble wrap before you put them in a metal container. If you want something other than simple communications then you might add a CB radio. They’re cheap. You can find all this on I see Sony portable radios for $10 and CB radios for $30. Beyond that, you might think about how you have all of your wealth stored. If it is just numbers in bank accounts then yes, you could lose it all, but who knows. So it makes sense to have currency on hand including coins, precious metals, and of course the other white metal known as lead in the form of ammunition. Rimfire .22 is a safe bet since you can always plink with it and it is cheap compared to centerfire handgun or rifle ammunition.

Food is still your number one priority when it comes to EMP concerns since the availability of food may disappear the moment all unshielded electronic devices are destroyed by the pulse. Also plan to have some non-electrical means of heating your food.

Lastly, get your tinfoil hat on to protect yourself from a brain erasure in a strong EMP attack. Just kidding, as far as I know we have no risk for that. Otherwise we couldn’t get into an MRI.