Pandemic Update: TB 3x times reported rate in refugees

Refugees with TB

Are you worried about survival.  Then whom did you vote for.  Did you vote the for one who said he’ll stop this madness or did you vote for the one who wanted to raise the numbers 500%?

Common sense here is to keep them out of the country or live where they aren’t.  I’m still looking for the place where they aren’t since our dear leader has dumped these walking petri dishes everywhere.

Housing Collapse – Living in a Van

NY has homeless catastrophe  –  Put a WALL around the place like in the movie “Escape from New York.”

Living in a Van  – The coming America thanks to the left.  I’ve traveled in a van many years ago and found it possible but not wonderful.  You got by.  Having spent lots of time in a tent in the military a van seemed like a major improvement, but let’s face it.  If you could get a nice place to live and afford it easily, why would you choose to live in a van.  You wouldn’t.  That is why you see plenty of welfare types living a good homes but the ones in vehicles are the falling middle class or working class that can’t get the free ride or aren’t skilled at scamming their way into it.

What you should do:  If you ever get into the position to have to consider this it might be best to imagine what alternatives there are.  If it is about work like for some of these people who want to work in a high paying high expense area then I can almost see the logic.  If on the other hand you have some limited assets and job prospects are bad based on your health or age, or lack of skills then maybe consider a downsize to a small trailer or travel trailer in a semi-remote area that would give you the option of cheap land, no mortgage, and low taxes.  Most people can find some type of work anywhere if you are willing to get your hands dirty or drop your pride.  One thing that will always work in your favor is great communication skills, the way you talk and present yourself, and reasonable hygiene.  There or dollar discount stores everywhere and I always see ads for work.  I guess the only problem might be if you have a police record.

Be creative.  Start working on some way to generate an income right now that you can use as a backup to losing a job or moving into a no job location.   So that means coming up with something like online sales, gun show sales, making your own product.  Examples.  Holsters if you are good with leather, or handyman skills.  Senior care is becoming a big thing everywhere so you might earn something just helping out someone else.  Get a resume going in that by signing up with the county you live in and getting some training or certification.

Whatever you do, try to stay off the street at all cost.  It can cost you your life in terms of health and also risk of attack since homeless people are often targeted by psycho bullies and gangs who have no concern for their fellow humans.

Mosqito Wars Essential Oils for Mosquito, Drum and Cyclone Fan area denial, Zap them electronically, Body armor for bugs

Essential Oil protection versus Deet
There is an essential oil that may work better than deet without the risk chemicals offer.  I still use deet to spray clothing and hats and try to keep it off my skin. Bug tamer outfits are helpful if you are in a high activity area for mosquito.

Area Denial
Another great method is to get a drum fan or cyclone fan with high speed air movement.  If you are going to work in a fixed spot such as doing a car repair then pointing a fan at you can create a wind tunnel that makes it hard for the little devils to navigate their way to you and then land.  When I practice with pellet rifles on summer afternoons in the shade this is my go-to method for avoiding the misery of mosquito bites.  Combined with a bug tamer outfit and a floppy hat sprayed with deet on the brim I often come out without one nip from a mosquito despite living in an area that in heavily infested with them.

Electronic means
I set up multiple electric insect killers on my property to wipe out as many mosquito as possible.  The best performing one currently available is the Flowtron. 

Bug tamer outfits and treated clothing still act as a great last line of defense against mosquito bits.

Alien Invasion Benefits: Super Lice

EU loses track of 130,000
How is this not dangerous to a civil society.

Bunkers are the new Bling for Rich.
Why do they need them.  Think Collapse, disease, and violence.

Super Lice
Thank you Feds for bringing in so many wonderful things along with the ongoing human invasion.  This will be a nice thing to experience and pay for.  Add this to Ebola, Zika, Super TB, and a long list of other great benefits of large movements of untested and untreated migrants and refugees.

Gunfire on the Border
Thank you for bringing all of the wonders of cultural enhancement to the USA borders.  Good argument for a WALL.

Dead Americans
Their families vow to fight amnesty candidates.

Zika to infect 1 in 5 Puerto Ricans
All of them are legally able to live in the USA.

150 Year sentence for fine young immigrant
Another example of the wonderful benefits of uncontrolled immigration.

The Flood continues
The invasion of the USA prompted by its President.

Empire in decline Update: Debt Collapse, Bedbugs resistant, Threat Assessments, Cloaking Device, Services Collapsing

The Debt Collapse – Epic Defaults

Bedbugs becoming resistant to pesticides – If you’ve ever had them in your home you’ll fear this latest news.  Heat treatment is probably the only good thing left and I can imagine that over time they will develop resistance to that in some form.

Threat Assessment program – The new way for the government to get you to lose more rights.  Meanwhile the borders are open.

Cloaking device becoming a reality– shades of Star Trek

The end of the Lumberjack – until the grid goes down and oil stops flowing

Baltimore Services in Collapse – No snow plows in 5 days for some residents.  This is not the worst snow ever no matter what they say.  It is a sign of the breakdown of services.  Meanwhile, I bet the EBT cards are still going out and getting recharged with cash.  Illegals are probably getting first call on help during this debacle.

Washington Suburbs still waiting – Abandoned
High taxes and poor service.

Pandemic Update: Zika, the new benefit of open borders, Mosquito Vector diseases rampant in USA

Multiple cases of Zika in USA 12+

Birth defects from Zika virus a big concern 

Zika travel warning and spreading fast 

Zika Virus, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing 

Zika to Spread Throughout Americas

The next big JOY coming out of the 3rd World to your neighborhood is the Zika Virus.  Though it is transmitted by mosquito the obvious fast movement of it throughout the world is by air travel of infected individuals.  Admittedly, there are many stupid Westerners who think they are Indiana Jones and travel to these places where incurable infectious diseases are rampant but also the unending flood of migrants and refugees is fueling the spread of disease.  There are few places left in the USA that do not have mosquito present and with easy movement of goods into port and by truck the introduction of the right kind of bugs only increases the risk that someday you’ll be exposed to something.

A short list of mosquito borne infections now moving through the USA that includes Malaria, Dengue Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and now Zika Virus.

Below are some more links to Mosquito diseases listed by the State of Minnesota.   You think Minnesota and you think cold, but there are mosquito there just like in Alaska.  mosquito borne infections

La Crosse Encephalitis (LAC), 

Jamestown Canyon Virus (JCV) 

St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE)

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE)

State Information.  Florida Mosquito Info.  

What can you do and where can you live to avoid these.

I have to say that the presence of mosquito is probably everywhere but I have visited places where they seem unknown or very limited.  High altitude areas with bitter winters seems to work well though I’m not saying go live in the Mountains just for that reason.   I noticed that even in the hills of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains you can find mosquito if you’re near a water source while up high where no water stays put I never saw any.  The desert also works except now that men have put in swimming pools and landscaping that makes it possible for the mosquito to thrive in arid climates you really need to pick a place where few standing water locations exist.  Arizona desert maybe.

We once had this situation under control but since the introduction of uncontrolled immigration since 1965 the flow of disease has matched the flow of people.   Welcome to the new world.

Pandemic Update: Chagas disease in US 300k cases, Phantom Menace Superbug

Mosquito is public enemy number one.
New diseases are appearing regularly and are spreading across the planet.  Your only protection is geography and lifestyle.  Screens, insect repellent, insecticides, and air conditioning are your best defense. 

Dog Flu spreads in USA
Losing your pet is one big concern and so is the possibility of jumping species into the human realm.

Chagas disease widespread in USA:  From the kissing bug and a kiss from our unwelcome flood of illegals into the USA.  Open borders, the gift that keeps on giving.

Phantom Menace Superbug now in USA
Add this to the list of ways to die from infections.

Gonorrhea soon not treatable.
This could be good news for reintroduction of Victorian values. 

Two new diseases from the tropics now threaten the world
If things weren’t bad enough on the infectious disease front this list of risks keeps increasing with no ability to cope.  Immigration and jet aircraft just increase the risk.

USA Collapse Update – The Donald Predicts One, Antibiotic Resistance

Trump Says Fed is Holding Down Rates to Protect El Presidente Until He Leaves Office
No surprise here.  They want to leave the next President holding the bag.

As part of the collapse scenario, we now have more dire warnings from the World Health Organization that antibiotic resistance has become dire worldwide.  Wonderful.

Forced importation of potential terrorists into Europe demanded by UN.  Of course the USA will bring in as many as possible to keep the ONE on path to degrade the quality of life and safety of US citizens. 

Syrian Refugees possible Trojan Horses.
This article points out what is obvious to anyone with a brain and a willingness to use it. 

Flood of Cuban refugees coming to USA. As if on cue, the planned invasion into the USA by future Democrat voters is ongoing in picking up speed.  As for the Republicrats, let us see how they assist in this venture while pretending to protest.

Pandemic Update: Contagion in Middle East, MRSA at home, MERS Virus in USA

 Mosquito borne virus in Palm Beach
Chikungunya is the new entry into the USA courtesy of air travel.  The worry is that we have lost control not only of our borders but the free flow of contagion is now unimpeded and mosquito are some of the most efficient vectors for spreading deadly disease.

Middle East fears of containment for deadly viruses
It keeps happening and it keeps getting worse each time.  Prepare for a spread.

Saudi Health Minister Removed from Post
Here is another victim of this deadly MERS virus though in his case it only cost him his job so far.  It is hard to say if any one person could be held accountable for a viral outbreak such as this.

MRSA in homes in USA
The risk is spreading and will eventually make even the most simple scrape a potential death sentence.  I would like to think this is only a result of antibiotic overuse but the conclusion that we have flooded the country with a hundred million disease carriers always lurks in the background.  Remember, we no longer test immigrants except maybe for TB but that is only the legal ones.  Add the illegals and we are open for a pandemic.

World Headed to Post Antibiotic Era
This spells doom for many simple operations and recovery from injuries.  It makes you want to stay home.

Antibiotic Resistant Infections worse than AIDS Worldwide
This is something to look forward to as we slide into another dark age.

MERS Makes Landfall on U.S. Soil
Good luck if you have bad luck and get infected with it.

2nd MERS case in USA
From Saudi Arabia and allowed into the USA with no health checks.

The dirtiest things in your possession when it comes to infections and how to protect yourself.

Drug Resistant TB

Step into the wrong elevator or get on the wrong airplane and you might pick up a deadly and nearly incurable version of TB. The world is floating in nasty infectious diseases and TB of the antibiotic resistant type will bring us back to the days before antibiotics where catching such a disease is a death sentence. With open borders and no public health agency that really manages such risks we are all just one elevator ride away from wretched death. This alone is why I prefer to travel in cars and stay out of large groups and confined spaces with people.

Here is an story about the alarming rise of drug resistant TB.