Pandemic Update: TB 3x times reported rate in refugees

Refugees with TB

Are you worried about survival.  Then whom did you vote for.  Did you vote the for one who said he’ll stop this madness or did you vote for the one who wanted to raise the numbers 500%?

Common sense here is to keep them out of the country or live where they aren’t.  I’m still looking for the place where they aren’t since our dear leader has dumped these walking petri dishes everywhere.

Germany Lost

If you wonder how it looks to see a country still going through the death rattle of multicultural suicide take a look at Germany and here are some links to confirm that finally now some of the  somnolent horde known as Das Volk are showing a fluttering of the eyes.

If you can imagine their minds considering and pondering this thought, “Can this be true, are we really being attacked by those loving guests and new Germans.”  Yes, oh yes.  It is coming dear friends in Socialist Paradise and Multicultural haven of diversity.

I expect to see what we haven’t seen in Europe in almost 70 years and isn’t good newsreel footage what we all live to see as long as we’re not part of the show.

German fear growing

Germany on Edge

Just hug the new arrivals and show that you care and they’ll think better of you and maybe not strap on or go on a truck joyride.

Ansbach, denied asylum seeker goes postal or whatever they call it in Europe. He was an ISIS guy.

He was setting off Diversity Fireworks.  Video of explanation.

Who needs a ticket when you’re out to punch your ticket.

He was just showing some good cheer to his hosts before the sendoff.

So, dear friends.  What does this mean for the rest of us.

Shut the borders and stop taking in future threats, but that won’t likely happen unless Mr. T wins.

Next, keep training.  Do whatever it takes to ramp up your skills in the area of firearms handling including home defense and concealed carry.

Finally, stay informed because simply knowing the threat and circumstances around you is an edge.  Remember, we live for information and the lack of it can be fatal on an individual basis as well as for a culture.  You are watching a culture die in Europe simply from the intentional disinformation indoctrination accomplished over the past 50 years.

Repeat after me.  Diversity is our Strength.

America at War: Invasion USA

Massive upsurge of illegals flooding into the USA.
This is war by any other name when you have an ongoing infiltration and eventual subsuming of the host culture.

Record Gun Sales
Lots of citizens know it’s coming.  Gun sale shutdowns in the event of full scale or even partial insurrection are on the table no matter whom is Prezy. 

China Invasion
Huge increase of Chinese Nationals illegally entering the USA through San Diego among many other places.  Among these you can be sure are agents with orders to infiltration and be ready.  Sounds paranoid except for the reality that we are in the midst of a struggle for dominance in Asia and what better way to neutralize our capability than to have a large number of foreign agents on the ground here in the USA to cause havoc when the time is right.   Given an amnesty, many of these agents will have credentials to sit in place and develop critical infrastructure access through jobs and business.

Bilderberg plan to manage the USA election
They prefer the wife of the serial predator to Trump.  Understandable, since he is an unknown and seems to be all about ruining their plans for disruption of alien invasion schemes and world government.

Paranoia on the increase in USA.
I have known people that are close to this phase of paranoia but I also know many who are level headed types that won’t talk on the phone about many subjects because they assume we are being recorded and later might have those conversations used against us.  I tend not to worry about such things, but admit that the daily news coming out on privacy and governmental intrusion makes a good case for some level of paranoia.  The daily news can’t be helping marginal individuals.

Sign of the Times: Military Drills in Anytown USA, Zuck Bunker, Yahoowl, Dog Meat Festival

Military drills scare residents
What is the excuse for not notifying residents?  It seems they are preparing us for seeing this as normal.

Zuck building bunker
Add that to the escape plan to Switzerland.  Likely it is built in case he can’t bug out in time.

Yahoo on the Cross
The end of another Far left media company seems inevitable.  Most discerning users dumped them when news feeds became propaganda for the Progressive/Socialist groups and burning issues.

Dog Meat Festival in China
How can the left equate a culture that enjoys dog meat with Western values.  Only delusional ones.  This is the sliding scale of acceptance that will eventually bring all sorts of madness to our shores.

Thousands bring Zika virus to USA
Our leaders happily expose us to deadly illnesses to further their goals of disenfranchisement of the dominant culture.  The middle class is almost done.

Illegal alien gangs murder near ICE headquarters
At least they were nearby for processing or maybe they had already been released onto American streets to commit mayhem courtesy of the Executive branch.

Landlord sued for asking for valid documents
Another American learns the hard way that he has no rights compared to non-citizens.

Anti American Protesters attack Trump supporters
Mexican flags and violent protests tell you everything you need to know.  These people who do this are invaders and should be removed from the country.  If these are citizens they should be arrested for violating the civil rights of Trump supporters but under this regime nothing will happen.

Planned Destruction of USA

The O Plan for destabilization and decline via invasion.

How can you take a country from the top tier of economic performance and quality of life and reduce it to a third world pauper with the accompanying unrest.  One good way is to flood the country with near voting age and military age young men and women who do not share the values of the new host country.   Deportations plummet.

Not Children 

They call them children but these children are close to combat age and they are eligible for benefits that exceed those earned by retirees on social security.  The last fact alone should be good cause for unrest, but the leaders also know that they can find a complicit media that will avoid reporting these facts.

Net Effect 

The overall net effect of this operation is going to be a loss of culture and one that more closely resembles that of the country these future voters came from.  If you want a clear example just look to California where a huge percentage of the population is not native or from the previous dominant white culture.  It has become a socialist paradise complete with severe spending versus revenue problems.  The tax rates in CA are now high enough that many high income working people are leaving if they can, and the state takes a cut even after you leave unless you can prove you’ve fully left the state. 

Replace the Citizens with Pliant Supplicants

With the Calif. model you can see that the chance of a conservative free market Republican winning any state wide or national office have just about disappeared.  This happened only a short 40 years since an amnesty for illegals and an ongoing flood of anchor babies becoming voting age foreign voters with an American citizenship.

Latino Protestors threaten Americans

Here you have citizens who are faced with threats by simply exercising their right to assemble and perform a civic duty.  They are threatened by non-citizens and those fronting for them.  In the end this may work against the protestors but it also shows how brazen they have become as their numbers have increased.  Expect more violence and more intimidation by these groups intent on taking what they perceive as their right to retake America.

What can you do.

Vote to keep your conscience clear so you at least have tried the right way, the civil way to move the country in the right direction.  Knowing that this won’t really likely protect you from what is coming do the smart thing and hedge your bets.

Get out of Dodge while you still can.  This simply means relocating to a place where a less dense population exists so that you won’t have to run if things cut loose.  One option is a Bug Out Planet.  Just kidding.

Put away food.  Use common sense and put away as much short term, medium term, and long term storage food as you can.  Learn to grow food as a survival skill.

Protect your water supply.  Have a well, have a cistern, and have stored water along with top notch filtration.

Store money in the form of precious metals and other hard assets such as arable land, guns, ammo, vehicles, and solar capability.

Train for your life.  Condition yourself for foot travel with cargo on your back.  Train in armed self defense, stick training,  and if you are fit unarmed self defense.

Stay informed.  Follow infowars, drudge, foreign press, various survival blogs, financial news.

To quote Matt Bracken during an Alex Jones radio show visit, “the tsunami is headed our way.”

Invasion Watch: Mosquito a new form of migrant, Australia selling out food security, Americans killed by migrants

Radiation Detectors are now part of false show of border protection.
Game wardens have now begun carrying rad detectors since the risk of smuggling nuclear materials into the country has increased with the volume of invaders.  My question is why bother since the purpose of open borders is to allow any and all things to get here including disease, murderous criminals, terrorists, drugs, and lethal weaponry.  I think this is more to protect the wardens and not society at large.  There is essentially no effort to protect Americans.

Mosquito / Migrant Invasion matching spread of disease.
We have a matching flow of migrants and mosquito diseases spreading across the country.  Both the mosquito and migrants carry many of the diseases that are now infecting Americans and killing American children.  

The cross transfer of disease from human carriers and the further spread of the Asian Tiger Mosquito has moved the clock back on mosquito control.

Media propaganda:  Notice that the article attempts to support the climate change mantra of the left as part of the reason this is occurring.  At the same time, there is no mention of controlling our borders to human disease carriers like we once did, pre-1965.

Cultural Breakdown in California
The outcome will be a third world California and if allowed to happen across the country then a national decline that appears to be in progress.

Australian Farm Sellout: 
Food Security in Australia is taking second place to high level economic interest among the elites.  Much as it is happening here in the USA Chinese investors are protecting the huge cash earnings from trade and currency manipulations by exchanging it for hard assets in the form of Real Estate and food production.  This is clearly a project of gaining control of food supplies to fuel the further security of China at the expense of Australia.

The Killer Invasion
Get drunk, kill an American, and skip bail.  This will never make the national news in the way a story about someone offending an illegal might.  Protect yourself as best you can, but what can you do with the random danger of a drunken illegal who knows that disappearing is a simple task.

Somalia Youths in USA paid not to join ISIS
The real question is ,why are they here in the first place.  Meanwhile, getting any assistance from the government for Americans gets harder every day.  Ask Veterans hoping for assistance from the VA about that.

Illegal Slaughters 5
Twice not deported before atrocity.  Now we can put him up for decades if convicted.

Murders by released illegals

Alien Invasion Benefits: Super Lice

EU loses track of 130,000
How is this not dangerous to a civil society.

Bunkers are the new Bling for Rich.
Why do they need them.  Think Collapse, disease, and violence.

Super Lice
Thank you Feds for bringing in so many wonderful things along with the ongoing human invasion.  This will be a nice thing to experience and pay for.  Add this to Ebola, Zika, Super TB, and a long list of other great benefits of large movements of untested and untreated migrants and refugees.

Gunfire on the Border
Thank you for bringing all of the wonders of cultural enhancement to the USA borders.  Good argument for a WALL.

Dead Americans
Their families vow to fight amnesty candidates.

Zika to infect 1 in 5 Puerto Ricans
All of them are legally able to live in the USA.

150 Year sentence for fine young immigrant
Another example of the wonderful benefits of uncontrolled immigration.

The Flood continues
The invasion of the USA prompted by its President.

Pandemic Update: Chagas disease in US 300k cases, Phantom Menace Superbug

Mosquito is public enemy number one.
New diseases are appearing regularly and are spreading across the planet.  Your only protection is geography and lifestyle.  Screens, insect repellent, insecticides, and air conditioning are your best defense. 

Dog Flu spreads in USA
Losing your pet is one big concern and so is the possibility of jumping species into the human realm.

Chagas disease widespread in USA:  From the kissing bug and a kiss from our unwelcome flood of illegals into the USA.  Open borders, the gift that keeps on giving.

Phantom Menace Superbug now in USA
Add this to the list of ways to die from infections.

Gonorrhea soon not treatable.
This could be good news for reintroduction of Victorian values. 

Two new diseases from the tropics now threaten the world
If things weren’t bad enough on the infectious disease front this list of risks keeps increasing with no ability to cope.  Immigration and jet aircraft just increase the risk.