Survival Eating: The Salt Mine and Galley Slave Diet

I had this idea that somehow the slaves in these two jobs probably got a miserable bowl of gruel once a day.  How long they lived I can’t know, but I presume they kept them going with just enough to make them work.  It’s amazing what the human body can withstand when required.  The only immediate needs is air.  Next comes the body temperature.  Somehow and someway you need to keep warm enough not to lose core temperatures.  Finally comes water.  You need enough water to keep the system cooled and to keep circulation going just like a car needs water in the radiator.

After all that, if you have enough fuel in the tank to at least slow starvation you can keep going though admittedly hunger has a way of simultaneously sharpening and dulling the mind.  The sharpening relates to seeing the absolute need to get fuel in the form of calories.  The dulling part comes from a low energy setting on the brain that allows you to focus on one thing like staying alive while ignoring higher needs such as satisfaction or even the more intense areas of self awareness.  This is survival mode.  You’re no longer worried about how dissatisfied you are with your accomplishments to date but instead how you’ll get the next meal while not freezing to death.  Life becomes simple.  It is clarified down to the act of preventing death.

You can go for extended periods without food and this is why people find a way to survive in difficult circumstances by drinking water and wearing clothes to keep warm.  Food is helpful but not essential right away as much as we have been conditioned to believe.  This is why people can fast for days and sometimes longer without severe health concerns though it applies to healthy people and not diabetics or others with health problems.

Just be aware that your first concern beyond breathing is body temperature preservation and your focus will keep you alive long enough to find water and then food in that order or priority.

Caution:  This is for informational purposes only and is only meant to get you thinking about surviving without food in a survival situation where none or a limited amount of food is available.  Read other literature on the subject and come to your own conclusions.  Consult a physician if you plan to test your ability to go for any period without food such as a fast.

How long is it still safe to eat cooked chicken left out?

I cooked some chicken on the barbecue last evening and brought it inside.  Worrying about flies or whatever I put it in the microwave temporarily to cool down while I ate the chicken for the evening while the remainder was for the next day.

TV on and doing other things I forgot it.  It sat in the microwave from 7pm to 1am.  It was room temperature, about 75 degrees for that time.

It really is hard for me to toss away expensive organic chicken so I thought I’d do an experiment for the sake of survival training.

First I looked online for guidelines.  2 hours is apparently the rule by the USDA for safe handling so it should go in the trash can.  But I’m not a restaurant and I am not asking anyone else to try it.  So what to do.

Lots of other people asked the same question and many said they had done the same with no problem up to 9 hours in some cases.  If if was covered it might be safer, maybe.

It was smoked on the barbie and we know that smoking all kinds of things has a preservative value of its own.  I put it in the fridge at 1 a.m.

9:30 am  next morning – I just popped a portion of it in the microwave and intend to give it a try.  Worst case If I see  any ill effects I’ll eat a Pepto tablet to help suck up the toxins.

I’ll let you know.  It is my breakfast   Meat? Yes, I know.  It is a habit.  I stay away from big carbs from breakfast.  Protein, fat, vegetables, and some carbs as a follow on.

9:45  YUMMY!!! I hope

Down it goes.

Noon:  No issues yet

Two PM.   No issues and I have more chicken yet since I split it up into smaller amounts.

2:30 I’m eating some more for lunch and this includes a drumstick along with a breast fillet.

3:15pm No problems yet.

10:00 pm No problems.

Next Day  No problems.

I suspect the smoked chicken gave it some more staying power than if I had just cooked it in the microwave.  For me this was enlightening in that tossing food is not necessarily required depending on the circumstances.  In this case barbecue smoked chicken does fairly well.

Disclaimer: I’m not food expert so I recommend you follow normal food safety rules and if you don’t then you do so at your own risk.

My point here is that in desperate circumstances I know I have more options for food lasting without refrigeration.  Still, I wouldn’t do this as a standard practice but consider it only under extraordinary circumstances.

Collapse: The Event Horizon is in view

How to read the Tea Leaves – This is Doomer Stuff

Planned Catastrophic Events

The elements are in place for a Black Swan event.  We have stretched out the recession by endless low or no cost money added to the money supply so that stocks are soaring, though this is now predictably becoming erratic in preparation for a rout that has become mainstream so you can expect it soon enough.  When, who knows, and if I did I’d have a huge pile of money instead of a moderate amount I worry about disappearing into the steam of a bank bail in if we have a Greek Style money event.  But I ramble on.  We’ve all heard this before and who knows for sure what is ahead.  One thing you can absolutely count on is that your money if you have any will be worth less next year than it was this year since inflation is ongoing and hidden from view unless of course you buy food, vehicles, energy, and anything that requires labor to create or accomplish.

Crime, Bio-war, and Terrorism

You can’t make this stuff up and don’t need to since it is right in your face.  We have an Administration that has opened the floodgates for anyone anywhere in the world who can make it here any way they can is likely to be able to stay and collect benefits.  Were that the only problem associated with open borders, well we might be able to cope with it at least temporarily until we wait out the vermin in charge of this disaster.

Crescent Moon on Ascendance

Unfortunately there are many other nightmares to consider that are part of this unfolding that include many terror cells that are welcoming new recruits fresh in from the battlefields of the Middle East pouring in as refugees.  While the Crescent Moon Presidency welcomes in Muslims from around the world persecuted Christians are given no consideration at all, regardless of color.

Criminals are Welcome

Drug gangs and cartels have a free run across the border right now so murder and risk of murder is up.  If you release captured illegal alien criminals back into the population just to ramp up the stress levels in society then you know the plan doesn’t include your safety.  One big outcome of this is that when the crime levels get out of control it stands to reason that the police will be expected to become much more aggressive and the Feds have just the thing as they Federalize most police agencies.

The Masque of the Red Death Part Deux

As part of this menagerie of misery we are heaping upon ourselves comes TB, Zika, Ebola and a wild assortment of other deadly diseases.  One can only hope that the Washington elites get their own share of this pestilence while those of us out here beyond the pit of the Washington Beltway (Mordor,) sit here in anger and amazement at the shortsighted madness these fools are committing.

Death Comes A Calling – Terrorism

If you need a pretext to justify total control over a society what better way than to import insane believers of a creed that thinks beheading, rape, and deceit are all fine ways to live.  Once you have these dangerous elements in your country you of course will have counter reprisals from citizens and this will justify attacking and controlling the citizenry more so than even the original offenders, the terrorists.  If you need an example of this just look at Germany where so called Ultra right wing groups  are attacked by the police and they are classified at extremists simply because they like the country the way it was before bringing in monsters that hate everything Germany stands for but said monsters want the free stuff. 

 (notice there are never ultra left wing groups according to the media, itself an ultra left wing group)

We are seeing many moves in this direction where criminalizing political speech is current around the world, and is becoming an issue here in the USA.  The ultra left is working on it.   When the first American city goes up in flames through riots or a nuclear event that will be all the Federal forces need to drop the hammer on freedom of movement and all other things we are used to believing is normal.  All of this is courtesy of open borders and multiculturalism brought to you by our media masters in charge and the ultra left intent on destroying the USA.

Recommended Response:  I’ll give you my usual set of tips which you will probably find on many Prepper and Survival sites under different names and order.  

Here they are, the 4 Gs.

Guns – hardware and ammo.
Groceries – Food and Water.
Geography – Where you live.
Gold – cash, silver, and of course Gold.

5 gallon Pails- 2.44 each

Wal-Mart has 5 gallon pails for 2.44 with lids at .96 each. The prices may vary at different stores but this is a great price for storage containers.

I haven’t yet determined if these are food safe, but putting items inside that you want to protect from water and pests makes this a low cost option.

I’d still use mylar storage bags inside these to give you a second line of defense against rust, humidity, and oxidation. has mylar bags for sale with oxygen absorbers.