Collapse News: Inflation, Families Struggle, Texas Gold, China Nukes, Homesteading

The Fed lies about inflation and finally comes clean.
The game may be up soon.

Average family would struggle to spend 1k on an emergency. 
No surprise.  Many are struggling and living week to week.

Chinese Nuke Subs to patrol the seas.
This is another benefit of the Clinton years where nuke sub technology was given away for donations.

China Wants War with USA
They are getting big for their britches and are expending a tremendous amount of effort at growing their military strength.  Also, because we have a foreign operative running our country and a likely coward any conflict or risk of one would likely go against us.   With the current makeup of our government we may go down to multiple adversaries that include Russia, China, Iran, and whomever else wants to take advantage of our current weakness.  They all smell the blood in the water.

Texas Gold Depository
Here is another sign that confidence in the Feds is waning.  Texas would rather have the gold within its borders than in some NY bank.

Homesteading Video
Something to do while you wait for fallout or scoops to arrive.

Planned Destruction of USA

The O Plan for destabilization and decline via invasion.

How can you take a country from the top tier of economic performance and quality of life and reduce it to a third world pauper with the accompanying unrest.  One good way is to flood the country with near voting age and military age young men and women who do not share the values of the new host country.   Deportations plummet.

Not Children 

They call them children but these children are close to combat age and they are eligible for benefits that exceed those earned by retirees on social security.  The last fact alone should be good cause for unrest, but the leaders also know that they can find a complicit media that will avoid reporting these facts.

Net Effect 

The overall net effect of this operation is going to be a loss of culture and one that more closely resembles that of the country these future voters came from.  If you want a clear example just look to California where a huge percentage of the population is not native or from the previous dominant white culture.  It has become a socialist paradise complete with severe spending versus revenue problems.  The tax rates in CA are now high enough that many high income working people are leaving if they can, and the state takes a cut even after you leave unless you can prove you’ve fully left the state. 

Replace the Citizens with Pliant Supplicants

With the Calif. model you can see that the chance of a conservative free market Republican winning any state wide or national office have just about disappeared.  This happened only a short 40 years since an amnesty for illegals and an ongoing flood of anchor babies becoming voting age foreign voters with an American citizenship.

Latino Protestors threaten Americans

Here you have citizens who are faced with threats by simply exercising their right to assemble and perform a civic duty.  They are threatened by non-citizens and those fronting for them.  In the end this may work against the protestors but it also shows how brazen they have become as their numbers have increased.  Expect more violence and more intimidation by these groups intent on taking what they perceive as their right to retake America.

What can you do.

Vote to keep your conscience clear so you at least have tried the right way, the civil way to move the country in the right direction.  Knowing that this won’t really likely protect you from what is coming do the smart thing and hedge your bets.

Get out of Dodge while you still can.  This simply means relocating to a place where a less dense population exists so that you won’t have to run if things cut loose.  One option is a Bug Out Planet.  Just kidding.

Put away food.  Use common sense and put away as much short term, medium term, and long term storage food as you can.  Learn to grow food as a survival skill.

Protect your water supply.  Have a well, have a cistern, and have stored water along with top notch filtration.

Store money in the form of precious metals and other hard assets such as arable land, guns, ammo, vehicles, and solar capability.

Train for your life.  Condition yourself for foot travel with cargo on your back.  Train in armed self defense, stick training,  and if you are fit unarmed self defense.

Stay informed.  Follow infowars, drudge, foreign press, various survival blogs, financial news.

To quote Matt Bracken during an Alex Jones radio show visit, “the tsunami is headed our way.”

Collapse update: Yuan Rises, Russia Bans Soros, Fourth Turning

Yuan on Ascendance and to be on equal footing with the U.S. Dollar
See this as just another indicator of the eventual displacement of the Dollar as the world reserve currency.  When that day comes U.S. citizens will pay dearly for support of the spendthrift policies of their government and of our love for never ending wars.  China may be the one to replace it as it seems to be in their strategic plan.

New Financial Order with China in Charge
This is a follow on to the first article and it is almost an advertisement article but at least you will learn some very valuable information.  I never knew the way we had our gold from Fort Knox looted of course as result of the stupid policies of our government.

Russia bans membership to Soros groups
Putin seems to be the only leader of his country willing to do exactly what it takes to prevent outsiders from interfering in the future of his country.  The USA is suffering badly as a result of manipulation by such outside groups in elections and policy.

Fourth Turning
This is a very uplifting article is you look forward to the collapse since it offers up something for everyone in terms of challenges.  In the words of a particularly dim witted President even counting our current incompetent, bring it on.

Forcing American Decline: President Driving the Country to Ruin, Dollar Fade, Dumping Illegals

Russia Holding Talks to Drop Dollar in International Trade
The ham handed approach of the administration has led to a desire of our adversaries to remove the dollar as the international currency.

Obama is driving the country to ruin.
This is not disputable to anyone looking at results.

Administration allows open borders and grants amnesty 
This isn’t just catch and release.  It is catch, redirect, and set loose with promises of money, legal help, and of course a future voting card with a Democrat affiliation to keep the change coming.

Imported Pandemic as diseases cross the border with illegals.
Though the government is tasked with protecting the citizens from outside threats here we have a most obvious threat that is not even considered worth concern.  Bottom line:  They don’t care.
Death from below as in South of the Border and why the government is making it happen.

25% of Americans saving $0 for Retirement
Get ready for beans and a tent

Managing The Risk of Old Age in Financial Collapse

Creating a Plan for Old Age – Investing in your Human Capital.

80 is the New 60 for Baby Boomers 
This is probably more reflective of financial reality than a feeling of wonderful health and fulfillment.   
Investing for retirement is not always about money.  It is actually investing for a productive future even into old age when retirement may be an option but it might not be the option you choose.  In a harsh economy or a collapsed economy your health, knowledge, and community involvement along with a family and friend support network may be your best ally for survival.  Rather than focusing all of your efforts on piling up loads of cash that might get taken from you, it might be best to work toward a more meaningful existence now.

Education and Skills

This includes education to keep you skilled and up to date so that you can compete with the youth coming into the marketplace.   It keeps your mind active and will help you make contacts and stay marketable.  I remember a guy putting in satellite dishes when he was in his 70’s and I knew another who did CCTV security systems at the same age. 

Become Self Employed

Self employment is another avenue that can give you that strong fallback plan when layoffs abound.  If you are the boss you can always cut prices just to make a living.  If you are an employee, they usually just cut your hours or your job.   Find a business that aligns with your skills and interests and you’ll have a way to make a living where you can excel and enjoy.  Here is an idea for you.  Since you are somewhat into survival why not find an avenue of that to make a living.  Survival Business is Booming.

Own Your Home

This means something.  Sure you don’t own the land it sits on since the state and county will tax you on it, but usually you can find the money to pay the taxes but finding the money to pay rent or a mortgage is a challenge as work becomes harder and you slow down.  If the economy slows down too then you are dealing with stress that would have been unnecessary if you had paid off your home.  Go small if you must.


Make friends with those old and young.  You’ll need both and exposure to both groups can be helpful and rewarding.  Don’t get stuck in your age category.

Find a Sport

Anything that gets you moving and around other people will suffice to keep you active long after many are stuck on the couch.  As a recommendation I’d take up something that limits risk of injury like golf, tennis, hiking, swimming, or even bowling.  I’d stay away from bicycles, motorcycles, jogging, basketball, and water skiing or jet skiing due to risk of injury.   As an add on to that, lift weights and by that I mean just 10 or 15 lb dumbbells to keep your arms strong.  Start now and keep going with it.   You will be amazed at how much strength you maintain.  Stretch every night if you can and at least do the hamstrings since they protect your back when loose and put it at risk when tight.


Keep your mind active and engaged by reading anything and everything.  Even pulp fiction novels will do.


Share what you know and what you have learned.  It is a creative process that will also help you organize and formulate in your mind those things you know into a cohesive and useful source of information.


Writing is a way of teaching but also teaching directly by individually teaching someone or a group a skill you know is very rewarding.  It can also open up many more ways for you to stay engaged with others and to make a living well past when you can work a production job.  Teaching helps others and by doing this you will help yourself.


Rest is essential for productivity.  Rather than taking vacations to recharge I have found it just as useful to just take time off daily for doing nothing but finding enjoyment.  Doing this is also good training for your reclining days of retirement if they ever come.  You may choose to keep working not just for income but for the joy of working at something you like to do.

If you notice something, almost everything on this list costs nothing or near nothing and in many cases can earn you income.

Book Reviews – Screwed, The Survivors Club

Here are a few books worth getting from the library.

Screwed by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann is a great rundown of the raping of the USA by China, Saudi Arabia and numerous others.

The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood is an excellent treatment of research on survival. It reads well too since he includes stories of survival rather than just clinical info.

People are Stashing their Cash at Home

Here is an article on those people now taking their money out of the bank and stashing it in a safe at home.  I know a number of people doing this to the point of taking much of their cash assets and hiding them at home.  Times have changed.