America at War: Invasion USA

Massive upsurge of illegals flooding into the USA.
This is war by any other name when you have an ongoing infiltration and eventual subsuming of the host culture.

Record Gun Sales
Lots of citizens know it’s coming.  Gun sale shutdowns in the event of full scale or even partial insurrection are on the table no matter whom is Prezy. 

China Invasion
Huge increase of Chinese Nationals illegally entering the USA through San Diego among many other places.  Among these you can be sure are agents with orders to infiltration and be ready.  Sounds paranoid except for the reality that we are in the midst of a struggle for dominance in Asia and what better way to neutralize our capability than to have a large number of foreign agents on the ground here in the USA to cause havoc when the time is right.   Given an amnesty, many of these agents will have credentials to sit in place and develop critical infrastructure access through jobs and business.

Bilderberg plan to manage the USA election
They prefer the wife of the serial predator to Trump.  Understandable, since he is an unknown and seems to be all about ruining their plans for disruption of alien invasion schemes and world government.

Paranoia on the increase in USA.
I have known people that are close to this phase of paranoia but I also know many who are level headed types that won’t talk on the phone about many subjects because they assume we are being recorded and later might have those conversations used against us.  I tend not to worry about such things, but admit that the daily news coming out on privacy and governmental intrusion makes a good case for some level of paranoia.  The daily news can’t be helping marginal individuals.

Sick World: Good Samaritan Shot during snow storm

Good Samaritan shot
What is there to say about this story but is it worth it to stop and help anyone.  At this point I’ll probably just call for emergency assistance unless I am armed.  It is a sad testament of the type of humanity out there that a driver in trouble would choose to kill someone that stopped to help them.

Advice:  Be circumspect when you see a situation where someone is not in immediate danger or undergoing trauma.  Many times I have not stopped for people in a disabled car simply because I didn’t want them to fear that I was a threat, so instead I would call in their location and apparent situation after passing them and seeing that they were okay.

Pandemic Update: Chagas disease in US 300k cases, Phantom Menace Superbug

Mosquito is public enemy number one.
New diseases are appearing regularly and are spreading across the planet.  Your only protection is geography and lifestyle.  Screens, insect repellent, insecticides, and air conditioning are your best defense. 

Dog Flu spreads in USA
Losing your pet is one big concern and so is the possibility of jumping species into the human realm.

Chagas disease widespread in USA:  From the kissing bug and a kiss from our unwelcome flood of illegals into the USA.  Open borders, the gift that keeps on giving.

Phantom Menace Superbug now in USA
Add this to the list of ways to die from infections.

Gonorrhea soon not treatable.
This could be good news for reintroduction of Victorian values. 

Two new diseases from the tropics now threaten the world
If things weren’t bad enough on the infectious disease front this list of risks keeps increasing with no ability to cope.  Immigration and jet aircraft just increase the risk.

America On Fire

Here is an example of the crimes of the day.  We have a violent underclass that cares nothing about others.

Florida Clerk stops robbery with beer can.

Teens beat mentally disabled woman and laugh about it.

Gang of Teens take over a gas station.

Gas Station beat down in Detroit.

Outside the borders of the USA

How the French deal with illegals.  Burn them out.

Ireland punks glue door locks shut.