Pandemic Update: 296 Cases of Active TB in Minnesota

296 Refugee Cases of active TB

Why wait for it to come to you.  Just take a flight into Minnesota for a nice Winter vacation and enjoy your cough and rotting lungs.  You can thank your President for this one.  Oh, and if you want more of the same you know who to vote for and she offers you a 500% increase over current rapacious immigration invasion strategies.

Zika in Miami

Collapse: The Event Horizon is in view

How to read the Tea Leaves – This is Doomer Stuff

Planned Catastrophic Events

The elements are in place for a Black Swan event.  We have stretched out the recession by endless low or no cost money added to the money supply so that stocks are soaring, though this is now predictably becoming erratic in preparation for a rout that has become mainstream so you can expect it soon enough.  When, who knows, and if I did I’d have a huge pile of money instead of a moderate amount I worry about disappearing into the steam of a bank bail in if we have a Greek Style money event.  But I ramble on.  We’ve all heard this before and who knows for sure what is ahead.  One thing you can absolutely count on is that your money if you have any will be worth less next year than it was this year since inflation is ongoing and hidden from view unless of course you buy food, vehicles, energy, and anything that requires labor to create or accomplish.

Crime, Bio-war, and Terrorism

You can’t make this stuff up and don’t need to since it is right in your face.  We have an Administration that has opened the floodgates for anyone anywhere in the world who can make it here any way they can is likely to be able to stay and collect benefits.  Were that the only problem associated with open borders, well we might be able to cope with it at least temporarily until we wait out the vermin in charge of this disaster.

Crescent Moon on Ascendance

Unfortunately there are many other nightmares to consider that are part of this unfolding that include many terror cells that are welcoming new recruits fresh in from the battlefields of the Middle East pouring in as refugees.  While the Crescent Moon Presidency welcomes in Muslims from around the world persecuted Christians are given no consideration at all, regardless of color.

Criminals are Welcome

Drug gangs and cartels have a free run across the border right now so murder and risk of murder is up.  If you release captured illegal alien criminals back into the population just to ramp up the stress levels in society then you know the plan doesn’t include your safety.  One big outcome of this is that when the crime levels get out of control it stands to reason that the police will be expected to become much more aggressive and the Feds have just the thing as they Federalize most police agencies.

The Masque of the Red Death Part Deux

As part of this menagerie of misery we are heaping upon ourselves comes TB, Zika, Ebola and a wild assortment of other deadly diseases.  One can only hope that the Washington elites get their own share of this pestilence while those of us out here beyond the pit of the Washington Beltway (Mordor,) sit here in anger and amazement at the shortsighted madness these fools are committing.

Death Comes A Calling – Terrorism

If you need a pretext to justify total control over a society what better way than to import insane believers of a creed that thinks beheading, rape, and deceit are all fine ways to live.  Once you have these dangerous elements in your country you of course will have counter reprisals from citizens and this will justify attacking and controlling the citizenry more so than even the original offenders, the terrorists.  If you need an example of this just look at Germany where so called Ultra right wing groups  are attacked by the police and they are classified at extremists simply because they like the country the way it was before bringing in monsters that hate everything Germany stands for but said monsters want the free stuff. 

 (notice there are never ultra left wing groups according to the media, itself an ultra left wing group)

We are seeing many moves in this direction where criminalizing political speech is current around the world, and is becoming an issue here in the USA.  The ultra left is working on it.   When the first American city goes up in flames through riots or a nuclear event that will be all the Federal forces need to drop the hammer on freedom of movement and all other things we are used to believing is normal.  All of this is courtesy of open borders and multiculturalism brought to you by our media masters in charge and the ultra left intent on destroying the USA.

Recommended Response:  I’ll give you my usual set of tips which you will probably find on many Prepper and Survival sites under different names and order.  

Here they are, the 4 Gs.

Guns – hardware and ammo.
Groceries – Food and Water.
Geography – Where you live.
Gold – cash, silver, and of course Gold.

Pandemic Update: Zika, the new benefit of open borders, Mosquito Vector diseases rampant in USA

Multiple cases of Zika in USA 12+

Birth defects from Zika virus a big concern 

Zika travel warning and spreading fast 

Zika Virus, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing 

Zika to Spread Throughout Americas

The next big JOY coming out of the 3rd World to your neighborhood is the Zika Virus.  Though it is transmitted by mosquito the obvious fast movement of it throughout the world is by air travel of infected individuals.  Admittedly, there are many stupid Westerners who think they are Indiana Jones and travel to these places where incurable infectious diseases are rampant but also the unending flood of migrants and refugees is fueling the spread of disease.  There are few places left in the USA that do not have mosquito present and with easy movement of goods into port and by truck the introduction of the right kind of bugs only increases the risk that someday you’ll be exposed to something.

A short list of mosquito borne infections now moving through the USA that includes Malaria, Dengue Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and now Zika Virus.

Below are some more links to Mosquito diseases listed by the State of Minnesota.   You think Minnesota and you think cold, but there are mosquito there just like in Alaska.  mosquito borne infections

La Crosse Encephalitis (LAC), 

Jamestown Canyon Virus (JCV) 

St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE)

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE)

State Information.  Florida Mosquito Info.  

What can you do and where can you live to avoid these.

I have to say that the presence of mosquito is probably everywhere but I have visited places where they seem unknown or very limited.  High altitude areas with bitter winters seems to work well though I’m not saying go live in the Mountains just for that reason.   I noticed that even in the hills of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains you can find mosquito if you’re near a water source while up high where no water stays put I never saw any.  The desert also works except now that men have put in swimming pools and landscaping that makes it possible for the mosquito to thrive in arid climates you really need to pick a place where few standing water locations exist.  Arizona desert maybe.

We once had this situation under control but since the introduction of uncontrolled immigration since 1965 the flow of disease has matched the flow of people.   Welcome to the new world.

Pandemic Update: Chagas disease in US 300k cases, Phantom Menace Superbug

Mosquito is public enemy number one.
New diseases are appearing regularly and are spreading across the planet.  Your only protection is geography and lifestyle.  Screens, insect repellent, insecticides, and air conditioning are your best defense. 

Dog Flu spreads in USA
Losing your pet is one big concern and so is the possibility of jumping species into the human realm.

Chagas disease widespread in USA:  From the kissing bug and a kiss from our unwelcome flood of illegals into the USA.  Open borders, the gift that keeps on giving.

Phantom Menace Superbug now in USA
Add this to the list of ways to die from infections.

Gonorrhea soon not treatable.
This could be good news for reintroduction of Victorian values. 

Two new diseases from the tropics now threaten the world
If things weren’t bad enough on the infectious disease front this list of risks keeps increasing with no ability to cope.  Immigration and jet aircraft just increase the risk.

Forcing American Decline: President Driving the Country to Ruin, Dollar Fade, Dumping Illegals

Russia Holding Talks to Drop Dollar in International Trade
The ham handed approach of the administration has led to a desire of our adversaries to remove the dollar as the international currency.

Obama is driving the country to ruin.
This is not disputable to anyone looking at results.

Administration allows open borders and grants amnesty 
This isn’t just catch and release.  It is catch, redirect, and set loose with promises of money, legal help, and of course a future voting card with a Democrat affiliation to keep the change coming.

Imported Pandemic as diseases cross the border with illegals.
Though the government is tasked with protecting the citizens from outside threats here we have a most obvious threat that is not even considered worth concern.  Bottom line:  They don’t care.
Death from below as in South of the Border and why the government is making it happen.

25% of Americans saving $0 for Retirement
Get ready for beans and a tent

Pandemic Update: Contagion in Middle East, MRSA at home, MERS Virus in USA

 Mosquito borne virus in Palm Beach
Chikungunya is the new entry into the USA courtesy of air travel.  The worry is that we have lost control not only of our borders but the free flow of contagion is now unimpeded and mosquito are some of the most efficient vectors for spreading deadly disease.

Middle East fears of containment for deadly viruses
It keeps happening and it keeps getting worse each time.  Prepare for a spread.

Saudi Health Minister Removed from Post
Here is another victim of this deadly MERS virus though in his case it only cost him his job so far.  It is hard to say if any one person could be held accountable for a viral outbreak such as this.

MRSA in homes in USA
The risk is spreading and will eventually make even the most simple scrape a potential death sentence.  I would like to think this is only a result of antibiotic overuse but the conclusion that we have flooded the country with a hundred million disease carriers always lurks in the background.  Remember, we no longer test immigrants except maybe for TB but that is only the legal ones.  Add the illegals and we are open for a pandemic.

World Headed to Post Antibiotic Era
This spells doom for many simple operations and recovery from injuries.  It makes you want to stay home.

Antibiotic Resistant Infections worse than AIDS Worldwide
This is something to look forward to as we slide into another dark age.

MERS Makes Landfall on U.S. Soil
Good luck if you have bad luck and get infected with it.

2nd MERS case in USA
From Saudi Arabia and allowed into the USA with no health checks.

The dirtiest things in your possession when it comes to infections and how to protect yourself.

Contagion in America

We have so much to worry about and now comes Chagas, an insect borne disease that helps to destroy your heart through parasitic infestation.  The list of maladies to protect against is growing daily but this one sounds especially happy.  Spread by the kissing bug it is a tiny parasite that moves into your body once you scratch the itch of the insect bite.

Chagas as the new AIDS for the Americas 
Since the Yahoo article is short on facts but long on fear I thought I’d add the NIH take on things.

NIH – Chagas

CDC – Chagas

Here is the Wikipedia Version of Chagas information.

Enjoy your day.

P.S. As if that wasn’t enough here is a report of flea transmitted typhus in Santa Ana