Pandemic Update: TB 3x times reported rate in refugees

Refugees with TB

Are you worried about survival.  Then whom did you vote for.  Did you vote the for one who said he’ll stop this madness or did you vote for the one who wanted to raise the numbers 500%?

Common sense here is to keep them out of the country or live where they aren’t.  I’m still looking for the place where they aren’t since our dear leader has dumped these walking petri dishes everywhere.

Pandemic Update: 296 Cases of Active TB in Minnesota

296 Refugee Cases of active TB

Why wait for it to come to you.  Just take a flight into Minnesota for a nice Winter vacation and enjoy your cough and rotting lungs.  You can thank your President for this one.  Oh, and if you want more of the same you know who to vote for and she offers you a 500% increase over current rapacious immigration invasion strategies.

Zika in Miami

USA Collapse Update – The Donald Predicts One, Antibiotic Resistance

Trump Says Fed is Holding Down Rates to Protect El Presidente Until He Leaves Office
No surprise here.  They want to leave the next President holding the bag.

As part of the collapse scenario, we now have more dire warnings from the World Health Organization that antibiotic resistance has become dire worldwide.  Wonderful.

Forced importation of potential terrorists into Europe demanded by UN.  Of course the USA will bring in as many as possible to keep the ONE on path to degrade the quality of life and safety of US citizens. 

Syrian Refugees possible Trojan Horses.
This article points out what is obvious to anyone with a brain and a willingness to use it. 

Flood of Cuban refugees coming to USA. As if on cue, the planned invasion into the USA by future Democrat voters is ongoing in picking up speed.  As for the Republicrats, let us see how they assist in this venture while pretending to protest.

Pandemic Update: Contagion in Middle East, MRSA at home, MERS Virus in USA

 Mosquito borne virus in Palm Beach
Chikungunya is the new entry into the USA courtesy of air travel.  The worry is that we have lost control not only of our borders but the free flow of contagion is now unimpeded and mosquito are some of the most efficient vectors for spreading deadly disease.

Middle East fears of containment for deadly viruses
It keeps happening and it keeps getting worse each time.  Prepare for a spread.

Saudi Health Minister Removed from Post
Here is another victim of this deadly MERS virus though in his case it only cost him his job so far.  It is hard to say if any one person could be held accountable for a viral outbreak such as this.

MRSA in homes in USA
The risk is spreading and will eventually make even the most simple scrape a potential death sentence.  I would like to think this is only a result of antibiotic overuse but the conclusion that we have flooded the country with a hundred million disease carriers always lurks in the background.  Remember, we no longer test immigrants except maybe for TB but that is only the legal ones.  Add the illegals and we are open for a pandemic.

World Headed to Post Antibiotic Era
This spells doom for many simple operations and recovery from injuries.  It makes you want to stay home.

Antibiotic Resistant Infections worse than AIDS Worldwide
This is something to look forward to as we slide into another dark age.

MERS Makes Landfall on U.S. Soil
Good luck if you have bad luck and get infected with it.

2nd MERS case in USA
From Saudi Arabia and allowed into the USA with no health checks.

The dirtiest things in your possession when it comes to infections and how to protect yourself.