9mm is Good Again for Self Defense: FBI on board, Some Gun Writers Agree

 FBI says 9mm

Admittedly this is a two year old article but the wheels of government move slowly.  If you notice, now the gun press has moved back to the 9mm as a good round for self defense, though not all them.  Many writers who wouldn’t have considered the 9mm up to the task now feel that with the momentum moving again toward less is more theory notice what some of us knew all along.  Simply, that 9mm allows more rounds in the magazine, punches a hole much like the vaunted .40 an .45 especially when expanding, and is much cheaper to use for practice.  Also, the price and selection of weapons in 9mm outnumbers all the others.  It is ubiquitous.  The funny thing is that even the .380 is getting some good press now though it’s not my first choice for carry it does fill the need for weight and size when clothing limitations exist for concealed carry due usually to summer months.  It also has a superb reduction in recoil yet still punches a hole like the .38 or 9mm, but not as deep with the same expansion.  For that matter, I’m not against a .22 revolver versus carrying nothing.  Often just the presence of a gun will inhibit action from the aggressors and you can’t defend against everything.

Just like the diet guidelines have changed every decade or so, the caliber guidelines for self defense and law enforcement handguns is changing again.

9mm vs .40 S&W

.38 Special – it was the standard for almost a century.  The limitation is lack of firepower/capacity versus the civilian options after 9mm semi-auto  pistols become common in various sizes.

9mm –  This is the same diameter as the .38 special but it has less lead in the bullet  but increased velocity making for more energy overall.  It is configured to stack in magazines and feed in a semi-auto pistol.  Limited  defensive loads prior to the 1990’s and other perceived deficiencies came to the front after the Miami shootout.  They probably should have considered that rifles tend to beat handguns every time and armed FBI agents with carbines or shotguns in their vehicles in addition to sidearms.  Bureaucrats never see the obvious.  Good ammo might have made the difference as well.  The final item might have been to train them to fight injured since that seemed to be the final issue that caused the loss of the fight.

10mm – So then they picked the big boy gun but had trouble with control.  It had a strong recoil that some shooters couldn’t manage well.  Concealment was probably an issue as well.

.40 S&W – This should have been the ideal compromise except for female recruits it was still too much to handle.  Some men found it a problem as well.  I don’t like it for handguns either.  It is too harsh and follow ups too slow.  For a carbine it’s great.  Try it in a Hi Power planet of the apes gun and you’ll find the 10 round limit doesn’t seem so bad with a heavy hitter like this.

9mm – Back to the past.  With improvements in defensive ammo it may end up being the ideal compromise to include trainees having an easy time with it.  +P and hotter ammo makes it closer to the .40S&W.

What Next?

5.7mm – Were it not for the size of the gun it has even better numbers all the way around.  Capacity 20-30 rounds.  Recoil is nil.  Accuracy is excellent.   Energy is high and penetration is sufficient. Weight is low.  Cost per round is no higher than .45.

Controlled Pairs or Fruit Salad

Warning: Read the disclaimer  regarding the reliability, value, and effectiveness of this information. 

Disclaimer:  This is for informational purposes only so any ideas are provided for thought provoking arguments.  Combat situations described are provided for entertainment and may be fictional or imagined especially when it comes to something deemed controversial or illegal. Follow all laws.

Having just read the controlled pair article  or what I deem a good argument against training only in controlled pair methods which are deemed superior to the double tap I prefer to use the garden hose method that includes lots and lots of ammo and sending it downrange while doing an exfil since alone the chances of winning against multiple assailants is a gamble at best, no matter how good you are.  Luck and bad luck play a large part in most outcomes.Engaging multiple targets is an issue and usually the issue is that you F_ed up by ending up in that situation.What to do.  Many experts will tell you many different things.

My thoughts as a survivor

I like the idea of dropping the first duck in the row and making sure of it while doing a hasty exit and laying down suppression fire to reduce attempts at others hitting you.  The biggest problem with multiple target engagement is if they are spread along a nonlinear tangent  rather than a linear front so that some have the oblique or can easily flank you with limited movement.   It sucks to be you in that case.  Usually the best way to save your hide is to hide or do the next best thing and gain distance after the initial engagement goes down and you survived it by laying into your main aggressor.  The farther away you are from the group the more likely you can totally disengage/lose them or single out one at a time as at a distance the angle of attack again begins to favor the one versus the many especially if you can find a way to line them up by moving at an angle to increase the distance from one end of the group while maintaining distance from the lead end.


What does all this mean.  You might survive if you can maintain movement while periodically sending a get down message to those in pursuit.  I had to do this myself over the course of an hour plus at a full run over two decades ago while taking time to send some love taps at my suitors.  I am here to speak of it.

Fruit Salad Definition:  A mixture of various fruits or other mixture.  A display of military medals.  An assortment of ammo types in one loading.

Proviso:  I’m a fruit salad kinda guy.  I prefer options and variability.

For Dessert 

Oh, and the fruit salad.  Load up with an assortment.  HP, AP, FMJ, and some subsonic.  Do this for at least one mag so you have an all purpose tool at your disposal.  I usually mix up ammo types as a matter of course for cost savings and also to guarantee penetration and expansion when needed by just sending a stream downrange as an assortment.  Different sounds, different penetration, different expansion, different flash, and cost savings over high dollar HP. Just a thought.  But experience has proven that in most endeavors flexibility is key.  As long as it feeds, you can feed your attacker/s a steady diet of lead.

(If you want real cost savings, go for the first 3 -5 rounds per mag as Bonded HP and then just follow up with FMJ.)

Ultra Low Cost BB guns for handgun training

Regular practice that allows for many thousands of trigger pulls is a great way to increase your handgun skills.  To afford such regular practice I recommend adding BB guns to the mix of live ammunition and dry fire training.
I’ve been doing this for years.  Daisy makes some of the best and most economical Co2 powered BB pistols on the market.  Just as important is that they are of the proper size, function, and trigger pull to allow presentation, rapid fire, movement, and multiple target engagement.
You can set up a training range in your backyard if you have enough space for safe firing.  What matters is that these guns allow shooting for considerably less than live ammunition and give you some level of satisfaction that dry fire drills can’t give you.  Even laser training gets old after a while since no real projectiles leave the barrel.  With 6000 rounds costing less than $10 and Co2 cartridges going for 50 cents each you can enjoy an hour of shooting for less than 4.
My first try on this was with some of the reproduction bb guns like the Walther Copy.  It was an $80 gun with magazines that cost a fair amount and eventually after not too much use it failed.
One day at Wally World I came across a Daisy 15xt on sale for $20 and tried it.
At the time it seemed like a winner compared to what I had tried.  I went through almost half a dozen of these as they eventually failed usually due to gas leak problems.  With a 15 round capacity it gave you as many trigger pulls as your average 9mm full size pistol.  I averaged almost 100 rounds per Co2 though the last 15 rounds had to be fired at close range to the target.  It also fit in a number of holsters that I already had including the HKP30 Serpa.  It didn’t fit perfectly but it did work.  I even started using this gun to dry fire to avoid so much wear and tear on my real handguns.
One problem with the 15xt was that the trigger pull was stiff and the edges of the trigger were sharp so blisters became a problem.  I think daisy has phased out this model in favor of a newer one with some of the issues resolved.
The new Daisy Power Line 415 is a winner.  It fits an HKP30 holster perfectly and locks into a Serpa.  It has an upgraded capacity of 21 rounds.  The trigger is smooth and relatively light.  The sights have been changed on the front to fiber optic so it is easier to see.  I get around 100+ shots per Co2.

You can find the Daisy Power Line 415  BB pistols Online for less than $35 at this time. 
Be advised that eventually these guns do fail.  Either something will break or more likely you’ll get a Co2 leak.  Daisy has sent me extra seals when requested but sometimes the problem is the plunger that punctures the Co2 gets dull or bent and it can’t be fixed unless you’re a good mechanic or are willing to send it back to Daisy.  I have a stack of both the 15XT and the 415 that have failed, but in general I get many thousands of rounds through them before failure.  When that happens I just order another.    Maybe someday I’ll get around to repairing them.
In the last few years I went through 60,000 rounds using this approach at a cost of $100 ($10 per 6,000 rounds) for the BBs and $270 ($18 per 40) for 600 Co2 cartridges.  This is a total cost for BBs and Co2 cartridges of $370 plus six BB pistols as they failed.  Combined cost is around $600.
Compare that to firing a .22 nowadays at 10 cents per round.  Cost of 60k rounds is $6,000.
Shooting 9mm  at 20 cents per round for 60k rounds.  Cost $12,000.
Do you see the logic here.
Here are the advantages. 
One tenth the cost of shooting .22 ammo and one twentieth the cost of 9mm.
Draw and fire training.  Presentation etc.
Moving and firing that is much safer but realistic enough.
If you want to master the movements this is an inexpensive way to go.
In addition to all of that you have a cheap way to plink and have fun.
(Warning:  Always wear eye protection when shooting bb guns as well as firearms.  As for targets, if you use metal targets make sure that they are located in a safe area with enough distance to take into account ricochets.)

Practice Sessions

So here is the setup for easy loading so that when the bbs drop past the feeding hole on the pistol they are simply caught in the plastic tub.   A plastic container such as this old tennis ball can is better than the one the bbs come in.  You can pour them easily into your hand and when you accumulate enough in the tub it’s easy pour back in the can.

Have a tube of pellet gun oil to rub a dab at the top of every Co2 cartridge before you install it in the pistol.  It punctures easier, protects the gasket, and is easier to remove the Co2 when empty.

Notice the eye-guards.  Wear them every time you shoot.

I practice with two pistols and have two holsters on the same belt.  One at 3 O’clock and one at 5 O’clock.  You have more practice shots and train for draw and presentation from both locations.

4 Co2s will get you at least 400 shots, 400 trigger pulls.
Do that a few times a week and you’ll see incredible improvement in your shooting skills.

Happy shooting.

Collapse: The Event Horizon is in view

How to read the Tea Leaves – This is Doomer Stuff

Planned Catastrophic Events

The elements are in place for a Black Swan event.  We have stretched out the recession by endless low or no cost money added to the money supply so that stocks are soaring, though this is now predictably becoming erratic in preparation for a rout that has become mainstream so you can expect it soon enough.  When, who knows, and if I did I’d have a huge pile of money instead of a moderate amount I worry about disappearing into the steam of a bank bail in if we have a Greek Style money event.  But I ramble on.  We’ve all heard this before and who knows for sure what is ahead.  One thing you can absolutely count on is that your money if you have any will be worth less next year than it was this year since inflation is ongoing and hidden from view unless of course you buy food, vehicles, energy, and anything that requires labor to create or accomplish.

Crime, Bio-war, and Terrorism

You can’t make this stuff up and don’t need to since it is right in your face.  We have an Administration that has opened the floodgates for anyone anywhere in the world who can make it here any way they can is likely to be able to stay and collect benefits.  Were that the only problem associated with open borders, well we might be able to cope with it at least temporarily until we wait out the vermin in charge of this disaster.

Crescent Moon on Ascendance

Unfortunately there are many other nightmares to consider that are part of this unfolding that include many terror cells that are welcoming new recruits fresh in from the battlefields of the Middle East pouring in as refugees.  While the Crescent Moon Presidency welcomes in Muslims from around the world persecuted Christians are given no consideration at all, regardless of color.

Criminals are Welcome

Drug gangs and cartels have a free run across the border right now so murder and risk of murder is up.  If you release captured illegal alien criminals back into the population just to ramp up the stress levels in society then you know the plan doesn’t include your safety.  One big outcome of this is that when the crime levels get out of control it stands to reason that the police will be expected to become much more aggressive and the Feds have just the thing as they Federalize most police agencies.

The Masque of the Red Death Part Deux

As part of this menagerie of misery we are heaping upon ourselves comes TB, Zika, Ebola and a wild assortment of other deadly diseases.  One can only hope that the Washington elites get their own share of this pestilence while those of us out here beyond the pit of the Washington Beltway (Mordor,) sit here in anger and amazement at the shortsighted madness these fools are committing.

Death Comes A Calling – Terrorism

If you need a pretext to justify total control over a society what better way than to import insane believers of a creed that thinks beheading, rape, and deceit are all fine ways to live.  Once you have these dangerous elements in your country you of course will have counter reprisals from citizens and this will justify attacking and controlling the citizenry more so than even the original offenders, the terrorists.  If you need an example of this just look at Germany where so called Ultra right wing groups  are attacked by the police and they are classified at extremists simply because they like the country the way it was before bringing in monsters that hate everything Germany stands for but said monsters want the free stuff. 

 (notice there are never ultra left wing groups according to the media, itself an ultra left wing group)

We are seeing many moves in this direction where criminalizing political speech is current around the world, and is becoming an issue here in the USA.  The ultra left is working on it.   When the first American city goes up in flames through riots or a nuclear event that will be all the Federal forces need to drop the hammer on freedom of movement and all other things we are used to believing is normal.  All of this is courtesy of open borders and multiculturalism brought to you by our media masters in charge and the ultra left intent on destroying the USA.

Recommended Response:  I’ll give you my usual set of tips which you will probably find on many Prepper and Survival sites under different names and order.  

Here they are, the 4 Gs.

Guns – hardware and ammo.
Groceries – Food and Water.
Geography – Where you live.
Gold – cash, silver, and of course Gold.

Kryptonite for the Left – A gun channel on cable.

I had to laugh when I heard about it.  A sports channel is one thing, but a guns for sale channel is heaven.    Check it out.

The left with go Bat Guano crazy over this and especially the number one Bat Guano crazy politician who is prattling on about something must be done about gun ownership.  Ah, such small pleasures as knowing the angst about to be rendered when the channel goes live.

Choosing A Pistol

 Here is a great site I found on choosing a pistol.

If you want my quick and simple weapon recommendation for a handgun of choice I’d go with a Glock 19 for 9mm or a Glock 23 if you want to have a .40 S&W.

These two weapons are built on the same platform and can function as weapons for concealed carry or as a primary service weapon that you might have on your nightstand.  So if you intend to go with only one weapon I’d choose one of these two.

9mm will give you more practice time if your funds are scarce while the .40 will offer more stopping power depending on the round used.

One other main benefit of the Glock is the availability of the Advantage Arms .22 adapter that will give you trigger time at 1/3 the cost per round.  I’ve found that I need to use CCI mini-mags in this adapter to get reliable function but that still leaves you paying approx. 7 cents per round versus 21 cents per round.

Improvised Ammo Cans

The price of military surplus ammo cans continue to increase so I’ve looked for other options for ammo storage. The main ingredient for successful storage is to limit moisture. Temperature concerns aren’t as critical as long as temperature extremes aren’t ongoing. My main focus is to avoid temperatures past 110 degrees for extended periods of time. Experience has proven that storage in non-climate controlled areas like sheds or other outbuildings is less important that simply keeping the ammo dry. Putting the ammo in sealed containers with moisture absorbers like silica desiccants is the way to go.

Water bottles once dried out can act as a great dry storage container and it’s easy to drop a silica pack in with the ammo and seal the top for airtight and watertight storage. With plastic bottles the main thing is to avoid sunlight to limit UV deterioration of the plastic.

I’ve used this method for years and tested the ammo and found no problems. Think of it as an expedient battle pack.