Rumor: Korea Near War

This one is getting thing closer to war all time. North Korea is used to getting their way and with the U.S. now looking weak and China looking strong it’s apparent that we could have a war brewing. As with anything of this nature, it could easily get out of hand and become regional and worldwide since all of the actors in this potential conflict are client states of large adversaries.

North VS South Korea

Meanwhile, our geniuses in Washington just approved a treaty with Russia that makes us take our belt off so that we have to hold up our pants while we fight. Missile defense restrictions will cost us millions of casualties if we’re ever nuked by missile delivery. This letter from a newspaper reader says it all very simply.

A citizen responds to news of the Start Treaty Signing. – I agree with him on this.

Pension Fund Collapse

This small town in Alabama has left a large number of pensioners on the side of the road. Anyone that relies on the good word of governments for their well being in old age should take not of this kind of dirty activity. As usual, no one will go to jail for setting this in motion by doing nothing and probably voting for more benefits rather than correcting the situation earlier.

I’m getting that Weimar Republic feeling all over again.

Old Prepper – Old Survivalist – Nothing Changes

I was prepping when prepping wasn’t cool. That goes back to the 70’s.

Why did we do it then? The world had many of the problems that face us today. If you read Harry Browne back then you knew we were headed for a monetary crisis. We just didn’t know it would be many of them to extend over decades.

We worried about pandemics because we did have some treacherous strains of Flu coming through as we do now and expect to see again.

We all had to face the idea that Nuclear war could occur at any moment either through aggression, mistaken launch, rogue generals, or stupidity.

Food shortages didn’t loom as a major concern at the time, but food storage was part of the preparation for all of the other concerns.

Most importantly, we all prepared for those things that we had no control over so that from our perspective we did gain some control by being prepared.

Has anything changed since then? Only the list of things to worry about. It’s much longer.