HK Pistols

HKP7 Remake

This is a work of art and so I thought I’d share the link for HK lovers.

HK P30  – I love this gun.  It comes in many variations but the best part of it is the grip.  Find a used one and you can get a world class work of perfection for not much more , $800 than a New Glock $550.    You can get it with a safety that can go cocked and locked, or double action.  Or you can get the version that doesn’t have a safety and operates first shot double action and second shot single.  You can always cock the hammer.

HK VP9 – This is the Glock competitor.  If you like the HK grip and don’t want to hammer and prefer a striker rent a VP9.  It has a nice trigger reset and a nice trigger overall.  It points better than a Glock.

HK USP 9 – Big Grip and too big if you have a small hand.  Great if you prefer the single action method of function.  The trigger is nice but you have to get used to the size of the grip.

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