Why I Choose to Carry Other Guns over a Glock 19

My biggest concern is not defeating the purpose of armed self protection by self inflicting damage to myself.  Therefore, I still act extremely cautiously when carrying a Glock.  In some cases depending on the situation I don’t chamber a round and go with the old method used by the U.S. military before being turned into the newer approach called the Israeli carry method with a fast charging included as part of the presentation.

I have an M&P shield that I sometime carry concealed and it has a safety that I engage prior to holstering the weapon for safe holstering and then disengage once holstered, just an approach I take.

I also have an HKP30 that I carry when not concealed and on the nightstand.   It actually does conceal about as well as the Glock 19, but more comfortably, because of the rounded edges versus the squared up Glock.  It is absolutely reliable and with the double action trigger pull I do have that additional element of safety that is undeniably there due to reduced risk of a negligent discharge no matter how much training I do.   It does weigh a little bit more and requires a different skill set when it comes to training since it is double action, and it has the paddle mag releases on the trigger guard.

Others I have carried include a J Frame .38 and the Makarov that are retired now and only used for range fun.  I do sometimes like to have a J frame 8 round .22 Airlight in the pocket for no weight carry (approx. 10 oz. Loaded).

Full Disclosure:  I’m still a Glock guy and have been since they came out in the 1980’s.  I just find myself thinking more and more about the downside of a striker fire negligent discharge on my ability to walk.

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