Glock Won, It’s Over – SOCOM Chooses Glock

 It’s Over – Glock Won by Weaponsman on WRSA 

Weaponsman is a real weapons man and though I detect a bit of a gloat, I’m with him on this simply because I always felt that in the field where my primary was a rifle I thought a totally reliable and lightweight sidearm made sense so a Glock 19 was and is my plan for that situation.  Plus, I could make a case for not having one in the chamber since my long gun was primary and if I didn’t have time to chamber a round I must have screwed up anyway.  As for concealed carry, lots has changed in terms of holsters and technique since the safe action trigger came about.  There is still a high risk of negligent discharges or accidental discharges if you’re not 100% focused, so this is where you have to be well aware of firearms handling procedures if you carry a loaded Glock.

If you don’t own a Glock 19 you probably should.  If not, at least have an equivalent in terms of reliability and parts availability.  S&W comes close with their M&P, and Springfield with their XD.   Here is a review of reliability from a well known reviewer. Since I’m already in the Glock camp I don’t see any sense in straying from them in the striker fired realm except for the M&P shield which is a totally different category of size and capacity.  I was never a fan of the Glock 26 and 27 due to the stubby grip that only accomplished a more difficult hold for me.  With an extender I might as well have a Glock 19 and be done with it which is the approach I take.

Other options are out there but my feeling on this is that once you focus on the striker fire category I would stay with a system that is widely available.  For instance, I have an HK VP9 and like it, but if I go HK I’ll probably just carry the HK P30 and get the added benefit of the double action safety advantage with the minor reduction in first shot accuracy.  Any of the top tier manufacturers will do though and if you are willing to try another brand other than Glock then you have Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Walther, HK,  Sig, and a few others possibly but these would be my focus.  I’ve tried all of them and have good experience but again why move away from what has worked for 30+ years unless it is a considerable gain in some area.  One thing that cannot be matched by any of these is the parts availability and aftermarket accessories that are available for the Glock 19, 17, 26, and any of the other in their line of striker fire weapons.  For this reason alone I’d probably suggest just get a Glock in 9mm and be happy.  You’ll love the trigger or learn to love it.  You’ll love the simplicity, and it is hard to beat the price.

If you’ve read my review of the Glock 19 vs the Sig P226 you’ll know I am a original Glock long term user.   I bought them when they came out and have always owned one or more ever since.  I’ve tried all the variants of the Glock and always kept a Model 19 because it fit my hand and 9mm always made the most sense to me when it came to ventilation requirements in terms of total payload of firepower versus diameter/cross sectional density of the round (fat .45 vs not so fat 9mm).  With the reduction in size comes the side benefit of lower weight or same weight with more rounds.  I prefer more rounds, lots more.  Having a 33 round mag available makes the gun equal to many carbines or SMGs except for range, yet how often do you need to hit out at 100 yards in urban and suburban environments.

Gunblast hates Glocks, but carries one.  He faced reality like most of us.  Fortunately for me, my first auto pistol was a CZ in .32 and when I decided to line up with the U.S. Military in the 1980’s and tried out a Beretta I was very unimpressed.  A buddy had bought a Glock 17 and let me try it out.  A week later I had a Model 17.  As soon as the Model 19 came out I switched to that and have always had one since, now over 30 years.

Ferfal Recommended Glock Video on Youtube

I always like what Ferfal comes up with.  He has the ring in truth and experience behind him.

Here is a review of the Glock by Kokalis and he had to give it credit.  I think this is a review I saw in SOF a long time ago, maybe in the 80’s or 90’s.

To balance this out.  Here is one guy who makes his argument against striker fired guns in in particular the Glock from The Truth about Guns.

If you decide to carry a Glock.  Always use a holster than covers the trigger guard and learn safe holstering and presentation methods to avoid Glock Leg.

Examples of Glock Leg Syndrome

Maryland Man shoots self in leg

Calguns Forum on Glock Leg 

Curing Glock Leg Syndrome 

Grip Safety for Glock Leg Antidote

Another cure for Glock Leg Syndrome should I say striker fire leg syndrome.

Israeli Carry – not recommended by the writer of the article.

They always suggest more training for condition 1 and that will solve the problem.

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