Controlled Pairs or Fruit Salad

Warning: Read the disclaimer  regarding the reliability, value, and effectiveness of this information. 

Disclaimer:  This is for informational purposes only so any ideas are provided for thought provoking arguments.  Combat situations described are provided for entertainment and may be fictional or imagined especially when it comes to something deemed controversial or illegal. Follow all laws.

Having just read the controlled pair article  or what I deem a good argument against training only in controlled pair methods which are deemed superior to the double tap I prefer to use the garden hose method that includes lots and lots of ammo and sending it downrange while doing an exfil since alone the chances of winning against multiple assailants is a gamble at best, no matter how good you are.  Luck and bad luck play a large part in most outcomes.Engaging multiple targets is an issue and usually the issue is that you F_ed up by ending up in that situation.What to do.  Many experts will tell you many different things.

My thoughts as a survivor

I like the idea of dropping the first duck in the row and making sure of it while doing a hasty exit and laying down suppression fire to reduce attempts at others hitting you.  The biggest problem with multiple target engagement is if they are spread along a nonlinear tangent  rather than a linear front so that some have the oblique or can easily flank you with limited movement.   It sucks to be you in that case.  Usually the best way to save your hide is to hide or do the next best thing and gain distance after the initial engagement goes down and you survived it by laying into your main aggressor.  The farther away you are from the group the more likely you can totally disengage/lose them or single out one at a time as at a distance the angle of attack again begins to favor the one versus the many especially if you can find a way to line them up by moving at an angle to increase the distance from one end of the group while maintaining distance from the lead end.


What does all this mean.  You might survive if you can maintain movement while periodically sending a get down message to those in pursuit.  I had to do this myself over the course of an hour plus at a full run over two decades ago while taking time to send some love taps at my suitors.  I am here to speak of it.

Fruit Salad Definition:  A mixture of various fruits or other mixture.  A display of military medals.  An assortment of ammo types in one loading.

Proviso:  I’m a fruit salad kinda guy.  I prefer options and variability.

For Dessert 

Oh, and the fruit salad.  Load up with an assortment.  HP, AP, FMJ, and some subsonic.  Do this for at least one mag so you have an all purpose tool at your disposal.  I usually mix up ammo types as a matter of course for cost savings and also to guarantee penetration and expansion when needed by just sending a stream downrange as an assortment.  Different sounds, different penetration, different expansion, different flash, and cost savings over high dollar HP. Just a thought.  But experience has proven that in most endeavors flexibility is key.  As long as it feeds, you can feed your attacker/s a steady diet of lead.

(If you want real cost savings, go for the first 3 -5 rounds per mag as Bonded HP and then just follow up with FMJ.)

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