Collapse Update: Ruins of America – How History Rhymes

Rome and the USA – The parallels including coinage.

Ruines of Rome 3

By Edmund Spenser – 1591

Thou stranger, which for Rome in Rome here seekest,

And nought of Rome in Rome perceiv’st at all,

These same olde walls, olde arches, which thou seest,

Olde palaces, is that which Rome men call.

Behold what wreake, what ruine, and what wast,

And how that she, which with her mightie powre

Tam’d all the world, hath tam’d herselfe at last,

The pray of Time, which all things doth devowre.

Rome now of Rome is th’ onely funerall,

And onely Rome of Rome hath victorie;

Ne ought save Tyber hastning to his fall

Remaines of all: O worlds inconstancie!

That which is firme doth flit and fall away,

And that is flitting doth abide and stay.

Collapse Update: Jim Rogers what is coming – Dr. Doom says Doom is coming with a 50% market drop – Possible Mrs. President is one seizure away from the Presidency -The Lost Culture of Millennials-Socialist Buys 600k Summer Home – feel the Bern

Jim Rogers what is coming

Dr. Doom says Doom is coming with a 50% market drop

 Possible Mrs. President is one seizure away from the Presidency

The Lost Culture of Millennials 

Socialist Buys 600k Summer Home – feel the Bern


Unfit Politicians Bring US to the Brink

President Denounces Trump as Unfit

Unprecedented Presidential commentary shows that we are in a time of extreme positions and there is a wide and growing divide among the citizens.  Where this will lead can only be ascertained by looking at history.  Europe is a great example where it wasn’t just regions that were against each other but political groups living side by side.  WW2 was the outcome after a takeover by the Fascists.

The battle to remove Open Borders Politicians is getting ugly.

The Government is upset that outside forces may hack voting while insider hacking is no problem.

Federal Control of Police Well Underway By President – No Republican Pushback



Peltor President Review

Peltor President – Review


I bought this a week ago and find it one of the best hearing protectors I’ve owned in terms of comfort and sound reduction of 26 db.  Though you can find some that cut sound more the comfort level is always an issue.

These have deep cups and lots of foam and the spring tension doesn’t give me headaches unlike some others I currently own.

As for how long this set will last it may take some time to give that outcome.

Here are some specs.

Liquid Foam Ear Cushions
Folding for Portability
Weight 8 oz.
USA Made

Price $31.56 online
I found a pair at $20 at a shop.

More info to come as I try this set.

Additional recommendation:  I always have a set of plugs with me and wear them under the muffs as a backup for a loose fit or especially when shooting indoors.

The Super Rich are Different from You and Me

McMansions are becoming a symbol of their contempt for us if the following article has any validity.

In many minds it seems they are laughing at us whether intentional or not.  I’ve never had that feeling since I once had a fairly large size home, but learned that it meant nothing but more maintenance, taxes, and junk accumulation.  So I choose simple and as small as I can comfortably get by in.  That is just me.  Others have different views and being a once free country that is one area I still think it is their right to do.  It is the hypocrisy of far left billionaires who demand we do something with climate change or that we all live in cities while they have huge estates and mansions that impact rural lifestyles that seems to be what is getting many people upset about the gilded age mentality many of these Super Rich hypocrites.   One name in particular comes to mind.  Gore.  If he weren’t selling climate change he’d be selling snake oil.  Add in some Hollywood actors and you have a really disgusting bunch of creeps.  We also have a national leader who lives opposite of what he demands for the rest of us.  Check out this article.

The Hamptons and Martha’s Vinyard, vacation spot for the elites  

The leader of the class struggle and that most elegant example of pretending at something he knows nothing about is taking vacation in places where the rich carelessly displace the working class.

The Chappaqua Border Wall 

The elites have no problem protecting themselves with the same things they would deny citizens be it firearms or border walls.

As the economy proves out to be the worst it has been in decades and with a growth rate and so called recovery not so bad since 1949 we have a sham of a media pretending to report news of a solid economy.  Rather we have a hollowed out shell unless you live in D.C. or rely on the government for your paycheck or your free ride.

Talk by presidents of how safe the world is under self described magnificent leadership accentuated by the descriptive I said by the gross in every speech, we are in flux and illusion.  Some of us feel that we see through the illusion and mist but reality says that we won’t know for sure until hindsight gives us clarity.

Here is what we do know. 

2016 feels like to us the worst year in history.

Nuke Fears in Rio

Reminders suggest other thoughts.

We haven’t lived through WW1 or WW2, and WW3 has yet to prove started.

We haven’t yet lived through a plague.

We haven’t seen economic collapse on past scales and have no real way to compare based on personal experience.

So things are bad but what makes them worse is the pessimism brought on by so called leaders that want radical change most easily brought about by creating division and destruction.

This year will be defined by what the voters choose to do.  Do we stay on the same path of globalist domination or take back sovereignty.  Do we say yes to taking care of ourselves first or fall for the sham of concern for everyone but our fellow citizens.

Things to do:

Train yourself for those things that might keep you alive and with food on the table be it work skills or survival skills.

Save hard assets because as described in the name, they are hard and durable, and likely to retain some value.

Stay alert and informed so that you can make decisions based on facts and not panic.

Best of luck.