.22 ammo shortage continues

You can get .22 ammo.  I found a local gun shop that always has it in stock but you will pay close to ten cents per round for it.

I found some .22 at Luckygunner and the price is .10 per round or more.

So the laws of supply and demand have made it available if you are willing to pay the price.

The problem is that the price makes .22 less desirable as a practice round when you can get into reloading 9mm and get your cost per round down to the same price or below it.  After almost three years of shortages and price disruptions the demand continues to be high for .22.  It is no longer the bargain it once was so my recommendation is to add pellet rifles and bb guns to the mix of training tools.

Ultra Low Cost BB guns for handgun training

Regular practice that allows for many thousands of trigger pulls is a great way to increase your handgun skills.  To afford such regular practice I recommend adding BB guns to the mix of live ammunition and dry fire training.
I’ve been doing this for years.  Daisy makes some of the best and most economical Co2 powered BB pistols on the market.  Just as important is that they are of the proper size, function, and trigger pull to allow presentation, rapid fire, movement, and multiple target engagement.
You can set up a training range in your backyard if you have enough space for safe firing.  What matters is that these guns allow shooting for considerably less than live ammunition and give you some level of satisfaction that dry fire drills can’t give you.  Even laser training gets old after a while since no real projectiles leave the barrel.  With 6000 rounds costing less than $10 and Co2 cartridges going for 50 cents each you can enjoy an hour of shooting for less than 4.
My first try on this was with some of the reproduction bb guns like the Walther Copy.  It was an $80 gun with magazines that cost a fair amount and eventually after not too much use it failed.
One day at Wally World I came across a Daisy 15xt on sale for $20 and tried it.
At the time it seemed like a winner compared to what I had tried.  I went through almost half a dozen of these as they eventually failed usually due to gas leak problems.  With a 15 round capacity it gave you as many trigger pulls as your average 9mm full size pistol.  I averaged almost 100 rounds per Co2 though the last 15 rounds had to be fired at close range to the target.  It also fit in a number of holsters that I already had including the HKP30 Serpa.  It didn’t fit perfectly but it did work.  I even started using this gun to dry fire to avoid so much wear and tear on my real handguns.
One problem with the 15xt was that the trigger pull was stiff and the edges of the trigger were sharp so blisters became a problem.  I think daisy has phased out this model in favor of a newer one with some of the issues resolved.
The new Daisy Power Line 415 is a winner.  It fits an HKP30 holster perfectly and locks into a Serpa.  It has an upgraded capacity of 21 rounds.  The trigger is smooth and relatively light.  The sights have been changed on the front to fiber optic so it is easier to see.  I get around 100+ shots per Co2.

You can find the Daisy Power Line 415  BB pistols Online for less than $35 at this time. 
Be advised that eventually these guns do fail.  Either something will break or more likely you’ll get a Co2 leak.  Daisy has sent me extra seals when requested but sometimes the problem is the plunger that punctures the Co2 gets dull or bent and it can’t be fixed unless you’re a good mechanic or are willing to send it back to Daisy.  I have a stack of both the 15XT and the 415 that have failed, but in general I get many thousands of rounds through them before failure.  When that happens I just order another.    Maybe someday I’ll get around to repairing them.
In the last few years I went through 60,000 rounds using this approach at a cost of $100 ($10 per 6,000 rounds) for the BBs and $270 ($18 per 40) for 600 Co2 cartridges.  This is a total cost for BBs and Co2 cartridges of $370 plus six BB pistols as they failed.  Combined cost is around $600.
Compare that to firing a .22 nowadays at 10 cents per round.  Cost of 60k rounds is $6,000.
Shooting 9mm  at 20 cents per round for 60k rounds.  Cost $12,000.
Do you see the logic here.
Here are the advantages. 
One tenth the cost of shooting .22 ammo and one twentieth the cost of 9mm.
Draw and fire training.  Presentation etc.
Moving and firing that is much safer but realistic enough.
If you want to master the movements this is an inexpensive way to go.
In addition to all of that you have a cheap way to plink and have fun.
(Warning:  Always wear eye protection when shooting bb guns as well as firearms.  As for targets, if you use metal targets make sure that they are located in a safe area with enough distance to take into account ricochets.)

Practice Sessions

So here is the setup for easy loading so that when the bbs drop past the feeding hole on the pistol they are simply caught in the plastic tub.   A plastic container such as this old tennis ball can is better than the one the bbs come in.  You can pour them easily into your hand and when you accumulate enough in the tub it’s easy pour back in the can.

Have a tube of pellet gun oil to rub a dab at the top of every Co2 cartridge before you install it in the pistol.  It punctures easier, protects the gasket, and is easier to remove the Co2 when empty.

Notice the eye-guards.  Wear them every time you shoot.

I practice with two pistols and have two holsters on the same belt.  One at 3 O’clock and one at 5 O’clock.  You have more practice shots and train for draw and presentation from both locations.

4 Co2s will get you at least 400 shots, 400 trigger pulls.
Do that a few times a week and you’ll see incredible improvement in your shooting skills.

Happy shooting.

Range Time, Range Time, Not Gear

In any area requiring skill time spent training always outdistances money spent on gear.  This applies whether you are hitting a golf ball or shooting one at a hundred yards.  If you want to have the ability to hit small targets at large distances then a rifle capable of doing so is all you need to get started, but then the work begins.

Semi-Auto VS Bolt Action for precision shooting.

Read and Do!



Europe is on Fire and Martial Law is Coming

Europe is on Fire and Germany is half to blame.  The French and Euro Bureaucrats can take the other half.

This is a great essay by Mac Slavo at Shtfplan.com

The point is that Germany is expecting an ongoing flow of terror attacks and has notified citizens to get used to it.

With that will come a full police state outcome while still admitting more terrorists at the same time they ratchet up the controls on the law abiding populace.  A similar plan seems to be in operation in the USA, though the number of attacks hasn’t yet materialized.  But the chorus demanding more gun control and citizen control has already begun and in cases like the Orlando attack all arguments are against the gun rather than the madness of letting in a steady flow of future attackers.

Add to that the killings and crime by South of the Border NEW AMERICANS and we have a recipe for a police state in the making.

It seems like a well planned effort to most of us that pay attention.

Pandemic Update: Superbugs on the Horizon

They’re here.
And it’s only a matter of time until we are back in the pre-antibiotic dark ages.

The Slow Catastrophe unfolding.

More cases coming.

This spells doom for the medical community having control over outcomes.  Surgeries will become riskier.  Any open wound could mean death.  It sounds like the old days in before penicillin.  Likely it will be worse since there are many more people and many more diseases.

Let me off at Willoughby

This show is from my era and I’ll share it with you.  It was a Twilight Zone episode titled A Stop at Willoughby.

Put it right up there with Mayberry, another fictional place that reminds you of a life that could have been.

With the gathering storm ahead why not find your own version of Willoughby.  Find a small town where life is less anxious and money may not flow as much but neither is it the most important thing.


From 1960 the Video

Daily Motion 


How long is it still safe to eat cooked chicken left out?

I cooked some chicken on the barbecue last evening and brought it inside.  Worrying about flies or whatever I put it in the microwave temporarily to cool down while I ate the chicken for the evening while the remainder was for the next day.

TV on and doing other things I forgot it.  It sat in the microwave from 7pm to 1am.  It was room temperature, about 75 degrees for that time.

It really is hard for me to toss away expensive organic chicken so I thought I’d do an experiment for the sake of survival training.

First I looked online for guidelines.  2 hours is apparently the rule by the USDA for safe handling so it should go in the trash can.  But I’m not a restaurant and I am not asking anyone else to try it.  So what to do.

Lots of other people asked the same question and many said they had done the same with no problem up to 9 hours in some cases.  If if was covered it might be safer, maybe.

It was smoked on the barbie and we know that smoking all kinds of things has a preservative value of its own.  I put it in the fridge at 1 a.m.

9:30 am  next morning – I just popped a portion of it in the microwave and intend to give it a try.  Worst case If I see  any ill effects I’ll eat a Pepto tablet to help suck up the toxins.

I’ll let you know.  It is my breakfast   Meat? Yes, I know.  It is a habit.  I stay away from big carbs from breakfast.  Protein, fat, vegetables, and some carbs as a follow on.

9:45  YUMMY!!! I hope

Down it goes.

Noon:  No issues yet

Two PM.   No issues and I have more chicken yet since I split it up into smaller amounts.

2:30 I’m eating some more for lunch and this includes a drumstick along with a breast fillet.

3:15pm No problems yet.

10:00 pm No problems.

Next Day  No problems.

I suspect the smoked chicken gave it some more staying power than if I had just cooked it in the microwave.  For me this was enlightening in that tossing food is not necessarily required depending on the circumstances.  In this case barbecue smoked chicken does fairly well.

Disclaimer: I’m not food expert so I recommend you follow normal food safety rules and if you don’t then you do so at your own risk.

My point here is that in desperate circumstances I know I have more options for food lasting without refrigeration.  Still, I wouldn’t do this as a standard practice but consider it only under extraordinary circumstances.

Midwest AK Scope Mount

I’ve tried a number of different scope mounts for the AK and this is the best I’ve come across so far.   Here you see it mounted on an AK-74.

If you notice the low positioning over the cover it gives you perfect alignment.  This thing is solid.

The rail is excellent 1913 mil-spec.

It is adjustable but you need to read the directions.  It is not obvious as to how it works but it works easily once you know the trick that was easily explained in the instructions.

MI AK47/AK-74 Scope Mount  #MI-AKSM

Found at Midwest Industries around $109. as of 7/25/2016

Also found on Amazon.

Highly Recommend  ***** Top Notch

Germany Lost

If you wonder how it looks to see a country still going through the death rattle of multicultural suicide take a look at Germany and here are some links to confirm that finally now some of the  somnolent horde known as Das Volk are showing a fluttering of the eyes.

If you can imagine their minds considering and pondering this thought, “Can this be true, are we really being attacked by those loving guests and new Germans.”  Yes, oh yes.  It is coming dear friends in Socialist Paradise and Multicultural haven of diversity.

I expect to see what we haven’t seen in Europe in almost 70 years and isn’t good newsreel footage what we all live to see as long as we’re not part of the show.

German fear growing

Germany on Edge

Just hug the new arrivals and show that you care and they’ll think better of you and maybe not strap on or go on a truck joyride.

Ansbach, denied asylum seeker goes postal or whatever they call it in Europe. He was an ISIS guy.

He was setting off Diversity Fireworks.  Video of explanation.

Who needs a ticket when you’re out to punch your ticket.

He was just showing some good cheer to his hosts before the sendoff.

So, dear friends.  What does this mean for the rest of us.

Shut the borders and stop taking in future threats, but that won’t likely happen unless Mr. T wins.

Next, keep training.  Do whatever it takes to ramp up your skills in the area of firearms handling including home defense and concealed carry.

Finally, stay informed because simply knowing the threat and circumstances around you is an edge.  Remember, we live for information and the lack of it can be fatal on an individual basis as well as for a culture.  You are watching a culture die in Europe simply from the intentional disinformation indoctrination accomplished over the past 50 years.

Repeat after me.  Diversity is our Strength.

Guns and Living Safely

Buy more guns and live with more safety.
Get a gun and train and always carry.  That is the message of this article and it proves again that relying on protectors other than yourself is a foolish proposition.

Officer shoots due to presence of a gun.
Let’s see how an investigation proves out what this article claims.  Any cop now has to know that an unjustified shooting is a very dangerous thing to do when it comes to their own freedom.