USA Collapse Update: Economy Media Lies-Indicators, Zika USA, Diseases

Media Lies about the economy

This is why having cash in place while reducing exposure to Real Estate debt probably makes sense.  The lies about the economy in the MSM, (Mainstream Media), are so obvious now, especially employment.

Zika USA 

Eradicated Diseases back in USA 

Refugees rape young girl 

Active TB cases released into Idaho and other places

Fred Calls it like it is on Hussein Obama and Societal Madness

Check out Fred
Not only is his writing superb and easy to read, but his logic is the closest thing you can find to a diamond bullet to the forehead up past the Do Lung BridgeColonel Kurtz would admire the perfect clarity of this essay. 

He lights up the Prezzie for his predilection toward racism and Islamic leanings.   Any observer can see these things but it takes Fred to put it perfectly on paper. 

If you want to see things as they actually are regarding multiculturalism, Islamic Jihad, and a deceitful President then read the essay by Fred.

This should tell you how close we are to a police state, civil insurrection, civil war, and collapse.

Orlando: Pretext for gun confiscation

DHS wants gun control.  Drudge says “you go first Brah.”
Right on Drudge.  The Big Gov types have only one purpose to disarmament and that is control.

Watch List.  A tool for confiscation and control.  
The same old tired song is playing again and now more idiot Republicrats are making noises about restrictions on gun ownership but of course they don’t want to hear about immigration restrictions.  Insanity.

More threats from ISIS. San Diego

AR-15s flying off shelves.  M-4 style variants are a more accurate description.

Gays going for guns.
Maybe this is the realization from them that the Democrat open borders crowd that thinks bringing in alien cultures might mean long term annihilation.  Just look at most of the countries in the Middle East where homosexuals are either tormented or executed.

Outcome:  Maybe nothing will come about this time in the form of gun control but with executive actions and no Republicrat resistance there will likely be more groups who cannot own firearms simply for being on the wrong list even if the list has no basis for protecting us.

Actions you should take now:  If you are armed already, well then make sure that you add to your ammunition since limits on availability can happen any day and almost overnight as experience proves.

Buy a .22
If you don’t have at least one handgun, shotgun, and a rifle then try to fill out your collection before availability and cost become an issue.  As an added point, I’d suggest getting a .22 pistol and carbine of some kind.  Though .22 is much more expensive than it used to be it is still less than half the price of the next inexpensive round. 9mm.

Consolidate on 9mm
You can always just go with 9mm on everything both in carbines and handguns and standardize on whatever uses Glock 9mm magazines.  Kel-tec makes a Glock Mag version so you can acquire a carbine.  If you go with a Glock 19 or 17 you can limit your logistical considerations down to just a few accessories and purchase magazines in quantity.   33 round Glock Magazines

Shotguns can wait
Shotguns should be available long after other items drop off the list along with 12 or 20 gauge based on recent history.

Web gear and Leather
You can always buy holsters and web gear or make do, but finding arms and ammunition may become a big problem.  Solve the difficult issues first and fill in this category over time.

BTW- Add training to your list since even training may someday become difficult politically or financially.  Learn to use your weapons while you can do so in peace.  OJT (on the job training), is no way to go when it comes to this critical skill and usually results in losing.  Losing in this case means annihilation so train for your life.

Meanwhile:  Obama imports 1 million Muslims during his presidency.

Border Collapse

51% of Muslims want Sharia Law in USA

Islamic Speaker:  Killing gays is a moderate  belief

What is there to say if you’re an American whether straight, gay, or anywhere along the way I suggest learning to protect yourself from what is clearly coming.  Look to Europe as the object lesson on this madness.

Privacy: Invasion USA

Feds want full and warrant free access to medical records.
The war on drugs continues and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are going away.    This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Internet searches will probably down the road get you looked at for tax audits, gun purchase denials, and whatever else the government can justify.  Freedom is disappearing.

America at War: Invasion USA

Massive upsurge of illegals flooding into the USA.
This is war by any other name when you have an ongoing infiltration and eventual subsuming of the host culture.

Record Gun Sales
Lots of citizens know it’s coming.  Gun sale shutdowns in the event of full scale or even partial insurrection are on the table no matter whom is Prezy. 

China Invasion
Huge increase of Chinese Nationals illegally entering the USA through San Diego among many other places.  Among these you can be sure are agents with orders to infiltration and be ready.  Sounds paranoid except for the reality that we are in the midst of a struggle for dominance in Asia and what better way to neutralize our capability than to have a large number of foreign agents on the ground here in the USA to cause havoc when the time is right.   Given an amnesty, many of these agents will have credentials to sit in place and develop critical infrastructure access through jobs and business.

Bilderberg plan to manage the USA election
They prefer the wife of the serial predator to Trump.  Understandable, since he is an unknown and seems to be all about ruining their plans for disruption of alien invasion schemes and world government.

Paranoia on the increase in USA.
I have known people that are close to this phase of paranoia but I also know many who are level headed types that won’t talk on the phone about many subjects because they assume we are being recorded and later might have those conversations used against us.  I tend not to worry about such things, but admit that the daily news coming out on privacy and governmental intrusion makes a good case for some level of paranoia.  The daily news can’t be helping marginal individuals.

Movie Review: Contagion (2011)

The movie from 2011
 Image result for contagion movie images

This is a well done movie with some realistic outcomes.  When a lethal pandemic strikes, the government overreacts in some areas and the usual human selfish motives start appearing.  A chief medical officer  of the CDC warns his wife first and try to get out of Chicago and of course she tells others so the rumors spread.  Riots and food shortages begin and battles to get perceived cures and vaccines cause mass panic.

There are millions of casualties worldwide but in this instance a vaccine is found so a happy ending is predicted.

Reality:  We may not  be able to create a timely vaccine if something like this comes along.  What will you do if we have something equivalent to this?

Physical separation from others is the only safe answer.  To accomplish this you need a home that ideally is physically separate as well.  This means one that doesn’t have the possibility of air infiltration from an adjoining home.  Food shopping is not advisable and may not even be possible so would you want to rely on MRE handouts from the government if available.  Lay aside lots of food.

At the end of the movie and at different points you get replays of the vectors that may have caused and spread the disease.

Highly recommended for survival preparation ideas since there are some plausible scenarios in this movie.

Watch the trailer  Contagion

Alien: The Sequel Where The Home Country is Lost

The Flood Continues
How  you not notice wherever you travel that the country is becoming host to a flood of both legal and illegal aliens.  Just the other day I saw  eight middle eastern men dressed in what was probably government issued suits walking in a tight group down the side of a major road in Delaware.  They were surveying the area I suppose to see what was around in their new home.

Everywhere else I go including anywhere along the East Coast you will sense the change pouring across the landscape as the citizens are forced to accommodate many many new arrivals.

The normal rules of law don’t apply to these guests if you want to call them that.  Fake ID is no problem for them, but you and I do that and you can expect legal fees and possible jail time.  Don’t bother with filing taxes and see how long before you get scooped up in that net too.

2 Christians, 1037 Syrians
Shouldn’t this be reversed simply to maintain some stability and continuity in this country.

Death Rate up in USA first time in a decade
Stress on the medical system has to be a factor.

Only a dozen inspectors defending against Zika in Miami
Bring more in, more in, we can’t get enough risk.  We need more.

A sampling of the disgust against the madness of open borders.