Survival Vehicles

The Nissan Armada SUV,  Chevy Suburban, or Toyota Sequoia.

  None are a first choice.  (Think Fuel Consumption)

While on paper the Armada was a great vehicle I did find it unfit for serious off road excursions due to ground clearance relative to the lumbering length of it which should have been better used in a pick-up.  The upside is that Armadas can be found a lot cheaper than a used pick-up truck  and their towing capacity is outstanding.  The people hauling and junk jamming space inside the vehicle is amazing, but gas mileage is low, very low like around 14-15 mpg.  Crummy gas mileage is a big problem in possible shortage situations so a monster machine may end up leaving you half the way to your destination which of course is a total failure of the mission, that being survival.

I presented this oversized bug-out vehicle as just an example.  I found one with 180k miles on it that still ran well for less than $6000 and it passed all safety inspections.  For a serious Mad Max machine this one was disposable at that price.   Imagine having a machine you could ditch and not grieve over it for the rest of your life.  Still, I doubt that I’d recommend it or most other large sports utility vehicles over a pick-up truck unless you have lots of people to haul, and not just stuff and maybe a trailer.  There are many other ones out there that can suit the purpose and if you don’t need one for daily use I’d consider finding a second had vehicle that can get you there safely.  Eventually I replaced this vehicle with a more nimble and economical transport.  Big and bad is good, but not good enough.

What is the ideal

What vehicle falls into the category of ideal for survival?  Of course it depends on your needs such as where you will drive, off-road or in the city.  My own feeling is that if you want a survival vehicle for the city you might invest in some good running shoes or a dirt bike.  The roads may be blocked.

Now let’s get to the real category of what you might need to ride out the apocalypse.  I have a system of thought on this and it piggybacks on the resale value concept.  In my view any vehicle that has such a reliability and functionality reputation to gain high resale values is one that I will seriously consider for the post collapse vehicle.  The market has proven its worth aside from the on paper technical aspects of the vehicle.  A big part of the resale value is reliability and that is the absolute most essential element in a post collapse vehicle. 

Here is a list of the top 10 in resale values for 2015.

You might notice that the majority are trucks.  Surprise, Surprise!!

Little Sedans have their place.

Still, you may not need a truck and it seems that the resale value of trucks must have as much to do with market demand as actual perceived quality and reliability so I wouldn’t rule out some other approach.  For instance, even a little Toyota Tercel FWD 1500cc used to get me in and out of a mountainous back road retreat.  It gave me 36 mpg and the vehicle only cost me $2500 when I bought it used.   It also served well as a city machine that wasn’t worth stealing, breaking into, or hijacking.  I used it to get in and out of D.C. and Baltimore for years and parking with it was a dream when in the city.  If you pared down your needs to food, water filters, one or two firearms and two sets of clothing, a tent, and a sleeping bag along with some basic things like flashlights you might be able to justify such a nondescript and nonthreatening little people mover.  I’d put it well above a motorcycle for utility since it can haul much more and if you really wanted to get serious you could use a winch to get you through most tight spots.  Pushing it or digging it out is also easy compared to some of these monster machines.  As usual, Toyota reliability makes it tough to kill.

Think Pick-up Trucks

Pick-up trucks are the most versatile vehicle out there for bad times of any kind.  Whether you have to get all your transportable worldly possessions in the bed under a cap or you need to tow a trailer it is hard to beat a truck for utility.

I’ve owned Nissan compact trucks, a couple of them, and also some Toyota mid-size trucks, and a Ford F250 in the past.  You could even say I was a Ford Guy simply based on my long term purchase of many types of Ford sedans, Vans, and of course an F series truck.  One conclusion I came to was that for least amount of time in the shop I had to consider the Nissan and Toyota vehicles the most reliable and trouble free.  My experience is borne out by most surveys and also by market resale prices as you’ll see on the list I linked to above.

Toyota Tacoma

If you don’t need to tow big numbers and don’t need a full size truck bed the Toyota Tacoma has taken the top spot in resale value and reliability in the small to mid-size truck category and you couldn’t go wrong with it since resale is so easy.  The one issue I don’t like about it is the seating that is low to the floor giving you a semi-reclining driving position similar to a sports car.  You can always add cushions I suppose but this makes it less desirable for long distance driving.  Around town there is nothing like having a truck of this size when it comes to maneuverability.

That is why I recommend the Tacoma as the primary choice.  It has the proven history of a machine that has been used in desert warfare successfully.   As a work truck but for its size it has no equal in terms of reliability.  It is a size that can be managed in tight trails where a larger vehicle must stop.  It can tow a sizeable load in addition to a full bed.  All in all, it is one superb vehicle.  Expect to get at least 200k miles out of one.  They keep going and going with few problems.

 SUV Options – Honda – Toyota

 If you want an SUV and want to stay small then a Toyota RAV4, or 4Runner might do the job, and another top ten choice is the Honda CR-V.  Though the RAV4 was not on the top ten list I know from experience it is a great vehicle and has solid resale value.  I got a regular average of 25mpg with a 4 cylinder 2.5 liter 4wd version.  It handles well in every environment I could task it with including mountain trails, snow, mud, desert sand, and gullies.

EMP Considerations

If you have an older vehicle and especially if is is old enough to not be filled with electronics and black boxes then I’d consider keeping it and rebuilding it.

Here is a good article on this subject of making an old vehicle your survival vehicle.

Top 10 EMP proof survival vehicles.

Trucks, SUV, and Vans are the biggest sellers in the USA.
This also means that resale value should be higher if you need to get rid of your vehicle.

Collapse: The Event Horizon is in view

How to read the Tea Leaves – This is Doomer Stuff

Planned Catastrophic Events

The elements are in place for a Black Swan event.  We have stretched out the recession by endless low or no cost money added to the money supply so that stocks are soaring, though this is now predictably becoming erratic in preparation for a rout that has become mainstream so you can expect it soon enough.  When, who knows, and if I did I’d have a huge pile of money instead of a moderate amount I worry about disappearing into the steam of a bank bail in if we have a Greek Style money event.  But I ramble on.  We’ve all heard this before and who knows for sure what is ahead.  One thing you can absolutely count on is that your money if you have any will be worth less next year than it was this year since inflation is ongoing and hidden from view unless of course you buy food, vehicles, energy, and anything that requires labor to create or accomplish.

Crime, Bio-war, and Terrorism

You can’t make this stuff up and don’t need to since it is right in your face.  We have an Administration that has opened the floodgates for anyone anywhere in the world who can make it here any way they can is likely to be able to stay and collect benefits.  Were that the only problem associated with open borders, well we might be able to cope with it at least temporarily until we wait out the vermin in charge of this disaster.

Crescent Moon on Ascendance

Unfortunately there are many other nightmares to consider that are part of this unfolding that include many terror cells that are welcoming new recruits fresh in from the battlefields of the Middle East pouring in as refugees.  While the Crescent Moon Presidency welcomes in Muslims from around the world persecuted Christians are given no consideration at all, regardless of color.

Criminals are Welcome

Drug gangs and cartels have a free run across the border right now so murder and risk of murder is up.  If you release captured illegal alien criminals back into the population just to ramp up the stress levels in society then you know the plan doesn’t include your safety.  One big outcome of this is that when the crime levels get out of control it stands to reason that the police will be expected to become much more aggressive and the Feds have just the thing as they Federalize most police agencies.

The Masque of the Red Death Part Deux

As part of this menagerie of misery we are heaping upon ourselves comes TB, Zika, Ebola and a wild assortment of other deadly diseases.  One can only hope that the Washington elites get their own share of this pestilence while those of us out here beyond the pit of the Washington Beltway (Mordor,) sit here in anger and amazement at the shortsighted madness these fools are committing.

Death Comes A Calling – Terrorism

If you need a pretext to justify total control over a society what better way than to import insane believers of a creed that thinks beheading, rape, and deceit are all fine ways to live.  Once you have these dangerous elements in your country you of course will have counter reprisals from citizens and this will justify attacking and controlling the citizenry more so than even the original offenders, the terrorists.  If you need an example of this just look at Germany where so called Ultra right wing groups  are attacked by the police and they are classified at extremists simply because they like the country the way it was before bringing in monsters that hate everything Germany stands for but said monsters want the free stuff. 

 (notice there are never ultra left wing groups according to the media, itself an ultra left wing group)

We are seeing many moves in this direction where criminalizing political speech is current around the world, and is becoming an issue here in the USA.  The ultra left is working on it.   When the first American city goes up in flames through riots or a nuclear event that will be all the Federal forces need to drop the hammer on freedom of movement and all other things we are used to believing is normal.  All of this is courtesy of open borders and multiculturalism brought to you by our media masters in charge and the ultra left intent on destroying the USA.

Recommended Response:  I’ll give you my usual set of tips which you will probably find on many Prepper and Survival sites under different names and order.  

Here they are, the 4 Gs.

Guns – hardware and ammo.
Groceries – Food and Water.
Geography – Where you live.
Gold – cash, silver, and of course Gold.

Sign of the Times: Military Drills in Anytown USA, Zuck Bunker, Yahoowl, Dog Meat Festival

Military drills scare residents
What is the excuse for not notifying residents?  It seems they are preparing us for seeing this as normal.

Zuck building bunker
Add that to the escape plan to Switzerland.  Likely it is built in case he can’t bug out in time.

Yahoo on the Cross
The end of another Far left media company seems inevitable.  Most discerning users dumped them when news feeds became propaganda for the Progressive/Socialist groups and burning issues.

Dog Meat Festival in China
How can the left equate a culture that enjoys dog meat with Western values.  Only delusional ones.  This is the sliding scale of acceptance that will eventually bring all sorts of madness to our shores.

Thousands bring Zika virus to USA
Our leaders happily expose us to deadly illnesses to further their goals of disenfranchisement of the dominant culture.  The middle class is almost done.

Illegal alien gangs murder near ICE headquarters
At least they were nearby for processing or maybe they had already been released onto American streets to commit mayhem courtesy of the Executive branch.

Landlord sued for asking for valid documents
Another American learns the hard way that he has no rights compared to non-citizens.

Anti American Protesters attack Trump supporters
Mexican flags and violent protests tell you everything you need to know.  These people who do this are invaders and should be removed from the country.  If these are citizens they should be arrested for violating the civil rights of Trump supporters but under this regime nothing will happen.

Home Defense Update: Gun Concealment Furniture

Gun Concealment Furniture
This is a great idea and doesn’t require purchasing a specialty made piece of furniture if you are willing to make your own modifications.  A false wall panel or a space under cabinets can often supplement your weapon storage space and have the additional benefit of immediate access versus a safe.

Strange Bug Invasion a sign of the times

Strange bugs that cannot be exterminated
Likely these hitched a ride along with some other invasive species that crosses the border regularly.

It will only get worse as borders fall and rules drop away.

What to do:  Consider living on acreage far from others or just rent so you never have to worry about losing your whole investment in a home to something as crazy as this.  The only thing worse is a new low income housing complex built in your neighborhood or sinkholes.  Property values plummet and quality of life is zilch.

As the Balloon Goes up in Europe: Brussels is the first of many to feel the pain

Mistrust festers in Belgium after attacks
Big surprise here right.  You import a culture that is bent on domination or destruction.  No wait, that is the opinion of those extremists that were born in Europe and are of European ancestry and they must be silenced since there is no proof that Islam cannot peacefully coexist with other cultures.  No proof at all.  Except of course about 1200 years of ongoing struggle between it and all the other religions and the only thing containing it was geography and the willingness of the other cultures to fight it.  Now that they have invited anyone in that wants to show up they are getting their education on the failures of multiculturalism.   I still like Brussels sprouts but for the rest of it, I’ll leave them to their own self determined fate, one which does not appear as appetizing as the vegetable they are famous for if nothing else.

Pandemic Update: Superbugs

Kills every 3 seconds by 2050
There may be an advantage to being a baby boomer.  By the time 2050 rolls around there won’t be many of them left.  As for the rest, just keep the borders open and work toward a truly magnificent breakdown of Western Societies so some minor detail like this won’t mean much since the iron age will be more in line with lifestyles anyway.

Global plan for antimicrobials needed.
Good luck with that plan.  File that along with nuclear weapons proliferation bans and efforts to stop the spread of Islamic radicalism. 

Collapse News: Inflation, Families Struggle, Texas Gold, China Nukes, Homesteading

The Fed lies about inflation and finally comes clean.
The game may be up soon.

Average family would struggle to spend 1k on an emergency. 
No surprise.  Many are struggling and living week to week.

Chinese Nuke Subs to patrol the seas.
This is another benefit of the Clinton years where nuke sub technology was given away for donations.

China Wants War with USA
They are getting big for their britches and are expending a tremendous amount of effort at growing their military strength.  Also, because we have a foreign operative running our country and a likely coward any conflict or risk of one would likely go against us.   With the current makeup of our government we may go down to multiple adversaries that include Russia, China, Iran, and whomever else wants to take advantage of our current weakness.  They all smell the blood in the water.

Texas Gold Depository
Here is another sign that confidence in the Feds is waning.  Texas would rather have the gold within its borders than in some NY bank.

Homesteading Video
Something to do while you wait for fallout or scoops to arrive.