Chinawar: Nukes can reach USA

New missile test for multiple warhead delivery.
This is all possible thanks to guidance help from the Clinton Admin. over 20 years ago.  You will never hear it in the news, but check it out.

The sellout.

The Cox Report

So if the bodies ever pile up in ash heaps on the West Coast from a Chinese missile attack the survivors can thank a perv nicknamed Slick Willie who they probably voted for since it is of course the left coast.  You see these things don’t happen in a vacuum or by accident.  Someone jump started missile technology in China just like some caliphate leaning Prez just gave over a hundred billion to one of the worst terror supporting countries on the planet so they can get nukes.

What to do for your own personal survival.

The old joke was to bend over grab your knees and kiss you hind parts goodbye.  Not much has changed.  If you build a fallout shelter the problem will be to get there in time.  Likely the most important thing is to live where they won’t target.  Think Arkansas or Tennessee or at least parts of Tennessee.  If you’re in Maryland you’re screwed along with Northern Virginia because there is nothing but military bases and defense contracting supporting the whole economies there and you can bet the Chin know this.

The simple answer is to live your life for today and hope for the best.  We have nothing but fools, deceitful crooks, and snakes in charge of defending the country at this point and the military is under attack from the enemies from within.  There is no way of voting your way out of this or fixing it in my opinion.  Try, but live for today.

Western Civilization is Doomed according to Buchannan

Whether Tump wins of loses Buchannan says the West is Doomed.
No kidding.  The evidence is all around you.

Muslims will outnumber Christians in Europe.

What can you do about it.  Vote to clear your conscience but focus on training such as self defense, and have yourself firewalled off from the economic system as much as possible.

Beyond that, take time to smell the roses or in the previous modern usage, party on dude.  Current street lingo might include get loose.   When things get sporty down the road you might not have the luxury of ever getting loose again.

The world is doomed.
Ha hahahhahaha, I read this every day on survival sites and now in the mainstream media.  Just to be realistic. 

A meteorite hit is something you can’t worry about.  It either gets you or it doesn’t. 

Climate change is naturally occurring and if man has any influence it may even help his survival.  For instance an ice age from global cooling might cause mass die offs due to lack of food while a warmer planet could grow more food as CO2 helps green the planet.  If you’re worried about it just stock up on sunscreen or winter clothes depending on your view on which way things are headed.

Pandemics are inevitable and probably a result of nature going for a correction on overpopulation.   Stay healthy and find work at home if it really worries you.  Also, a remote home might help.

A rise of the machines that kill us all is one for the movies for now.  But, I can see where machines might get tired of those pain in the rear humans that take advantage of them.  As for having no conscience or humanity I think there is plenty of that available within the human sphere.    Take some computer courses and learn how to shoot a shotgun with slugs.  For now that may take out most robots that get too big for their britches or should I say memory board.

Volcanoes are just part of the scenery.  If you pick to live away from known volcanoes then you just increase your risk of dying from the nuclear winter that comes from the ash blocking out the sun.  Wouldn’t it just be better to die from the blast.  Just saying.

Recommendation:  Eat dessert First and take that vacation you always wanted.  Life is short.

Americans Come Last in America

Student  Begs for Tuition
She’s an American with a solid GPA and has worked regularly and yet she must beg to find assistance for attending college.  Meanwhile, if you show up here illegally you’ll end up getting free everything.  Is it any wonder people are angry.

Aberdeen South Dakota may become a direct resettlement site for refugees.
Give this five years and you’ll start hearing about the disaster and destruction of a town courtesy of the U.S. Government.  It is happening all over America.  Americans come last.

Pandemic Update: Superlice Salons, Yellow Fever, Super Gonorrhea

Superlice goes mainstream enough to start Salons for those infected
We didn’t have these issues until the unrestrained flood of third world migrants brought along their diseases.  Gird yourself for many more nightmare benefits.

Yellow Fever outbreak Threatens the World according to WHO
Think air travel, think no border controls, and think non-priority of protecting Americans.

Gonorrhea outbreak in UK untreatable soon
Maybe we can’t blame this one on open borders, but it can be blamed on collapsing moral values and accompanying behavior.

Elizabethkingia Bacteria – more good fun.
Illinois, ahhh the site of many new Americans freshly arrived.  Any connection?

Zika threatens 2 billion. 

Birth Defects increasing:  Whites at higher risk for gastro malformation in infants.  
This has to be environmental. 

Problem:  Our country is under assault where the former safe and healthy environment is going back to a state of nature.  The system of straining and lives don’t matter to those in charge.

Solution:   Get out of high density population centers.  Rural is better.  Remote is even better for these particular problems but the downside of remoteness when it comes to availability of medical care and services suggests taking a middle ground approach.  Go rural, but not remote.

How to destroy your life and business by computer

One line of code ended a man’s business.
This is a teachable moment.  All of his back-ups were connected full time rather than making some periodic firewall backups that were distinct, separate, and physically disconnected from his system.  Had he done this and put them in a safe physical location it is possible he would have only lost a day of data, but not the whole thing. 

What to learn.  Even if you have real time ongoing backups and remote backups you should have a periodic, even weekly or monthly, a periodic backup that is connected and disconnected and put in a safe place.  If you’re not willing to do that then the risk of total loss of data is in your future, especially if your system is hacked.

Police State Update: Citizen Journalist Raided

DJ raids film maker and journalist home
Do some investigative journalism that doesn’t comport with the political view of those in power and you face prosecution.  If you don’t believe this is happening then you really aren’t paying attention.  Ask the guy named Dinesh who made the film on our president as well.  He spent time in jail that no one else in the political world would have faced. 

Government on the road to collapse: Rigged Elections, broken dollar

RNC changing convention rules
Even kids know that if you change the rules of a contest once it has begun the game is rigged.

She accuses her rival of rigging NY election
Hypocrisy or Irony, you decide.  Either way, so far the rigging of the primary has benefited the overall loser in the actual votes to the point where she is close to cinching the win.

Super PAC big money funding delegate theft plan
Can you spell Oligarchy?

The Year Americans found out their elections are rigged. 
No hiding it anymore.  Some of us already knew our party choices were a scam.  The national elections have been stolen a number of times recently with illegals voting and other shenanigans.

Thought of the day!  If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it.

Broken Dollar may be coming with Gold Back Yuan
This is just another step in dethroning the Dollar.

37 events that signal  death to the Petrodollar
Who knows for sure, but make sure you protect yourself as best as you can.  Buy Gold, Silver, Lead, Food, and Water filtration.