Invasion Watch: Welcome to Amerika

West Side Story
The updated version should be left side story where the left has nothing good to say about Americans and that we should have open borders and give out free stuff, most of which we already have in place.  We are actively replacing productive citizens with free loaders and anti-Americans.

 Take a peek at Europe if you want to see what comes next.

Health: Your biggest survival tool: Digestion, Protecting Your Heart

If you don’t have your health in the event of hard times your personal challenges will be more difficult than most.  Here are some ideas for maintaining your health in peak form.

Digestion and the leaky gut syndrome
Eating well nowadays is more difficult if you eat out or stay with prepared foods.  Supplements are a big advantage and this approach to maintaining your digestion.  If your stomach shuts down you’ll soon see how it can make life difficult.

Good bacteria in the gut helps fight cancer
This adds more good news to maintaining digestive health.

Heart Disease: How to avoid standard medical treatments that can kill you.
Take some steps now such as exercise and diet to improve your odds.

Water can kill you  as the disease found in water in the Midwest demonstrates.  Water filtration is a safe way to take in the most second important thing in life other than the air we breathe.

Check into a hotel and risk your life.  
The days of safety in travel are over and if you think the experts really care about your health you are sadly mistaken.  Here a family is facing extinction simply because of the use of a deadly pesticide that has been known to be toxic and lethal for many years.  I think I’d rather sleep in a tent and cope with the bugs and elements.

Police State Update: Dog names on terror list, Wrong House, Watch what you tweet,

Watch how you name your dog.
Even a name can get you in trouble if it sounds like a terrorist name or one that falls on the list.  Meanwhile, we keep the borders open as citizens are forced to walk a tighter and tighter path to avoid trouble.

Wrong House
Stuff Happens!!  When it happens to innocent citizens it is not just a mistake it’s a tragedy.

Police Visit after Tweet
Just making a comment that appears to notice problems with immigrants is enough to get you a police visit in Holland.

Mass Surveillance online silences dissent
The idea that there may be a cost of voicing minority opinions online is now proven though I know for myself that it has caused me to temper my stated views in online comment sections to the point it became pointless to even make comments..  Why would I do that?  How about five years down the road an opinion that once meant only disapproval could retroactively be used to take away your gun rights, travel rights as in a no-fly-list designation.    I also noticed that many of my comments were being blocked or altered.  In some cases the website blocked further comments and therefore had silenced me and sanitized their comment section. My only retribution was to stop reading their worthless pages and depriving them of ad revenue and page views.  The left or should I say the extreme or ultra left which is never described that way in the media is quite comfortable with stifling opinion and silencing opposition.

Europe: The WAR is ON

They knew it was coming, these attacks. Yet the leaders of Europe still persist in demanding open borders to refugees from everywhere.

Europe is still in denial except for some of the Eastern Bloc countries like Hungary and Poland, and Putin points out the obvious when it comes to borders and protecting a country from these kind of atrocities.

To all my friends and family in Europe. I wish you well and share your sorrow as much for the loss of your homelands as for the deaths of these innocents at the hands of invaders.

EMP Risk: Iran and North Korea added to China and Russia threat

EMP strike plan by Iran
Flush with a hundred and fifty billion in cash they can now work on more ways to destroy their enemy, the great Satan, the USA.  Get your plans in order to survive an EMP attack on the grid.

North Korea has 2 satellites suspected of EMP capability over the USA.
This is a good piece of news since the North Koreans have proven they are unstable.
EMP Goes Mainstream
This is a good article with some solid explanations. 

The politics of the left: Delusion and Deceit

Bern Threatens the Law
You now have potential, though not very likely, Presidents threatening law enforcement for doing their job.  We have nothing but criminals in power who will pander to those who have already broken out laws by coming here illegally.  The left has no concern for the damage of unending immigration, legal and illegal, but would rather put citizens in jail for thought crimes, speech crimes, and environmental crimes such as denying climate change.  We have reached the time where those drunk with power see no limit to their rights of action against citizens.  Most of us just want to be left alone and this is getting less and less possible.

US tells Britain to stay in EU
It works better in controlling your allies if you can manage them through a dictatorial committee out of Brussels. The left here in the USA wants to accomplish the same by holding the presidency of the USA and congress forever.  Add to that the desire to submit it to UN dictates and you’ll see the globalist stamp on every action of our current administration.

North Korea threatens to Annihilate Manhattan
So the left soft pedals the idea that there are really bad people out there except for opponents of their political schemes right here in the USA.  Worse yet, they ignore the risks caused by their past actions of appeasement.  For the record, the nuke capability owned by North Korea is a direct result of the Bill Clinton Presidency.  If an American city someday glows because of a North Korean nuke you can thank him and Jimmy Carter.

Pre-and-post Collapse reading list: Hemingway

Hemingway library
I like the idea of matching his library even if it is in digital form on a Kindle.  Print is safer if we face an EMP attack but whatever it takes to give you the means of entertainment and intellectual stimulation if things get sporty and few options exist.  Reading these titles now will give you some great insight into a culture we are losing.  Getting audio copies of these books on CD or MP3 might also be a nice addition to your collection.  Whatever it takes to read even if by the oral tradition you read a book that is read to you, it is better than not reading at all.  Audio can save your eyes.

Another book I will recommend as a history primer.

Paul Revere’s Ride
By David Hackett Fischer

It will open your eyes to what really happened at Lexington and Concord.

Invasion Watch: Mosquito a new form of migrant, Australia selling out food security, Americans killed by migrants

Radiation Detectors are now part of false show of border protection.
Game wardens have now begun carrying rad detectors since the risk of smuggling nuclear materials into the country has increased with the volume of invaders.  My question is why bother since the purpose of open borders is to allow any and all things to get here including disease, murderous criminals, terrorists, drugs, and lethal weaponry.  I think this is more to protect the wardens and not society at large.  There is essentially no effort to protect Americans.

Mosquito / Migrant Invasion matching spread of disease.
We have a matching flow of migrants and mosquito diseases spreading across the country.  Both the mosquito and migrants carry many of the diseases that are now infecting Americans and killing American children.  

The cross transfer of disease from human carriers and the further spread of the Asian Tiger Mosquito has moved the clock back on mosquito control.

Media propaganda:  Notice that the article attempts to support the climate change mantra of the left as part of the reason this is occurring.  At the same time, there is no mention of controlling our borders to human disease carriers like we once did, pre-1965.

Cultural Breakdown in California
The outcome will be a third world California and if allowed to happen across the country then a national decline that appears to be in progress.

Australian Farm Sellout: 
Food Security in Australia is taking second place to high level economic interest among the elites.  Much as it is happening here in the USA Chinese investors are protecting the huge cash earnings from trade and currency manipulations by exchanging it for hard assets in the form of Real Estate and food production.  This is clearly a project of gaining control of food supplies to fuel the further security of China at the expense of Australia.

The Killer Invasion
Get drunk, kill an American, and skip bail.  This will never make the national news in the way a story about someone offending an illegal might.  Protect yourself as best you can, but what can you do with the random danger of a drunken illegal who knows that disappearing is a simple task.

Somalia Youths in USA paid not to join ISIS
The real question is ,why are they here in the first place.  Meanwhile, getting any assistance from the government for Americans gets harder every day.  Ask Veterans hoping for assistance from the VA about that.

Illegal Slaughters 5
Twice not deported before atrocity.  Now we can put him up for decades if convicted.

Murders by released illegals

Healthy Eating Not So Healthy

Organic food may kill you.
Simply put, what good is healthy food if it has a propensity to be deadly.

Here are my rules.

#1 is to always scrub the food you eat in clean water.  That is problematic with sprouts so as a rule unless I grow the sprouts I won’t eat them.

#2 is to cook food to kill bacteria.  They say it makes the food less healthy, but to paraphrase/quote Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales, “Dyin ain’t much of a livin.”

#3 Never eat out, but if you do make sure it is cooked food, not raw.

These are my rules and I stick by them and so far for the past 20 years I have avoided getting food poisoning of any kind worth mentioning.

As a standard rule I recommend keeping a bottle of Pepto whose main ingredient is bismuth subsalicylate.    Generic brands work well too and the moment I suspect the food I put in my mouth and swallowed is not right I go for the Pepto.  This might save you from many hours of misery and even a trip to the emergency room.