Alien Invasion Benefits: Super Lice

EU loses track of 130,000
How is this not dangerous to a civil society.

Bunkers are the new Bling for Rich.
Why do they need them.  Think Collapse, disease, and violence.

Super Lice
Thank you Feds for bringing in so many wonderful things along with the ongoing human invasion.  This will be a nice thing to experience and pay for.  Add this to Ebola, Zika, Super TB, and a long list of other great benefits of large movements of untested and untreated migrants and refugees.

Gunfire on the Border
Thank you for bringing all of the wonders of cultural enhancement to the USA borders.  Good argument for a WALL.

Dead Americans
Their families vow to fight amnesty candidates.

Zika to infect 1 in 5 Puerto Ricans
All of them are legally able to live in the USA.

150 Year sentence for fine young immigrant
Another example of the wonderful benefits of uncontrolled immigration.

The Flood continues
The invasion of the USA prompted by its President.

Collapse Update: Spring Invasion EU, Scalia Autopsy, Knockout Game Daily

Spring Invasion EU
It begins again in the spring and the broken sense of survival of the EU countries will be demonstrated again as they attack their own indigenous population who complain in order to protect the invaders. 

Scalia Autopsy – Oh wait, there wasn’t one.  Surprise, surprise!!! Not
Scalia Death with No Autopsy Questioned
No kidding, and why would that be?  Maybe because the timing for the task is perfect to serve the interests of the left that has proven itself capable of anything including mass murder much less the erasure of one irritant in a black robe.  To paraphrase WRSA, “It is what you think it is.”
Kill one Terrify thousands. “The new normal”

Knockout Game
The ongoing race war continues without a peep in the media.  Protect yourself and use your peripheral vision.  Just saying.
Photo of the victim.

American Decline: Command and Control Economy, Democrats favor Socialism

Decline in Economic Freedom paired with Obama
Vote for what you want.  Millennials have been suckled on the milk of socialism and big government throughout their schooling and the result is to vote for more BIG.GOV.  In this case it is to support the most virulent and extreme President from the left the country has ever seen.  The results are in and it isn’t good for anyone who works other than government employees.  Small business owners are on the short list too. 

42% of Democrats in favor of Socialism 
The efforts of the left to infect education has accomplished the task and destroyed a once great and unique culture that favored individual effort and the accompanying rewards.  Of course the elites pretend at favoring Socialism but don’t want to give up their wealth.  How about we start talking about taking away everything they have but maybe half a mil and see how they change their tune.