Empire in decline Update: Debt Collapse, Bedbugs resistant, Threat Assessments, Cloaking Device, Services Collapsing

The Debt Collapse – Epic Defaults

Bedbugs becoming resistant to pesticides – If you’ve ever had them in your home you’ll fear this latest news.  Heat treatment is probably the only good thing left and I can imagine that over time they will develop resistance to that in some form.

Threat Assessment program – The new way for the government to get you to lose more rights.  Meanwhile the borders are open.

Cloaking device becoming a reality– shades of Star Trek

The end of the Lumberjack – until the grid goes down and oil stops flowing

Baltimore Services in Collapse – No snow plows in 5 days for some residents.  This is not the worst snow ever no matter what they say.  It is a sign of the breakdown of services.  Meanwhile, I bet the EBT cards are still going out and getting recharged with cash.  Illegals are probably getting first call on help during this debacle.

Washington Suburbs still waiting – Abandoned
High taxes and poor service.

Pandemic Update: Zika, the new benefit of open borders, Mosquito Vector diseases rampant in USA

Multiple cases of Zika in USA 12+

Birth defects from Zika virus a big concern 

Zika travel warning and spreading fast 

Zika Virus, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing 

Zika to Spread Throughout Americas

The next big JOY coming out of the 3rd World to your neighborhood is the Zika Virus.  Though it is transmitted by mosquito the obvious fast movement of it throughout the world is by air travel of infected individuals.  Admittedly, there are many stupid Westerners who think they are Indiana Jones and travel to these places where incurable infectious diseases are rampant but also the unending flood of migrants and refugees is fueling the spread of disease.  There are few places left in the USA that do not have mosquito present and with easy movement of goods into port and by truck the introduction of the right kind of bugs only increases the risk that someday you’ll be exposed to something.

A short list of mosquito borne infections now moving through the USA that includes Malaria, Dengue Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and now Zika Virus.

Below are some more links to Mosquito diseases listed by the State of Minnesota.   You think Minnesota and you think cold, but there are mosquito there just like in Alaska.  mosquito borne infections

La Crosse Encephalitis (LAC), 

Jamestown Canyon Virus (JCV) 

St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE)

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE)

State Information.  Florida Mosquito Info.  

What can you do and where can you live to avoid these.

I have to say that the presence of mosquito is probably everywhere but I have visited places where they seem unknown or very limited.  High altitude areas with bitter winters seems to work well though I’m not saying go live in the Mountains just for that reason.   I noticed that even in the hills of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains you can find mosquito if you’re near a water source while up high where no water stays put I never saw any.  The desert also works except now that men have put in swimming pools and landscaping that makes it possible for the mosquito to thrive in arid climates you really need to pick a place where few standing water locations exist.  Arizona desert maybe.

We once had this situation under control but since the introduction of uncontrolled immigration since 1965 the flow of disease has matched the flow of people.   Welcome to the new world.

Sick World: Good Samaritan Shot during snow storm

Good Samaritan shot
What is there to say about this story but is it worth it to stop and help anyone.  At this point I’ll probably just call for emergency assistance unless I am armed.  It is a sad testament of the type of humanity out there that a driver in trouble would choose to kill someone that stopped to help them.

Advice:  Be circumspect when you see a situation where someone is not in immediate danger or undergoing trauma.  Many times I have not stopped for people in a disabled car simply because I didn’t want them to fear that I was a threat, so instead I would call in their location and apparent situation after passing them and seeing that they were okay.

America’s Future: Sleeping in the streets

In Delhi renting a blanket for a homeless person who works during the day has become a business.  Imagine such a life.  I pity these people and yet I don’t want to same for my country and expect it will come here if we continue to develop a third world mentality of haves and have not segments of society. 

I always worried about personal catastrophe bringing me to the point of living in a tent.  I did that in the military and didn’t want to relive it as a civilian.  Imagine coming to the point where the public services break down as they are in many cities in the USA and sleeping in the street becomes the norm.  When winter comes this becomes lethal and in Delhi there is apparently no abundance of homeless shelters so renting a blanket and a spot on the street to sleep is all you can hope for if you are a poor day laborer.  Maybe it can’t happen here anytime soon but it seems possible that it could happen someday. 

Suggestion if you are living on the edge:  Own something outright.  First maybe it is your vehicle that you could live in if necessary.  Later just getting a junk piece of land with a trailer on it that is in livable condition.  If you own a cabin or a shack you will never be homeless as long as you can pay the taxes.

Political Sellout: RNC = DNC

Purchasing political office not effective in this presidential election.
The big donors are squealing and whining about not getting a result for their money.  I suppose that all those betrayals in the past from Republican officeholders against their constituents doesn’t count, even the recent ones like the last budget bill.  What has them bothered is that for the moment the voters aren’t buying the lies that are put out against the front runners who also happen to be anti-establishment.

What does that mean for us.  Well frankly, not much at the moment other than some satisfaction that angst is present among the enemy of freedom and the Republic as well as the citizenry.  That is some good news anyway. 

In the end though there has been little to distinguish between the Dems and the Repubs in terms of actual changes. 

Suggested Action:  Sit back and enjoy the show.  Getting involved is temporary and is usually a waste of energy and time.  Then vote, as if it matters mainly to have a clear conscience if things come apart as if it appears it is going to do.

Self Protection Update: Panic Rooms, Helpless Teen Raped, Death by the numbers – threat score risk.

Panic Rooms in demand.
I call them safe rooms since panic is nothing but an emotional response.  The word safe gives you some  idea of the purpose of what such a room should accomplish.  For those of you who cannot afford a “panic room,” I’d suggest picking a defensible room in your home that you can harden for protection against home invasions or other violent attacks.  As for weather protection or other catastrophes such as a nuclear event, well maybe just consider the risk of such an event happening where you live before you throw money at a low probability event.  You can always relocate prior or after some events such as a tornado assuming you survive it.

Safe Room Hardening Options

1. Ballistic protection – fiberglass ballistic panels, reinforced concrete, or kevlar.  Windows with window film that limits outside visual access and some shatter protection and bullet penetration protection.

2.  Entry protection – Steel door and reinforced frame, double pane windows with window film for shatter protection

3.  Fire protection – Concrete and steel with a steel roof or fire resistant materials.

4. Storm protection – underground or reinforced concrete with a steel and concrete roof  or well anchored steel roof.

5. Fallout – Lead lined walls with air infiltration filters.

18 Year Old Raped by gang in a park – handgun needed by father to protect daughter
Living in a state where self defense is best described as scream louder and longer when things get desperate is no way to live.  Thus it is no surprise that a gang of fine youths probably on the way to Honor Classes in college decided to take a 18 year old girl from her father for some fun and frolics by pointing a handgun at him and telling him to leave.  He did as any good New Yorker would do when unarmed and defenseless and abandoned his daughter to her fate to find some help from the police.  Needless to say he was too late getting back with help that consisted of good men with guns.  Notice a problem here?  If he had a gun it is likely that he could have changed the outcome.  Bottom Line:  Get out of states that deprive you of the right of self defense.

Police developing threat score assessment skills for individuals.
 Your threat score could get you killed by police or it might save you.  I think it is designed to protect the police so public safety in this case is a secondary consideration.  On that basis, manage your threat score by limiting comments online and other information you can control about yourself.

Review: The Death of Money

The Death of Money
By James Rickards

This book qualifies as the ultimate Doomer Porn since it is infused with facts and truth and leaves you anxious.  It is spectacular in depth and breadth of understanding the financial system of the world.   It covers all the bases when it comes to explaining how we are going to get hosed, and already have been for a while when it comes to the Dollar.  Any money saved is at risk if you don’t know how to protect yourself then just move along and keep doing what you’re doing and hope for the best.

The author recommends protecting yourself by investing in 5 things.  Gold, Land – Farm Land, Fine Art – highly collectible, Alternative Funds – Hedge Funds etc, and Cash.  Read the book to get the explanations and details.  Most of these are consistent with recommendations from many other collapse experts except for the Art and Alternative fund recommendations.  Both may be out of my reach and inclination.  That leaves the other categories to consider.

Suggestion:  Take care of your Food, Water, Land, and Defense before you stack silver, gold, or bills.  

Cataclysmic risk: Volcanoes instead of “Global Warming/Climate Change”

Volcano risk
The whole context of this link reminds us that no matter what risk you prepare for there is a high chance that something you never expected to happen will be the dream wrecker totally bypassing your preparations, and so goes risk on a national and global scale.  Imagine all the work done for global warming and climate change gone to waste as a meteorite or a monster volcano takes out a whole continent and darkens the skies for years leaving hundreds of millions to die of starvation.

Some things you can’t adequately prepare against but setting aside food, water, and a means to hold onto these preparations are a sound strategy for surviving many different threats. 

Invasion USA Update: Look to Europe and see us, the US.

It has been going on for decades, the flow of aliens into the country, illegal and legal.  The problem is that the numbers of even legal immigration have overwhelmed services, budgets, prisons, and the ability to assimilate them all.  What we are now living through is the dissolution of the American culture.

To get a good view of what comes you might want to visit some areas that are now essentially off limits to English speaking Americans since without the ability to communicate in Spanish you may be shunned or worse.  Try Miami for starters.

I was in Dearborn Michigan twenty years ago and already saw the evidence now complete of Balkanization as millions of Islamic arrivals join the critical mass of an area now heavily populated by that group.  Sharia law is coming to Dearborn, count on it.

But of course the Hollywood liberals won’t have to worry about that and neither will the walled off elites who never have to worry about interactions with these new arrivals.

It would be funny to require all Democrat voters live among those they so happily invite into the country at the expense of all of us.  I admit that the Republican elites are good with open borders as well for low wages if nothing else, but taking California as an example, it would be really enjoyable to see that no Democrats could leave the state as if fills up with foreign invaders who will then control the political future of that State.  They will drain the coffers and then go after the wealth of the remaining working class.

What is coming our way here in the USA is something that only the foolish desire.  It is the third world transformation of our beloved United States.