Happy New Year, now get out of the way Americans

Executive Decree – Foreign graduates get preference over Americans
If you vote D or voted for this then you have no right to complain.  For the rest of us the palpable gasping for air as we wait for more of this foreign attack on our way of life resembles flinching of an abuse victim.

For those of you still in denial, well,  just move along and talk about the football scores.  For the rest, do you get it yet.  We are the enemy of our betters, our elite sheep herders, the political class whether it is D or R.  Both are vile in terms of result.

What to do:  Keep looking for ways to earn money outside of the system through self employment.  Vote if you want a clear conscience when the troubles begin but expect nothing to change as a result of your vote.  Live in hope.

Defense Update: Anxiety increases survival, Choose a 9mm

Anxiety increases survival
This confirms what anyone with sense already knows.  Imagine a cat and most of you with cats know that most of them, especially outdoor cats are in a constant state of war.  They are rarely surprised with attacks and don’t waste time when a threat arises.  A human that has a heightened awareness brought about by stress with often react more rapidly than a very relaxed individual.

Dressing for the cold weather
We all know layering right.  I’ll recommend the article linked above for some great ideas on this.  My own approach is to wear flannel pajama pants under oversized pants as a good compromise over the more field effective wool and breathable water repellent shells.  It all depends on your daily risk and for someone not going to the field but just dealing with cold and not wet conditions it is easier to wear clothes more suitable for civilian encounters.  As for a top, I’d wear a wicking material such as poly and layer flannel above that and then a waterproof shell jacket of some kind, usually dark color though not camouflage style that screams military.

Why mine is a Nine
Good article.  I prefer nine as well and have since the 1980’s when Glock came out with the Model 17.  High capacity, lower recoil, lower training costs due to cheaper ammo price, and .22 conversion kits available for the Glock and some other brands such as the CZ75B make it a very cost efficient training tool.  Discernible differences in stopping power claimed against the 9mm are negated by the faster follow up shots that come with a 9mm.  Many police agencies are going back to 9mm for the reasons of cost and officers having trouble with the greater recoiling weapons.  I don’t like the bite of a .40 and as I age it only gets more pronounced, so I’ve sworn it off completely and the same with .45 except in revolvers for sport shooting or black powder guns.  Other than that, the .45 is too expensive, too heavy, and too big.  Any gained stopping power is lost in lack of capacity.

Collapse Update: GOP Sellout, the Beasts we are facing – ISIS

The GOP sellout
These guys are in your face liars about what they had intended to do.  This isn’t the same party that ran for office during the last election cycle.

ISIS – Separating out screaming women
How can the USA sit by and allow this.  Answer, our leaders are working for the other side.  Imagine these scenes coming here someday.

Grid Hacked
It is nice to know that foreign powers have access to our power grid.  Expect it to be used against us someday and plan on an extended time without power.

Invasion Europe – Sweden in Chaos – Guess Who is Buying Guns Now, Swiss Arming Up, Germany Awakening

Swedish Gun Sales on the Rise – it is wake up time in Europe

Take note that while our leaders in the USA want to disarm us many citizens in Europe finally realized that their own personal safety is dependent on the ability to defend themselves.  The police cannot be relied upon.

Our dear leader is about to sign another decree, this time on guns, so if you have been holding back I’d pick up what you’ve been planning on purchasing.  It may get more difficult and expensive.

The Swedes Relent – suffering from the insanity of  extreme self hatred and instead favoring multiculturalism it has been a hard lesson to accept that there is a practical limit to flooding your country with foreigners.  I still hear the wailing concern from the Swedes in the article as they wish they could do more.  Well, then do more.  Take them all in and live with it.  Where is all that arrogance we used to get from them about how racist the USA was for not doing more to make up for past sins.   Sorry Sweden, no sympathy.

Note to Americans – Look at Sweden and imagine how you would like to have a home overrun with potential enemies.

Swiss General says get armed
Suggesting a coming civil war is possible as unrest and instability comes with the mass invasion of Europe as the leaders sit back and do nothing or worse yet make the situation worse.

It is good to look at Europe as a prelude to what is coming our way here in the USA.

Though we do have the dreamer scam causing havoc thanks to illegal amnesties, you can bet it will become much worse unless a new leader is found to stop this.

Hungary is faced with hordes from Syria demanding passage into Germany
The Germans are going to learn a hard lesson about buying into the liberal mentality they so cherish.  They used to mock us here in the USA for our past racial problems and act as if they had never had a hand in WW2.  I’m sure there are plenty of Germans that don’t agree with the current refugee policy in place, but for those in charge who are okay with it, good luck on that now.

German Multiculturalism Fantasy to be Tested
It will be interesting to see how many German citizens are incarcerated for acting out or just speaking out against this taking of their country.  In true German fashion the response from the higher ups will be harsh and unforgiving against, no not the refugees, but instead against the Germans who protest against losing what remains of their culture.  Needless to say there will be blood.

The flood into Germany
It will be tough to be German with liberal fools calling you a Nazi if you ask to keep your life as it is.

Government in denial about Terror Attacks

Clueless President refrains from calling it Terrorism
Most of the media, a lot of the elected officials, and the so called leader of the Free World are in denial.

Let’s see, a pair of attackers making pipe bombs, and spraying rounds in a crowded place that also happened to be where coworkers were having a Christmas Party.  The attackers were Muslim and had done all the things to prove that they were clearly radicalized still can’t be defined as terrorists according to even the FBI.

This reckless stupidity qualifies as negligence when it comes to protecting Americans.

Recommendation:  Arm yourself and protect yourself since your government has no interest in seriously doing the job.

Pandemic Update: Chagas disease in US 300k cases, Phantom Menace Superbug

Mosquito is public enemy number one.
New diseases are appearing regularly and are spreading across the planet.  Your only protection is geography and lifestyle.  Screens, insect repellent, insecticides, and air conditioning are your best defense. 

Dog Flu spreads in USA
Losing your pet is one big concern and so is the possibility of jumping species into the human realm.

Chagas disease widespread in USA:  From the kissing bug and a kiss from our unwelcome flood of illegals into the USA.  Open borders, the gift that keeps on giving.

Phantom Menace Superbug now in USA
Add this to the list of ways to die from infections.

Gonorrhea soon not treatable.
This could be good news for reintroduction of Victorian values. 

Two new diseases from the tropics now threaten the world
If things weren’t bad enough on the infectious disease front this list of risks keeps increasing with no ability to cope.  Immigration and jet aircraft just increase the risk.