Collapse update: Yuan Rises, Russia Bans Soros, Fourth Turning

Yuan on Ascendance and to be on equal footing with the U.S. Dollar
See this as just another indicator of the eventual displacement of the Dollar as the world reserve currency.  When that day comes U.S. citizens will pay dearly for support of the spendthrift policies of their government and of our love for never ending wars.  China may be the one to replace it as it seems to be in their strategic plan.

New Financial Order with China in Charge
This is a follow on to the first article and it is almost an advertisement article but at least you will learn some very valuable information.  I never knew the way we had our gold from Fort Knox looted of course as result of the stupid policies of our government.

Russia bans membership to Soros groups
Putin seems to be the only leader of his country willing to do exactly what it takes to prevent outsiders from interfering in the future of his country.  The USA is suffering badly as a result of manipulation by such outside groups in elections and policy.

Fourth Turning
This is a very uplifting article is you look forward to the collapse since it offers up something for everyone in terms of challenges.  In the words of a particularly dim witted President even counting our current incompetent, bring it on.

Kryptonite for the Left – A gun channel on cable.

I had to laugh when I heard about it.  A sports channel is one thing, but a guns for sale channel is heaven.    Check it out.

The left with go Bat Guano crazy over this and especially the number one Bat Guano crazy politician who is prattling on about something must be done about gun ownership.  Ah, such small pleasures as knowing the angst about to be rendered when the channel goes live.

Invasion Update: Welcome to Amerika – Everyone

Ghouls rob the dying.
I’m guessing these New Americans have been soiling the country with their presence courtesy of open borders.  This clearly isn’t the crew from Happy Days.

Many Swedes still in denial.
It will take sheer terror to rip the illusion from the blinders on Swedish eyes.  I have seen this personally where the citizens of that country are the most self loathing yet arrogant in their belief they are the ultimate multicultural example.  Let them enjoy what they have brought on themselves and let it be an object lesson for the rest of the Western World.

French still under threat for welcoming in the enemy of their culture.
What is there to say but well, what did you expect.  This is exactly what this invading subgroup is good at, excels at, and lives to die for.  They want to dominate every country they enter and poor France has taken in so many that fate may already be decided on this transformation.

Americans Patrolling the Border.  
Watch and see.  The government doesn’t like this, you know, actually protecting the borders.

Kissing Bug in 28 states.
Disease is another wonderful benefit of the alien invasion.

Spiked Bats in San Francisco probably for ISIS protection.

Young girl from Austria Joins ISIS, killed when trying to get back home.
Youth are susceptible to the romance of such ideas but I suspect the reality of being married off to a 50 year old tribal leader or some abuser got old quickly.  What a waste and not what she had in mind.  (Don’t let your kids flirt with this ideology or such a fate may await them.)

All in all, the USA is looking good if you compare it to Europe.   We have so many varied invaders from all over the world that we can expect enclaves, regions, and no go zones to at least eventually be defined.  If you are in your 50’s be thankful that by the time it really gets sporty here you’ll probably be ready to step out the door of life anyway.  As for the kids, millennials, and other assorted liberal groups who will probably still be indoctrinated like the Europeans to welcome their own demise,  we wish you the best.  Though you can be blamed for actually supporting this insanity as good little sheep doing exactly what you were told, you probably weren’t privy to the final plan for this.  Not that even the architects of this mess really know what is coming their way too, but don’t say we didn’t try to tell you.  All we got in return was getting called bigoted, racist, haters, blah, blah, blah.    What seems to be headed our way in unending strife and a totally trashed way of life.  Enjoy.

USA Collapse Update – The Donald Predicts One, Antibiotic Resistance

Trump Says Fed is Holding Down Rates to Protect El Presidente Until He Leaves Office
No surprise here.  They want to leave the next President holding the bag.

As part of the collapse scenario, we now have more dire warnings from the World Health Organization that antibiotic resistance has become dire worldwide.  Wonderful.

Forced importation of potential terrorists into Europe demanded by UN.  Of course the USA will bring in as many as possible to keep the ONE on path to degrade the quality of life and safety of US citizens. 

Syrian Refugees possible Trojan Horses.
This article points out what is obvious to anyone with a brain and a willingness to use it. 

Flood of Cuban refugees coming to USA. As if on cue, the planned invasion into the USA by future Democrat voters is ongoing in picking up speed.  As for the Republicrats, let us see how they assist in this venture while pretending to protest.

Islamic Terror Attacks in France

Just for the record, the attacks are a result of open borders and unrestrained immigration.  It seems that the governments of Europe are more concerned about the safety of refugees and foreign invaders than they are of their own citizens.  On that basis the USA will probably get a dose of reality from our own unprotected borders like we did before on 9/11/2001.

What can you do to protect yourself.  Mostly, just stay out of crowded public events and live where you can stay armed to at least fight back if the shooting starts.

Here is a take by Michael Savage on the Dance of Death that the Western World is doing right now.  He is right on the money with these comments and of course will be attacked for writing the truth just as have others.

Stay safe friends.

EMP Proof Your Personal Electronics and Data

Wallpaper that will block surveillance and protect against EMP
This idea sounds great but the cost of course is always the rub.

In place of that here are a few other ideas you might consider, not proven, but plausible and likely workable to some extent.  Just use your common sense and some testing to see if it works.

First off is the old Microwave method.  I’d cut the cord on it, unplug it first please – Duh

Even without that you may get some level of RF energy protection just by putting whatever electronics you have inside it.  If the microwave is designed to stop HF Radio Energy from leaking out then it makes sense that it should stop it from coming in as well.  Since the size is so mall I’d save it for USB memory sticks and back-up drives, maybe some cell phones out of use, and a portable laptop not in use either.  

Aluminum Foil Closet
I wouldn’t go through the effort to foil wrap a whole room but a cabinet or a closet foil wrapped from the inside with foil tape connecting it may give you some element of protection from RF energy.  Those foil bags used to ship memory chips or toll devices have the common word foil as in aluminum.  If you can’t get a signal in or out then some at least minimal level of protection exists.

Ammo Cans
All steel surplus ammo cans also serve as a fallback hasty EMP protection.  How about just burying it in the dirt, but separate it from the ground by wrapping it in plastic or putting it in a sealed plastic cooler, sealed with silicone caulk.    Put plastic trash bags around the can and you might add another layer of element protection by limiting water exposure and galvanic action on the steel cans. It will take years for the elements to penetrate.  Based on tests a new painted can could last over a decade without penetration by rust even when sitting directly in the dirt.  Put any items inside the can in waterproof Mylar bags  for double protection and and you have a reasonable expectation of EMP protection along with physical security from theft or seizure.

Hard Copies
If it is a photographic image you want to save there is always an option to print a paper copy and store it in a fire resistant safe.  One of those document boxes might make sense.  EMP won’t then be a worry, but instead heat and theft, or worse yet, water.  Water destroys more paper, wood, and metal products than probably anything else.  Keep it dry.

This is your final protection.  Have multiple copies or devices in various locations with as much protection afforded those as you can arrange.  An off site  storage in the cloud may even survive if the service has taken the proper steps.  All of these efforts are suggested to improve your outcome, save your data, and have electronic devices survive an EMP attack.

Disclaimer:  These are just ideas for thought and some have not been proven or tried so the whole discussion here is for informational purposes only.  Any ideas discussed are only to help you brainstorm for protection ideas against SUN EMP events or other more insidious human actions to destroy electronics and data. 

Eating to live and to survive healthy – post collapse – Junk Food for Survival

I found this article describing the 80/20 rule applied to diet and it makes perfect sense.  Vary your intake in terms of type of food to avoid boredom but also to fill in nutritional needs.  Allow yourself some less than perfect food to enjoy eating and overall it will keep your metabolism in balance. 

Putting away food for the future might also be done in this fashion by adding some comfort foods, and easy to prepare cheap foods that have borderline questionable health value.  Give yourself a break and add some chocolate, cake mixes, pop tarts, and whatever else you like to your storage efforts.  I think some twinkies might even be a good idea.  I myself prefer creme filled oatmeal cookies and fig bars.  Store it all and enjoy.  The nice thing is that you can tap these stores and update them as part of your regular diet.  Sure, have all those freeze dried food supply buckets but have that as your last line of defense rather than your only one.  Those are much more expensive and full of sodium while not really pleasing the palate like a good serving of mac and cheese might do.  Put away all of these and feel comfortable in knowing you can always get a chocolate rush even when all is lost.  That’s my plan.

Pizza anyone?