Collapse Update: Free Money for Refugees, Down With USA Chants, Importing Terror via Refugees

Cubans retire on the USA free ride program
Meanwhile, Americans who worked their whole lives here often get less or the same. 
Fairness, NOT!!
Unsustainable Entitlements Forecast Collapse of U.S.A. and poverty for Americans

Down USA, Chant at Reprise of Million Man March
You know, that March where maybe a hundred thousand actually showed up and left the place a mess.  Now they can’t get more than a few thousand.  Still, it is the thought that counts and from what it appears there is a very anti American feeling among the adherents of this racialist group.

10k Syrian Refugees 
This is just a start and eventually you know this will end up being hundreds of thousands coming in from the Middle East.  Just what we need is more takers that also happen to hate American, but not the free stuff.  Expect a percentage to be ISIS buddies.  We are not very smart to be bringing in groups that will likely turn against us.  Predication: This will end badly.