Farewell Rt. 66 and Martin Milner

Do you want to see America in the 1950’s.  Watch Rt. 66 the TV series.

The iconic character Tod Stiles played by Martin Milner was my favorite.  He passed away on September 6, 2015 at age 83.  I remember him in Adam 12 as well, but his part in Rt. 66 is an iconic marker of an America long since gone. 

 What can you say about Martin Milner except that he played parts that were conspicuously about a good and solid man, an American, who always seemed to stand for what was right.  Milner fit the part easy and casually.  Though I didn’t know him I have to think it was more him than just acting.

Bat Guano Crazy USA on Path to Lawlessness and Anarchy

30+ illegals to a house and no government intervention
If you park sideways you’ll get your car towed and if your license if out of date you might get arrested, but hey you’re an American.  No papers, no problem.  Welcome to America 2015 WROL (without the rule of law)

75% of Americans polled think government is corrupt. 
Ya think?  I’d say the remaining 25% are government workers dependent on the free money they get and also accustomed to the inbuilt corruption throughout the whole government.

International Financial Enema will be messy

Driving in the 50’s. This may remind you of how much we’ve lost.  Now what was once the extreme and perverse is the norm.  The bad drivers of the 50’s are now the way driving is done in the former USA.

Pandemic Update

Super STD in Britain, drug resistant
Sex in the city is now again a possible death warrant, even excluding HIV.

Arizona and California Confirms West Nile Virus and top nation

West Nile Virus Kills in North Carolina
Nice time to plan your vacation to the beaches eh!!

Maryland Confirms West Nile Virus Death 

Help yourself stay healthy.  How to wash your hands.
This may protect you directly from an infectious disease passed by touching things and also a minimum you can keep your overall health protected to some extent by having fewer strains on your immune system.  Avoiding disease is a full time job that can be greatly assisted by washing your hands and keeping them clean after any contact with infected surfaces.

Collapse Update: Gangs and Anarchy

Salvadoran Gangs spread influence across the USA  And if you want to enjoy the fruits of this just keep supporting politicians who want open borders and demand that actions against illegals in this country is racist.  Unfortunately, it seems that all of the bad things are baked into the cake here and there is no easy way to undo the damage done by decades of inattention or in the case of the past 23 years intentional disregard.  This started with Slick Willie and has gone forward under GW, and of course under our current leader.

One thing to do for now is to stay out of cities if you can and avoid areas where there are large numbers of illegals.  Another thing is to find a place to live that supports your values and usually this means staying away from criminals and illegals are criminals by definition no matter how much you feel they are just here for work and to make a better life.  If you and I committed the same level of crime that includes fake ID, social security numbers, not paying taxes on income, and stealing free benefits we would face many years of jail time.  Instead, these precious souls are given a helping hand while Americans with problems are shown disregard.

Gang crime is not limited to illegals and now with the new disregard for the rule of law shown by attacks on police you can expect less protection than before.

Get Trained:  Take training in firearms and especially handguns and get certification so that you can qualify to conceal carry a firearm on your person and in your vehicle.  Though it may not save you it will give you the tools to improve your odds while facing a much more dangerous society.

Keep Training:  Handgun skills have a shelf life that is counted in weeks and months not years.  So if you do decide to get a concealed carry permit then continue to train so that you will be skilled and ready.

Finally, don’t live in a state that spends inordinate resources helping these criminals since it will be added to your tax bill to help them.  Not only will you be funding their support in jails when caught, but you’ll be paying for their kids.  Also, live in a state that allows you to conceal carry to protect yourself from this foreign enemy that plays by a whole different set of moral rules.

9/11 Remembered and Revisited

Today is a reminder of the sad day back in 9/11 2001.

9/11 2001 occurred because they were here, you know, the terrorists.  They were here because we no longer have an immigration system but instead just have open borders where anyone can lie, cheat, or sneak their way in and once here they can just disappear among the huge foreign born population dumped in this country to reduce wages and increase Pro Big Government voting participation since most of these people will be getting government benefits.

Yesterday the U.S. Government repeated many of the same mistakes that caused the horrific loss of American life back in 9/11, 2001.  A treaty will allow Iran to build ICBM delivery systems and nuclear weapons despite what all the liars and fools in D.C. say.  Expect the death toll from this stupidity to be in the hundreds of thousands or millions rather than the thousands we lost in 2001.  The lemming left that agreed to this insanity will somehow blame any future disaster directly caused by this on someone else, and the media will cooperate.

Add the plan to bring in many tens of thousands, read hundreds of thousands, of Middle East refugees.  Not only will they not assimilate but you can expect that a percentage will become legally admitted terrorists right here in the ole USA.  When it happens more government moves against the American population will be justified to reduce the risk of terror attacks.  Talk about the need to watch right wing groups and pro liberty Americans will be discussed with pursed lips and serious faces, and of course the need for more gun control and domestic spying.

Europe will be seeing blood in the streets as well from this recklessness.  Likely this will end in tears for many more Americans thanks to a Pro Enemy Administration and a very, very weak Republican leadership that gives the administration any thing it wants.  Between malice on one side and cowardice on another Americans should be ready for anything in the realm of Jihad on our streets.  Sadly most will be surprised.  Today the news came out that a percentage of college kids don’t even know what happened on 9/11.  Unbelievable.

What is there to say but,  protect yourself.

Keep prepping is the watchword of the day.

Update – News of Iranian nuclear reserve increase comes out 2 days after agreement.  The deception becomes clearer now.

The Lying Media and Government

 Lying Media

America’s Ultra Poor – Not one word about the cause, illegal immigration destroying incomes for Americans.

Lying Government

Unemployment rate 5.1% – LOL  – Please, we know the numbers are cooked and double cooked.  The numbers are meaningless since they keep changing the way it is measured.  The real unemployment rate is closer to 25%.

SHTFplan talks about fake unemployment numbers too.

Putin Dumping Dollar – Shutting the hatch

Analyze what is happening across the globe.  As economies are collapsing, markets are gyrating, debt is ballooning, and payments slow there may be one way to protect yourself or your country from some of the ruinous effects of a global route.  That way is to shut the hatches in your part of the sinking global ship.  Whether it works or not it can work to the extent that if your country or group of countries forming a trading bloc can in essence create a means of trade close to barter by simply agreeing to a set value of goods in relation to a common currency.  As long as that currency is limited to the trading bloc it can limit the damage caused by fluctuations in the global sphere.


It probably makes sense for Putin to do this simply because there won’t be a way to judge a Russian collapse is the measures of trade such as dollars and the euro are no longer allowed.  Admittedly, this kind of stupidity didn’t work for Argentina but they are a much less resilient region and they were mostly depending on oil revenue to prop up a socialist operation.

What does this mean to us.  Nothing at the moment but look at it as a sign that eventually international trade may grind to a halt leaving many countries in desperate situations.  The contagion is spreading and with it will come the unraveling of the debt bubbles and the false values that were propped up by debt.  Local economies will suffer disruptions and if the local currency becomes worthless hyperinflation will reduce the population to dumpster diving and looting.  Again, picture Argentina and Venezuela.