Disaster – Coming soon to the USA

Super Rich setting up their escape plans
The Brits call them boltholes, a place to use as a hideout, while here in the USA I guess we call them hideouts, safe houses, havens, or most appropriately, survival retreats.   The purpose is for those super rich to escape with their looted booty and find a place to hide while the masses do each other and turn their ire on those of the 1% super rich who stayed behind.  I can’t say I blame them simply because in many cases their fear is justified based as much on their prior rapacious acts as well as just plain old human envy.  Still, the politicians who were part of the “plunder and deceit,” would deserve special attention.  I’ve often thought that many of them would just hop their rooftop helicopters and fly to the airport and then Davos where they can hang out with their Bildergerg Buddies as the rest of us are starved during the die off if economic calamity occurs. 

80 Year old woman trampled in Venezuela Food Stampede
If things get tight it can happen here.  Just look at Wally World on Christmas so add food shortages to the list and factor it out.

Armed patrols and searches for public transport in Europe after Foiled Attack  
Expect checkpoints everywhere and car searches done randomly will become a fact of life thanks to the flood in foreigners who are not even vetted before entry.  That of course doesn’t take into account open borders for illegals.  The USA is looking more and more like a prison camp.

Our leaders are chosen for us. 
One of the contenders for the Democrat Nomination has essentially said it is rigged in favor of  you know who, the liar as she is commonly known.  On the other side of the non contest the “illegal immigration is an act of love,” guy can’t seem to gain traction but still expects to be the anointed one simply due to family tradition and big money donors.  Stalin and Mao would appreciate the comedy. 

The Stench of Hollywood – Still Raving about the One

NSA data collection continues with nod from court
What is there to say but WOW!!   No privacy, and no expectation of it all to protect us from those that are allowed to enter the country against the wishes of American Citizens. WOW

Personal Disasters

This story of Glock lawsuits and the struggle for ownership of the company is a good example of why getting married can be very costly.  Explain how the guy who created and built the product and company should lose it to an X.  

Bread Prices – Raging Inflation – The BIG LIE of low inflation

The cost of bread has gone ballistic.  I’ve watched the price at trader Joe’s go from $2 to $4 in about the past five years.  I’m not exact on that, but I remember paying almost half.

This one I am exact on since I have the receipts.  In 2010 I bought this bread mix from Amazon for $11.30 each  pack of 6, delivered.  In 2014 I paid $13.84 for the same product. The current price is $20.22 for the same amount.

Hodgson Mill 9 Grain Bread Mix (pack of 6) at Walmart.

As you can see, the price at Walmart is the same as Amazon for the moment at $20.22 per pack of 6 boxes.

My point here is that your cost of buying an essential like bread has gone up drastically.
20.22 – 11.30 = 8.92 / 20.22 = .44 x 100 = 44%

This has happened over the course of five years but this should show you that whatever we are being told about inflation and the cost of living commonly called the CPI or consumer price index is a pack lies.

Even as late as 2014 you got the same bread for only $13.84

20.22 – 13.84 = 6.38 / 20.22 = .315 x 100 = 32%

So in the last year we had a 32% increase on a staple such as bread mix.  Admittedly this is a limited sampling but I can tell you that the price of powdered milk has about doubled at Sammy’s Club along with the price of Tuna in cans.

Things are moving up rapidly and one thing that isn’t going up is wages especially since we are being flooded with illegals willing to work for lower wages, thus suppressing wage increases.

It looks like food is still a great investment based simply on the fast rise in prices on many of the basic food supplies that someone may normally want to have a good stock of for long term storage and rotation.

Bio Terror, Bio War, Infectious Diseases, and Immigration

Scientists waking up 30k year old giant virus.
No problem here right.  Crazy fools.

Alzheimer’s can be transmitted between humans.
Now even going to the dentist can give you this dreaded disease.

Super GM can be the Genie that finally gets out of the bottle.


Another aspect of Bio War is the importation of illegal aliens who are untested for disease to come and live in the country and infect citizens.  This is already in progress as many new infectious diseases have gained a foothold in the USA.  Infectious diseases spread in the Southern US. 

Tick bite leads to amputations.
To those who think ticks are just a nuisance think again.  They now carry a multitude of diseases that are not only infectious but can disabling and deadly.  Precautions are worth taking but the truth is that even with precautions about the only way to avoid them completely is live in the city and don’t own pets that travel outside, or maybe live in the desert.  Beyond that, if you are bitten and get any symptoms do not hesitate to go to the doctor and find one that will take you seriously.  Many doctors are house cats that know nothing of the outdoors and therefore have no understanding of this risk and based on experience know very little about these tick borne diseases.

Head lice now resistant to treatment in 25 states. 

2nd Yosemite tourist gets the plague.


Germany faces its own flood of humanity.
Europe will pay for the attitude it used to display toward anti-immigrant policies of other countries as it now must suffer the cost, dislocation, and eventual disintegration caused by uncontrolled immigration.  Expect much strife just as France has seen.

Illegal immigration surges again into the US with no border security.
The plan is in full swing as new voters arrive with increasing intensity.  The cost will be borne by the citizens who must accept a lower standard of living to pay for the new special interest groups meant to be voting in coming elections.