The Collapse of the Entitlement System led by Social Security

At the top of Drudge Report you’ll see in Red the words Social Security and the word Cuts.  Such is the nightmare facing a huge number of retirees or those getting closer to it that have little in savings and therefore will depend primarily on Social Security.

When Drudge puts something at the top in red he means this is shocking, serious, and of great importance.  I agree.

The article link is here.  

The one really noticeable element of the article as it describes the problems facing the system is the lack of mention for the drain new immigrants put on the system in the form of SSI for low income individuals who may have never worked and paid into social security.  We probably have millions in this category but the facts on the matter are hard to come by.  What I do remember is the specific story of a lady from Iran who received more in SSI than someone who had worked and paid into social security for the whole lives.  This was done after her son passed her through the sponsorship window and then she was eligible for SSI  and began collecting the Golden plan for world retirement and all you have to do is make it here and become eligible.

Also not counted is the disability payments as well which are rife with corruption and fraud.

What do do.

Do what any rational person would do and make sure you have some resources set aside if the So So Security system does cut your payouts.

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Bleach for water purification

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