Quick Survival Food Planning – Sardines

Okay,  so you’re getting a bit worried about the financial doom situation along with all the other predicted disasters coming our way.  Here is a simple and easy thing to do to increase your feeling of safety and security.  Buy canned food.  Buy good canned food that has lots of calories and is very nutritious.  Buy it in quantity.

Here is a suggestion.  Start with sardines.

I have my favorite brand and it is a store brand at Trader Joe’s.  I prefer the olive oil version and especially the smoked type.  If you check the good through dates you’ll see that you get at least two or three years of recommended eating.  Of course I usually go past those dates by up to two years and notice no problems.  The one problem with canned foods is to make sure that you keep these in temperature controlled areas to avoid freezing or cooking the food in the can.

My suggestion is to do some alternate reading on sardines and how to eat them.

Here is an interesting post with some recipes on it along with the author’s ideas on the convenience of canned sardines.  http://saffronstreaks.com/recipes/canned-sardines-the-perfect-survival-food/

One thing I learned from this article was from a link on the page to a NYT article about the closing of the last sardine canning facility in the USA.  Not only is this sad but it also indicates that one more element of continental self sufficiency is getting tossed aside due to federal regulations.

WSJ on how to eat Sardines along with ratings of some of the brands

30 ways to eat sardines

Do your own research as well, but my advice is to bulk up on canned sardines as one of the staples in your food storage program.  You can eat them periodically to rotate your storage and also to make sure that you can count on this source of food to comfortably expand your storage and diversify your food options.

Here is another great web page on selecting sardines and the benefits of eating them.  Low mercury vs other fish.  Wow!! Who knew.