Emancipation or Emasculation Proclamation

Friday, November 21, 2014

Emasculation Proclamation

Tonight the leader of the United States commonly titled the President has chosen as his own avatar  that of Emperor by his own definition  where he has spoken many times that he was not an Emperor and could not do what he is doing tonight.  He has gone rogue.
Prince of Lies
His list of deceptions will be added and increased dramatically as he performs a radical surgery on the United States by removing the power of the distinctly American culture by flooding it with new hordes of illegals bent on getting the benefits promised by this Cataline.  His goals are simple and venal.  He wants to neuter the strong Anglo based culture and tradition that underlies the rule of law, social contract, and common sense of values.
Join the Warehouse Club called USA 
By doing this he will reduce the value of an American citizenship down to something less than a warehouse club membership.  The price in this case is even lower along with the entry requirements.  Stealing is encouraged under this regime as illegal entries into the country take benefits that are then denied to Americans.  They steal their way across our borders, steal our jobs, and steal benefits of every type often by using false identities in another act of crime that American citizens are severely punished for doing but these takers are given a pass.
Your Health Care is Now of a Lesser Degree
Hospitals will now be more difficult to access thanks to the additional load of these takers.  Costs will increase as the non-paying numbers explode and those costs will be put on the backs of Americans.
Crime is now part of the culture
Since what he is doing is illegal as it also rewards illegal behavior  criminals and crime will be more and more of the daily life and the price will be paid in blood, fear, and quality of life as it has already in border states.
Disease will become more prevalent across the country as infected multitudes wash into even the more remote township as these brazen card carrying arrivals demand their rightful place, unearned or not.
Distress and Conflict
Loss of stability will come with the arrogance of a newly minted nouveau riche as they grind in our face the impotence of our long historical position of deserved, earned, and self-determined wealth in the form of peace, tranquility, and freedom to excel and gain wealth and private property through our own efforts.  They get to jump the line and just take benefits thanks to our imperator.
His full repudiation of a recent election is now complete with a display of total contempt for the American system of laws and governance proven by his clear violation of them.
Has he Given Himself Amnesty?
The question of the legal status of this President has never truly been proven and thus he may having given himself amnesty.  A quote from the White House Home Facebook Page.  “Does this mean he will be a legal citizen now?   Hahahaha”   So true.
There may be no need to emasculate the Republican Party since it appears to be led by a bunch of eunuchs  in the Senate, House, and the Party Leadership.    Still, there is nothing more embarrassing than to be reminded of impotence and these boys are the limpest, lamest, and most pathetic bunch of pansies that could have been picked.  It is obvious that only time in office is their source of power and thus giving good argument for term limits.   Can he be stopped?  Not if these panty waists are the ones expected to do the job.
Mocking Americans
The emasculation of  traditional America is likely the true intent of this overt move as this will end up being the net result.  This observation was found on of all places the White House Facebook Page in the comment section by some of the loving adherents and supplicants of this strutting Il Duce wannabe.   They actually reveled in the thought and taunted their American hosts that have been paying their freight as freeloaders coming here for the free ride.
 Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon!!! 
Expect much strife.  Find a safe place to live if you can but these will get harder to locate as we import the failed cultures  and traditions of the underdeveloped world.
We have lost the country but have only the stupid voters to blame that put these lesser men in charge of our destiny.  Save yourself.

Pandemic Watch: Diseases Coming to the USA

Here is a cocktail of diseases gaining a foothold in the USA.

We know Ebola is here thought it is not reported any longer thanks to news control by the government and happy cooperation by the media.  How many cases exist are anyone’s guess.

But what about the other things slipping into the country courtesy of open borders and a weak political system that allows the citizens to be subjected to an unending invasion of carriers of disease.

We have lost control and at this stage it is about protecting yourself.

How to protect yourself.  That is the problem my friends.  My approach is to avoid areas of heavy population concentrations and consider where you live relative to the threats that exist.  No place is totally safe but some are better.  Read the article and you’ll see that the Southern U.S. is the main area of concern due to insect infestations combined with the influx of carriers of disease.

Poor Man’s MRE Entree – Salmon in a Foil Pouch

A Good Entree Alternative

You can get these at WalMart for $1 each and it seems like a good poor man’s MRE entree.  It tastes good too.  I keep one in my cooler and car for a back-up lunch.  I have tried to find if you can freeze them which of course is better than a canned item.   You can add some flavoring such as mustard, hot sauce, miso, or ketchup depending on your tastes and add a side dish of rice, noodles, or some other carbohydrate while adding some fresh or canned greens if you have them.

Excellent Emergency Rations

These foil pack foods are also good field rations and emergency storage in your vehicle since they are not quickly subject to temperature fluctuations.  Excess heat of course will cook them which you might want to avoid, but freezing temps at least shouldn’t cause this food to burst and spoil giving you an MRE entree at a fourth of the cost and arguably something more nutritional and better for you.  The expiration dates on on the packs so at least you have a baseline to judge when to cycle through these.

Additionally, since the cost is low and the taste is good this is one field ration you can rotate.  Eating through military MRE supplies is not really all that good for your health or wallet.  That food is designed to keep you fighting and not focused on your long term health.

As you see in the photo there is also Tuna and Spam in a foil pouch as well.

Happy Eating.

I had a Salmon Pouch for Breakfast.

When the Government Lies to the People

Here is a story of deception.  The administration lied to Americans to get a health care law through that has the primary purpose of controlling a major component of the U.S. Economy.

Whether it is reversed or not the damage has been done to both the medical system and the trust that the remaining fools had in politicians.  I for one knew this was mostly lies as they promised things.  Almost everything that was touted about the ACA turned out to be fraudulent.

Glock 42 Review – .380 Pocket Pistol – Update – Good News

.380 GLOCK – Model 42

I am a fan of pocket pistols and have over the years had to argue with the .45 1911 guys that there is a clear choice between having a ideal handgun that you sometime go without versus the compromise pocket gun you carry in order to stay armed.   The G42 has many things going for it most of all are that the quality is high along with the reliability.  This is not a detailed evaluation but instead a shoppers look at the reasons I might buy or not buy the gun.

Testing Gun:  It is always worth renting a gun before buying one and this is what I did.   Here is my take on this weapon.

Size and handling: the Model 42 presents a problem with the normal Glock trigger and if you try one notice that your finger will wrap around the trigger and end up losing feel that you like to have with the short reset of most Glock triggers. 

Ammo cost: .380 ammunition is more expensive than 9mm and has considerable less stopping power.  With the advent of subcompact 9mm pistols it is harder to justify purchasing and carrying a .380.

Recoil and control: the G42 seems about the same as the recoil of the G19.  Since the weight, size and grip are reduced from the G19 this appears to proportionately keep the recoil about the same.
(Update:  After consideration I will attribute some of this to the grip size on the G42.   For me it is not wide enough and would be better if rounded.  I suspect that if I added some layering by a wrap or something to widen the grip a small amount the recoil would be much more manageable.)

Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds standard, and I suppose you could run one in the chamber giving you 7.

Accuracy: is very good on this weapon as for almost any Glock weapon but the thin grip does require and strong hold or it will not cycle properly and the small size requires a medium size hand or a large one to the trigger at the first or second knuckle joint.  This is fine for defense but don’t expect target accuracy in a secure hold.  The upside is that this will make the gun harder to remove from your hand in a struggle.

Safety: the safe action trigger is the same as others in the Glock line leaving you to consider whether concealing with a round in the chamber.  From a holster it is a matter of training but a mistaken trigger pull as you try to present your weapon is still a big concern.

Buying Decision:

I probably won’t buy one right away since I am partial to the SigP238 both due to size and safety.  As a Glock user I still find it attractive since the controls and trigger are the same. 

Update 11/30/2015 – Good News

I picked up a Glock 42 despite my misgivings at the range.  After taking it out for a test run using quality ammo and I had multiple failure to feed problems usually related to limp wristing which I don’t do with Glocks since I have owned them for 30+ years.  I was ready to trade the dog in especially since a training instructor with me affirmed that he has seen many reliability problems with them.  Okay, so I sat on it for a month and thought about the problems. The grip size and shape of the 42 doesn’t work well with my hand.  I have a medium to small hand, not a large bear paw so size shouldn’t be the issue, but shape of the grip maybe.

I did measurements by holding the gun in my hand  and the end of my thumb went well past  the first knuckle of my middle finger.  I consider the ideal to be end of thumb to first knuckle on the middle finger.  Add to that the flattened shape of the grip and I could wobble the gun in my hand with the other hand without much effort. This lack of stability would really cause accuracy problems which it did, and additionally it could simulate limp-wristing on recoil. 

Solution:  I added a Hogue rubber grip sleeve to it and trimmed it.  It was still too small and movable so I added some grip tape taken off an old racketball racket laying in the garage, the blue stuff.  Not only is it tacky, soft, and moisture absorbent, but it can also be wrapped to change shape.  I mounded it toward the center of my hand and increased the frictional coefficients (lack of sliding movement – purchase) drastically.  More rubber on the road in vehicle tire parlance.

Outcome:  I had no feeding or ejection problems in 100 rounds of use with the same ammo.  Of course I’ll try more.  The accuracy is now superb for such a small piece and the added girth to the grip doesn’t change the essential flatness of the gun since I think the grip was smaller in width than the slide anyway.  For the moment, I consider this problem solved.  If I run into reliability problems in the future I’ll pass it along.  Until then, check out racket grip wrap as a poor man’s option and even skip the rubber sleeve and save yourself ten dollars.  I think they sell it in black rather than the blue tape I found on the old racket.

Why Fear Pandemics?

 Media is now in agreement to be silent on suspected Ebola cases.
So you don’t have a right to know about suspected cases.

A Doctor tells us what to fear.

Quarantines will become widespread and unpredictable. 

130 Ebola Cases in the USA by the end of the year predicted.
A quote from the President on the risk of Ebola in the USA
“First and foremost, I want the American people to know that our experts, here at the CDC and across our government, agree that the chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low. We’ve been taking the necessary precautions, including working with countries in West Africa to increase screening at airports so that someone with the virus doesn’t get on a plane for the United States. In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home. We’re working to help flight crews identify people who are sick, and more labs across our country now have the capacity to quickly test for the virus. We’re working with hospitals to make sure that they are prepared, and to ensure that our doctors, our nurses and our medical staff are trained, are ready, and are able to deal with a possible case safely.”
Believe nothing your hear from these government hacks.

 Border Policy Fuels Epidemic
Apparently causing the death of American children doesn’t count as a violation of an oath of office.