Ammo Availability Update – Wally World

Wally World – I have visited three different locations in two states and have this to report.  The ammo shortage is over except for .22LR.

9mm Federal box of 50 = $9.99  This is back to the old price, almost.  Use this price as a baseline for determining that prices have moved back down in at least the most popular categories and the shelves are full again.

All categories of ammunition are back except .22.

Pandemic Update: Eboloa, Polio-like virus

 Enterovirus now killing adults.
The virus has now shown the ability to take down adults as well as children.  This double whammy of Ebola and Enterovirus has the potential to threaten the stability of the USA in gone unchecked.  Last I checked the borders are still wide open for new and more exciting news on the pandemic front.

Possible Ebola case in D.C.  
Self interest may yet get some proper action to contain this pandemic threat, but so far the borders are open by land, sea, and air.

Dr. Protests Ebola by wearing a Hazmat suit to airport.
That is a sure way to get a point across especially if he is right.

160k Hazmat suits ordered by government.
Just precautionary they might say, but then if we are taking precautions how about shutting down travel from the countries that put us at risk.  Can’t do that since that would be discriminatory thus making it a political decision void of common sense.

Ebola Transmitted at a distance.
If they are lying to us then this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

No protocols followed on infected patient’s home.
It is much easier to wait and see what happens say the officials who supposedly know what is going on.  This is becoming a farce.

Paul:  What if a whole ship of American soldiers catch Ebola.
No problem.  The president just blames the CDC for not telling him of the risk.