Secure and not-secure communications for survival

Here is a new gadget called GoTenna offers off the grid encypted texting.  As for how secure it remains will depend on how the government decides to expend our money on sifting through the system.  Somehow you know they won’t want this to happen.

Here is a good article on your communication options if the world goes silent.

Violence, Crime, and Self Defense

A gated community cannot protect you.
The false sense of security given by living in a gated community is another reason why fences, gates, and checkpoints only serve to lessen your situational awareness.  If you live in this type of community only consider these niceties as outer defenses for what should be your layered approach to protecting your home. 

NBC airs story on why it is good to cooperate with home invaders or to keep bee spray around for defense.  Anything to prevent you from actually arming up to truly defend yourself.

Even bolt action rifles are on the target list of anti-gun groups.
If you can get one cheap it is always good to have one around since they rarely fail to operate due to simplicity.   Buy them now while still cheap and available.

The Joy of Ebola

Or How learned to Love my coming destruction.

Look on the positive side.  You won’t have to worry about taxes, going to work, or even bathing at some point.  Food and clean water is the big issue.  But of course once you get the disease that will not be a concern either.

For all this you can thank you foolish politicians for not protecting the borders or requiring tests of new entries into the country.

Ebola video map after someone makes it through an airport checkpoint.

Real estate prices should go down quickly enough to suit anyone left looking for a home.

None of this may come to pass but even that we are talking about it means the potential is there.

The risk of Ebola becoming airborne is high and potentially catastrophic.
If this happens you had better consider staying home for six months or a year at least until the streets are clear of corpses lest you become one.

Pandemic Watch: Mystery Virus is No Mystery

Here is a news story mentioning a mystery virus.  The story totally ignores the influx of children flooding in from other countries and secretly planted in schools. 

Midwest increase in respiratory virus among children matches time frame for the recent influx of huge number of foreign students.

There isn’t much to say here except to thank your politicians for protecting you with open borders and no health checks for recent arrivals whether legal or illegal. 

TB found is MA. The illegal link where hundreds are dumped without notification or tests.  Kids dumped into schools.

Fats: A good component of your survival storage plan

Fat is necessary for existence and health.  Your body needs it and the type of fat you take in is all important.  One thing that makes sense is to stick with proven sources of fat that have been considered healthy for thousands of years.

#1 is Olive Oil.
I use olive oil for most recipes that won’t be overwhelmed by the taste.  Adding some into a salad is perfect and mixing it into bread, mac and cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, or even your protein shake makes for a substantial gain to your proper mix of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.  It stores well for regular use and should be rotated.  You can tell by the smell when it goes rancid.  Here is a site that gives you some of the benefits of olive oil as a food source.

#2 is Coconut Oil
Using this newly popular source of fat is a great way to supplement your fat intake with an energy source that is shelf stable for long periods of time.  It can be spread on a sandwich or used to cook.

Here is a great article on the prepper uses of coconut oil.

Threats to the USA

ISIS threatens the grid.
Killing 9 of 10 Americans is a high goal but taking down the one thing we are all fully dependent on might make a serious run at it.  Imagine no power for weeks or months in most of the country and think about what that means.  There will be no cavalry since they are stuck in place too.

Amnesty floods the country will 500k more illegals per year.
The word is overwhelmed and eventually subsumed into the third world.

What can you do to protect yourself.

Communications – become a ham operator.

Get a Bicycle – or a magneto motorized bike.

Get oil lamps.

Get portable heat stoves.

Food, Water, and Ammo

Stay worried, my friend.

Girl pinned by 3 cops over cell phone.