Racial Divide Threatens the Stability of the USA

Memphis seems like a nice place to get your daily beating. 
Even having a job in the wrong place can get you curb stomped or kicked into unconsciousness.    The frenzy is continuing.

“We will make them feel us.”
Take this to mean what you will but I hear the threat of cities burning, knockout games brought to conclusion, and L.A. riots squared.  If you pay attention to this movement toward justifying anything then you will separate yourself from any place that is vulnerable and that means moving.  I’d move well out of any urban areas and if you must stay there to work then consider selling and renting so you can just pack your bug-out-bag and leave some furniture behind if things heat up.

1960’s Redux with chants of “Black Power.”
This is a culmination of a racially focused Presidency that was supposed to make for a calming of the waters of racial strife, and instead it has inflamed it.  Media and educational institutions have also ingrained the idea that all that is wrong with the black community is the fault of the white community.  Since most whites no longer see themselves as part of a group this goes right past their consciousness as a plan to force submission to all demands.  Rather than participate I suggest you take the short term view and just place yourself out of the struggle.  Avoid places that are risky, move to where you are in the majority whatever your color and live a life that is free from strife and hand wringing.

The Coming Race War will actually be over class warfare says a millionaire.
The view of the world that is so different between the races is evident even when the thoughts come from a rich and privileged athlete.  Give up your millions and we’ll all be impressed.

1960’s style riots may cause a Rebuke for the President.
So what does that have to do with you.  Nothing ever seems to change no matter who we elect and in this case a supposed cure for racial animosity has become a scourge as a racially focused executive branch stokes the flames of passion by intervening in every event related to race.  I would work on your plan to live a life free of these concerns.  Check the demographics of any area you plan to live and make sure that they support your values and culture.  Just a simple word of advice.

Bottom line.  The train whistle is blowing and it may leave the station, so if you plan to get on board start moving.  Once it has left the station you will be left walking down the tracks through God knows where and what.  Find safety.

Destroying the USA

 You can’t leave.  USA becomes the equivalent of the abusive spouse. 
Huge price increase to renounce citizenship begins as an Iron Curtain goes up around the USA.  Freemen we are not if this is the case.  The way it should work is that leaving and denouncing your citizenship should be as easy and inexpensive as forwarding your mail.  Why, because unless we have become an undesirable place to live few would want to leave.  Thus begs the question, why are they leaving?

USA Today Article Tech Worker Shortage Lies
This is how you destroy the middle class.

Federal Debt up $7 trillion under current regime.
It appears intentional and plan on living less large because of it.  Things will get tough.

Murderers being released into the USA 
Pay attention.  Those humble illegals you see may be fresh from a round of killings and you my friends are on the menu.   

American Future – The Decline of Democracy and Immigration
From simple things like having to speak Spanish if you go to Miami to seeing 3rd world traffic habits invade our roads along with a tower of Babel when it comes to languages spoken here things are changing and not for the better. 

Now you don’t have a right to remain silent.
This new ruling presupposes that choosing not to say anything is somehow to be interpreted as guilt.  If stopped by a police officer and I don’t ask why he stopped me is that somehow admitting to something.  If I ask why he stopped me then I risk being seen as confrontational and might even get handcuffed.  We may have arrived at the magic moment where all authority has total and unconditional control over determining your guilt.

ISIS may be crossing the Southern Border.
Our politicians care nothing about the risk to our country and the citizens so for your own good protect yourself.  The best way to do that is to live in a low population density area that is not a target for catastrophic attack looking to rack up big numbers.  Commonly called WMD the risk of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attack is only going to increase as the porous borders allow infiltration by men and materials necessary to complete the task.  Remember, the government does not care about you and as a matter of stating the obvious, it has everything to gain by allowing such attacks.  Any successful attack done on a massive scale will allow full implementation of police state protocols that are already being planned and assembled.  Conspiracy theories?  Open your eyes and see what is changing daily from things like the lexicon, shelter in place, to local police arming up with military hardware and the accompanying attitude.

Militia not welcome at border.
With wide open borders and a minimal presence to capture illegals the border patrol actually thinks that the militia groups patrolling private property are the problem. We have a problem and it is a deceptive government pretending to protect us and our borders.  Save yourself and remove yourself from the equation by locating where you will be relatively safe the these foolish games.

Ebola: How governments are gambling with our lives.

 CDC Says Ebola into USA is inevitable.
They already brought it here so what do they mean inevitable.  The question is whether it will be roaming the populace and laying waste to the American way of life.  More intentional destruction of our safety appears to be in operation.

Woman dies at Gatwick Airport.
Why are there planes still coming out of these countries?  More importantly, why are Western Countries still allowing planes to land from these locations since the epidemic is spreading rapidly.

2nd American with Ebola arrives in USA.
Why not keep these infected patients offshore.  What is the benefit to us for exposing the country to this risk?

Why Ebola was brought into the USA.
Fomenting terror against the citizens and flirting with disaster according to Alex Jones.  Endangering the public.

Dozens from Ebola struck countries caught sneaking into US through open borders.
Keep in mind this could take off any time or just never happen here.  If it takes off I’d have a plan that includes long term isolation from public exposure until the menace dissipates.

Malaria and Ebola mix of diseases causing disaster in Africa
With international flights and no restrictions this may be coming to your neighborhood soon.

Feds bend CDC rules and allow illegals to stay
Rather than putting them in isolation and then shipping them home we instead have them dumped into main street USA.  This is very bad.

Surviving the Collapse

If you want to survive a collapse the best way to do it is to learn to live on nothing or next to nothing.
Living on noting I can’t help you with, but next to nothing is very possible if you are willing to tailor your lifestyle.  Here are your best ways to limit expenses.

Shelter:  Own cheap and I mean real cheap.  Who cares 

Mimimalism can help and here is one take on it.

Going without power is another aspect of arranging a soft landing in the event of a collapse that might impact the power grid.  If an EMP event occurs it could be the cause of a collapse.

Growing your own food can bring you through unscathed.
A small plot of land can bring enough food to last you through the year.  What it takes is time and effort and some know how.  Here is a great article on that subject. 

How will you live without power- going low tech.

You should have a few of the items in place already.

The list includes:

Wood Power Heat Source
Water from a non pressured or powered source unless it is a hand pump system
Water filtration that is gravity operated.
Food you grow yourself.
Shelter that you can be sure won’t burn down as others do stupid things that cause fires in their own homes.  This means a single family home a distance from others or some type of masonry structure that is resistant to fire.
Weapons – self protection since no 911 help is available.
Medical supplies – self treatment since no 911 help is available.
Lots of books- the old fashioned kind since your entertainment options will be limited.

Learn to spot predators of the two legged kind.
You can often see it in their eyes, but most surely when others are in pain. 

Vitamin D is a key to good health under stress.