Pandemic Watch: Mosquito borne virus spreading across the US, Ten Plagues in the USA

Scientist keeps quiet about Flu Virus Mistake.
This is how to get everyone killed and you can bet they would never share where it originated.  The experimentation should be done on a remote island or in a desert location where workers cannot leave until quarantined for weeks.  Pay them more if need be but let us all live a bit safer because of it.

 Ebola USA
It almost made it here.

Dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile, and many others will be reaching far across the USA as travelers and immigrants bring disease into mainland USA.  Will Malaria be next?
This is an example of why you need border and import controls, but why monied interests have no other concern than the free flow of people and goods without inspection.

The Ten Plagues that are hitting America right now.
This list does not include all of the diseases that are rapidly getting introduced into the USA through open borders, easy flights without health checks, and containerized shipping left unchecked.

Gun Control Update

Howitzer fired at gun show hits home.
These guys don’t help things.  Who knew what they were doing?

Executive Order to ban importation of Russian AK Rifles and ammo. 
We didn’t see that coming.  Actually we all did since the noise and chatter on this started right after the Ukraine incident.  It is no surprise at all and will simply raise prices and in some strange way increase demand.

AK Demand Up due to Ban
No surprise here.  Make it scarce and demand will ramp up if it was at all desirable. 

Daily Outrage: Released Alien Kills American

Released border crisis alien murders American.
Part of the Presidential plan to change American demographics not only includes increasing the alien population but killing off Americans at the same time.  The added bonus for the left is to increase the level of terror in society by the expectation of kidnapping and murder from strangers.

Mob of teens attack a 48 year old man.
This has become sport for the new generation.

Police Choke a man to death who broke up a fight.
Stay out of the way of the cops is what I get from this.  They are becoming the new menace to your safety.

Cop shoots at dog and hits 10 year old boy.
It is starting to look like this is the new sport for police, shooting dogs.  I wonder if they have seminars on this since it has become a regular thing.

Invasion USA – The Collapse of the Borders

Perry Calls out the Texas National Guard to Protect the Border
It is about time. Way past time.  Too little too late but it is better than nothing and maybe will set the tone.

 Death Comes in Many forms across the border.
The government is actively introducing highly infectious individuals into communities around the country by air dropping these illegals into towns like yours.  The risk is extreme.

Massive invasion of youth from Central America has proven that we no longer have borders.
With a welfare state drawing the future underclass voters for more largesse from the working middle class the transformation of the country is almost complete and it won’t end well.  Get used to the idea of having no say in what happens in your country, state, city, and neighborhood as the numbers of illegals aliens flood the ballot boxes and welfare offices.

Mexico and Guatemala set up a fast track for delivery of illegals into the USA.
Destroying a country the old fashioned way.  We are being invaded but have no means of defense against it since it is arranged by our government.

This planned flood of young illegals piling into the US began in 2010.
The media has been silent.

Nebraska has 200 illegals dumped into state and Feds won’t tell them who or where.
A terror attack instigated by the US Government is currently in play.  In this case it is biological warfare where infectious diseases are spread throughout the country and the attendant costs are put onto local governments.

Gangs find open borders a recruitment hub.
The death and destruction this will bring on Americans may be well deserved for those who voted for Change, but what about the rest of us who wanted nothing to do with it.  This is horrific in the implications coming down the road where we will have huge roving gangs running cities and small towns.

Camp of the Saints 2014 style.
It looks like our time has come.

New Weapons of War

Railgun in testing from ships
This is the first step into post missile technology that involves kinetic rather than energy weapons.  All of this portends a new gap between modern military armament and that available to 2nd tier military forces.  

Smart Sniper Rounds
Self guided bullets are a worrisome thought since that means skill becomes less of an issue and over time if the price comes down it will be easy to get yourself shot on the battlefield.

Pandemic Watch: Threats Against Doctors for talking about the imported diseases carried by illegals

Dengue and Influenza vials found undocumented in lab following smallpox vials found previously.  
They will get all of us killed if they keep this up.

Doctors and Medical workers threatened with arrest if they talk about the diseases that illegals are bringing to the USA.  This qualifies as insanity and high crimes.  Why should Americans be placed at risk just for future votes and cheap labor.  Get yourself ready for the onslaught.

Deadly Flu Strain Recreated in Lab
The risk to humanity is so high by doing that it is obvious not to do it.

2 More Swine Flu Cases Confirmed
Welcome the new carriers of death to the USA courtesy of our politicians.  The risk of pandemic goes up hourly.

Ebola, Dengue, Hand and foot disease, and Swine Flu entering the USA courtesy of illegal invasion.
This is inexcusable and will kill lots of Americans.  Get yourself ready for staying home for weeks at a time.

Superbugs threaten return to the Dark Ages
Life may get cheap and short if this comes about.

Fungus may be a silver bullet in fighting superbugs.
Let’s hope this is truly good news, but don’t count on it.

Scientist creates new deadly flu strain for pandemic research.
They won’t be happy until they lose control of one of these.

Colorado Man found to have deadliest plague.
Coming to your neighborhood son courtesy of rodent protect by the Feds and of course new arrivals coming from south of the border.