Daily Outrage: Pandemic Imported by Illegals, Texas Man told to take down U.S. Flag,

Fresh influx of disease from illegals
Here is your imported pandemic courtesy of the government to include of course the executive branch run by Democrats and the vacillating congress run by Republicans who talk continually of amnesty.  This is like putting out honey for the flies.  TB coming across the border with illegals.

Schumer worried about illegals bring in mosquito diseases.

Texas man told to take down U.S. Flag
He is told it is a threat to Muslims.  What does this mean other than the likely coming Balkan Wars in the U.S.A.

Woman Beaten at McDonald’s in front of her toddler.
The kid had his heart in the right place.  Best quote.  “Hold the beating.”

Daily Beatdown
I guess this is what the current crop of youths call entertainment.

Police State Update: DHS = Standing Army?

DHS is a standing Army on US soil.
It has become a behemoth with huge budgets, lots of paycheck takers, and huge ammo storage.  The risk to the country is clear and it would be best for congress to cut their budget.  Instead it continues to grow and seize power from local agencies.  Ammo purchases are ramped up while driving down availability to the public.  All in all, it looks as if the King’s men are on the march.

Secret Home Searches
This is a clear indicator we are well past police state status.

TOR Browser use prompts NSA snoops.
If you use a privacy browser that is justification for watching you.

44% of Republicans believe armed revolution is likely.
No surprise here since they are under attack by the government especially if conservative.

Book Review: Because I said So!

Because I said So!  By Ken Jennings

This is a short book review with the purpose of giving you a recommendation for a library book that might give you some insight on fallacies and old wives tales.  Many of the warnings and tales that are passed down are based on one time events or worst case events.  Sometimes the warning are just to reinforce manners and to teach you to avoid doing gross things.  How do you discern between the two.  Well, this book seems to have done so.

If you can get it locally at the library I would do so.  It is not a regular addition to the bookshelf that you might refer to often but it might just simply give you the facts on some things we were taught as kids to keep us in line that really had no basis in fact.

Following some of the old warnings might just keep you healthy.

This is a book that you might breeze through and catch a chapter every day or so until it is done.

I can’t say I’d pay hard cash for the book but getting a checkout copy from the library gives the writer his due and gives you benefit of learning from his research.

It is well written but the subject matter makes it a low on the priority list read.  Just get through it.

Collapse Update: Housing Price Risk, Government Grabs, Bedbugs and Disease

IMF warns about world housing prices.
Remember, the value never changes on the hard assets so much as it is a reflection of how worthless the currency it is valued in is becoming.

Will governments grab bank accounts?
They did it before and will do it again.  When they need the money they do what comes natural, and they take it right where it resides.  What is easier than just clearing out bank accounts.

The coming Flood of Illegals and Amnesty.
What does this mean for you when you have to compete for jobs, school, aid, medical services, and voting rights against those who are new to the country and put ahead of you in line.  This will bring tears and earth shaking alterations to our way of life.  Get ready to explain yourself when you say you are against it.

Pandemics and Infestations
Bedbugs close a public library in Detroit.
Thanks to open borders this will be a nationwide problem.  If they suck blood they carry disease.

.22 LR – Become a Collector

This photo almost qualifies as porn to a .22 shooter looking for ammo.  This is an older photo so I hate to tell you that most of it has gone downrange.

At this point I’m not sure I even want to shoot my .22 rounds any more.  Every time I go out looking for it I notice the price is not going down and it is hardly available.  The amounts sold at most gun shops are little 50 round boxes which to me reminds of of the old days when some newbie would buy a box to go shooting where I would do the same with a brick of 500 or 550.  You can still find the bricks at Wally World if you are lucky and the price has come down the last time I found it.  A brick of Federal 550 rounds came in at around $25 but was limited to one brick rather than the three previously.  Since it is so scarce I think it’s fine to limit it to one brick or box of .22 per customer since it is apparent there are professional buyers out there that are loading up for gun show sales or gun shop sales.  I suppose there are others that are simply hoarding.

Here is my suggestion.  Rather than combing the web and making daily trips to Wally World to get your hands on bulk .22 just become a collector.  Find a box of 50 or 100 at a reasonable price for that amount and add it to your collection.  Rather than burning it up through an auto loader pistol or rifle I suggest you go back to revolver plinking.  It takes longer to load and it is easier to discipline yourself to shoot for precision.  Make it last.  Limit yourself to a 50 round live ammo shooting session and make that last for at least a half hour.  Take well aimed shots with proper technique and use this challenge to increase your skill versus just slinging lead downrange.

Beyond that, I’d highly recommend a bb pistol and pellet rifle to round out your shooting sessions.  This is easy if you can shoot on your own land.  I’m not sure how many ranges will allow bb gun shooting.  The ones I am familiar with allow pellet rifle shooting since it is soft lead and won’t ricochet easily.

Try the Daisy 15XT for a reliable and simple BB pistol.  The price is right too.  If you have problems with the seal Daisy has been generous to users by supplying extra seals on request.  The price to shoot BBs is less than a penny per shot by my estimation, so it is a good cost effective substitute.

Crosman Trail NP All Weather .22 – I highly recommend this for target shooting despite the bad trigger.   I have learned to shoot it well anyway and there is an option to get a trigger upgrade if you feel that you need it.    It is reliable though heavy for carrying around for hunting or standing and shooting.  Off a bench it is ideal and cocking the weapon is easy compared to many others of similar capability.  It is very quiet.  The hitting power of the .22 is better than the .177 if you intend to shoot targets like cans, golf balls, tennis balls, or spinners so I would go that way instead of the .177.  Stick with the hollow point rounded hunting pellets for accuracy and low cost.  Crosman pellets are available at Wally World.  The cost to shoot a pellet is around .02 per shot.  In the old days I wouldn’t have gone this route when I could buy .22 long rifle at .03 per shot.  Those days are gone possibly forever so pellet rifle here I come.  I have learned to enjoy it since it is quiet and actually gives me some strength training when breaking the barrel especially with a long shooting session.

Forcing American Decline: President Driving the Country to Ruin, Dollar Fade, Dumping Illegals

Russia Holding Talks to Drop Dollar in International Trade
The ham handed approach of the administration has led to a desire of our adversaries to remove the dollar as the international currency.

Obama is driving the country to ruin.
This is not disputable to anyone looking at results.

Administration allows open borders and grants amnesty 
This isn’t just catch and release.  It is catch, redirect, and set loose with promises of money, legal help, and of course a future voting card with a Democrat affiliation to keep the change coming.

Imported Pandemic as diseases cross the border with illegals.
Though the government is tasked with protecting the citizens from outside threats here we have a most obvious threat that is not even considered worth concern.  Bottom line:  They don’t care.
Death from below as in South of the Border and why the government is making it happen.

25% of Americans saving $0 for Retirement
Get ready for beans and a tent

Mentally Unbalanced Leadership Ruining the Country

The off center leadership in the country from the President, Vice President, Senate Majority Leader, and the Speaker of the House is putting the country in a precarious position.

A recent postulation by a psychologist that our President is somewhat unhinged should make as all worried.  What we don’t need is a President that makes rash and unformed decisions based on ego and unclear thought and yet that is precisely what we seem to have.  Worse, we have an opposition party led by someone seeming more confident in a tanning booth and sitting on a bar stool when not playing golf with financial supporters.  The Speaker of the House also exhibits an unbalanced mentality when falling into crying and blubbering modes, then choking up ever time he has to speak about his rise to power.

We are in trouble.  God save us please from such small men.

Addendum:  Rats have regret according to scientists,  but not crazy politicians unless they are caught and cannot lie their way out of trouble.