American Media Propaganda, Power Consolidation by Government Forces

Down Economy Not Bad According To Media
It seems they will stop at nothing to protect their masters even if it means making clearly false assertions to protect those they keep in office.  Thank the media for proving that little of what you read in U.S. news goes by without being massaged and managed to give false impressions.

Carney Resigns from Press Secretary Job
The job of a propaganda minister is tough especially when the lies are no longer believed.

Use of Force Against Illegals for Border Patrol Tightened
The restrain for use of force against illegals is much more restrained than the force allowance for that against citizens.  What does that tell you about where we are on the sliding scale of freedom to tyranny?   Many of us already watch what we say to avoid punishment.

Climate Change Fears Stoked by President
This is only to grasp for more power over our lives and the economy and the media will not question it.

Illegals Allowed to Join the Military
The same time that we are downsizing the military and increasing our domestic police forces room is made to accept those will have little problem firing on American Citizens.  This is not by accident and watch it develop.

Sitrep: Food Prices UP, Crime Against the Vulnerable

World Food Banks Warns of Rising Food Prices
If you haven’t put aside a good amount of food by now to at least get you a start for a shortage or rationing now might be a good time.  Who knows where this will lead but I can see our stupid politicians giving food away produced here to foreign countries while we struggle to survive and pay for it here.  Only the food stampers will do well when things get ugly.

Teen Girls Gang Raped and Hanged in India
If you think humanity has evolved just keep your eye on this kind of news.  We’re bringing in many immigrants into the USA from countries with this type of mentality.  As our culture recedes and become more bestial you would do best to prepare for it.  You know what that means don’t you.  Get armed and get trained.  Locate in a place where this is less likely and this generally means finding a place that supports your values.

100 Year Old Veteran Robbed at Gunpoint
Criminals always go for the soft target and this is no different.  The poor guy was clearly targeted as an easy mark and thankfully they didn’t shoot or beat him.  How do you think you’ll be treated in your declining years as infirmity makes you vulnerable.  Look around and expect the same treatment you receive in traffic.

Racial Divide Widens as Teachers Abuse Students About White Privilege
This aggressive move toward reeducation of students and their view of the world will do nothing to help racial problems in the USA.

Filet Knife Saves Woman and Her Dog

Two Pit Bulls Killed by a Woman With a Filet Knife
As much as I love dogs I would have done the same thing to protect a myself, a friend and of course my own dog.  What is amazing is how the owner of the two pit bulls placed the blame on the woman who defended herself.  At least the Sheriff made sense of the thing and allowed her to keep her knife.

Object Lesson Derived:   Any type of blade may save you but a long and thin blade is exceptional at getting to the heart of the matter.  What I found instructive in this is that the woman with the filet knife could have used the argument that she was using it to cut an apple that she had or some other such reason.  It is a kitchen utensil and might be explained away while a bowie knife or an equivalent folding serrated knife is less so and may get you charged.  Either way, I’ve just learned something.

Memorial Day

Day is Done, Gone the Sun
From the Lakes, From the Hills
From the Sky
All is well, Safely Rest
God is Nigh

Verse from Taps – unofficial lyrics

“For those who died that we might live.”  I received an email from a prominent politician this morning with this message and though the message by itself carries special meaning I have to say the message rings hollow when coming from him and most of those in Washington.

The birthright handed to us by those who came before us and fought wars, suffered, and died is being squandered.   By flooding the country with aliens that have no allegiance to the ideas that held this country together we will lose not only our liberty but the ideas that were the wellspring.  By squandering our wealth on peoples and governments around the world rather than keeping it here and leaving our citizens to their own hard earned wealth we are setting up the country for a fall.  By promulgating a police state with multiple levels of security just to protect us from the influx of the before mentioned aliens and our perennial open borders we are losing all those things that made us great and free.   What greater insult to those who sacrificed than to throw away their bequest.

On this this day I do give thanks and remembrance for those brave souls that gave in all our wars and the true honor to them is not to let pass what they fought to preserve.

Vienna Sausage in a Can – Poor Man’s Survival Food

I always throw a can of Libby’s Vienna Sausage in my food cooler or travel pack since it carries enough calories in the form of protein and fat to keep you going.  It is dense and simple.  Admittedly, I wouldn’t make this my primary diet but it offers something that many foods don’t for this purpose.  First off, you can open it without a can opener since it has a pull top with a tab on it.  The cost is very low relative to many foods and it compares favorably against any fast food options.  Each can holds a number of links that individually could be given to part of a group, squad, travel mate, or your dog that can block hunger and lift energy levels.  It has sodium in moderate amounts for canned meat but if you are undergoing hard physical activity it may serve to replace electrolyte loss that includes sodium.

The other meats are examples of your options for medium term protein storage.  Variety is also an excellent approach to avoiding getting bored with a very limited diet.   I find the Vienna Sausage one of the most convenient throw in the bag travel food since it is cheap, safe, and not messy.  A plastic fork will get you through the can and it is easy to share this.  Some don’t find it appetizing at all so as usual personal taste comes into it. 

A final note on this for the health fanatics that wouldn’t touch these is to train yourself to get used to the idea of worrying about surviving into the next week rather than thinking about long term health.  If things go sideways most people will be worried about day to day existence, not what their cholesterol level is.  The key word is moderation so only try this as a snack food now and then.  Compare it to fast food minus the risk of bacterial infection that comes with any food handled by others.  I’ve never gotten sick eating out of a can.

Financial Doom: Why Government Employees are Part of the Problem, Immigration=Socialism,

Government Blue Collar Millionaires and Bureaucrats make twice as much as the private sector.
They will live well while we struggle to pay the taxes they live and vacation on in retirement.

Immigrants support big government and socialism.
This means what you think it means.  Since there is no sign of slowing immigration get ready for a gradual and eventually a cascading decline in freedom and social mobility due to rampant regulation and taxes.  Conservatism is a white phenomenon and will be erased as whites decline in numbers.

Sitrep: Staying Out of Trouble, Veterans are the New Terror Threat, USDA Gets Subguns and Body Armor, Amnesty by Edict

 You are not safe in America even if you are honest and think you are law abiding.

Here is a great article at infowars that covers a list of atrocities against citizens.
According to the article you have plenty to worry about even if you have nothing to hide.

Veterans are the New Terrorist Threat
This is because many have learned to see through the lies put forth in the media an no longer believe what passes for news or for that matter national interest.

USDA Orders Body Armor
USDA Gets Submachine guns and 30 round magazines
This is more of the telling story of the new domestic army once dreamed about by our President and now fully in the process of equaling our military in numbers.  They are spreading the numbers around all of the various agencies to try to hide the vast increase in firepower and aggressive capability to be used on the citizens.  No case can be made for the need to handle criminals by this arming up.

USA Ruler will issue a decree allowing illegal aliens to stay in the country.
This is about votes and destroying the opposition: The Republicans

US Utility System at Risk and has been hacked.
Keep in mind that they have no idea whether the system can sustain at attack, likely not.

Sitrep: World Questions USA Deterrence, Dollar Collapse Imminent

America No Longer Represents at Deterrence to Foes or Seen as Reliable to Allies
This is how an empire declines and the effect will be a much more dangerous world to everyone.

Who will pull the pin on the dollar collapse.
Most anyone paying attention knows the pin is already pulled but it has a delayed fuze.  If you haven’t got yourself at least somewhat covered by now then good luck to you.  Store water, food, shelter, guns, and precious metal in that order.