Survival Foods post a 35% Price Increase in 5 months

I checked the prices of  survival food at 
Amazon from last year versus now.

Mountain House Just In Case – Classic Assortment Bucket (Pack of 12)
December 2013   $55.99

April 2014             $75.84

$19.85 increase in 5 months   35% increase
Mountain House Just In Case Essential Assortment Bucket

December 2013    $53.80 

April 2014             $64.99

 $11.19 increase in 5 months  21% increase


What does this tell you?  

I suggest that this is a result of panic, mass purchases by FEMA, rumors of mass purchases by FEMA,  and the mainstreaming of survival food storage just like ammo saw within the past two years.   If you are planning to buy some of these types of food I suggest you do so now rather than later when it may increase another 35%.

Other options include filling your food storage shortfalls with canned and packaged foods that have a multiple year shelf life rather than the multiple decade shelf life of the freeze dried foods.

Federal Grabs Continue, China Strong, DHS Ammo Purchase, Police Shooting Dogs, USA Changes Sides in War on Terror

Texas AG warns BLM not to take land.
The further incursions against private property and state rights are running fast.  Keep an eye on how this may eventually lead to rebellions, first local, but later on a national basis.  If that happens, be prepared to fasten your seatbelts for a ride into roadblocks, searches, gun registrations, and massive increases in taxes to keep the leviathan going.

China Making Noise, Rattling Sabres
The buildup in China now finally and very late in the game has captured the attention of defense analysts who for the longest time said we had 20 years or even 40 years before reaching this point.  We are at risk in many places and this just adds to the worries and in addition they are feeling strong about their economic prowess since we shipped all of our factories to China.  How stupid, huh.

DHS to buy 25 million shotgun rounds
Here we go again.  What possible reason can justify this volume of shotgun ammunition that includes 15 million slugs and 10 million buckshot rounds.  The most obvious thing is to cause another price increase and shortage.  The secondary purpose is they will need slugs for car windshields and buckshot for mobs.  What are they expecting to happen that they aren’t telling us about.

Police Dog Shootings Continue
If you have any reason to call the police to your home I highly suggest you lock the dog up somewhere where the police have no reason or excuse to enter such as a shed in the backyard or even bring it to a neighbor and ask them to keep him locked up until the potential killers of your pet are finished with you.  They must have this as part of training doctrine where your dog counts no more than a rodent or snake.  This is a very sad commentary on where we have gone in the realm of aggressive police behavior.

USA Changes Side in War on Terror
This has become obvious and the point of this article is that Libyan leader may have been a bad customer but he was our bad customer and he had signed onto our war on terror.  So what did we do, we had him killed.  No wonder our allies no longer trust us.

Pentagon to Destroy 1 Billion in Ammo
This appears as more proof that the Gov is trying to tighten ammo supplies in the civilian market.

Pandemic Update: Contagion in Middle East, MRSA at home, MERS Virus in USA

 Mosquito borne virus in Palm Beach
Chikungunya is the new entry into the USA courtesy of air travel.  The worry is that we have lost control not only of our borders but the free flow of contagion is now unimpeded and mosquito are some of the most efficient vectors for spreading deadly disease.

Middle East fears of containment for deadly viruses
It keeps happening and it keeps getting worse each time.  Prepare for a spread.

Saudi Health Minister Removed from Post
Here is another victim of this deadly MERS virus though in his case it only cost him his job so far.  It is hard to say if any one person could be held accountable for a viral outbreak such as this.

MRSA in homes in USA
The risk is spreading and will eventually make even the most simple scrape a potential death sentence.  I would like to think this is only a result of antibiotic overuse but the conclusion that we have flooded the country with a hundred million disease carriers always lurks in the background.  Remember, we no longer test immigrants except maybe for TB but that is only the legal ones.  Add the illegals and we are open for a pandemic.

World Headed to Post Antibiotic Era
This spells doom for many simple operations and recovery from injuries.  It makes you want to stay home.

Antibiotic Resistant Infections worse than AIDS Worldwide
This is something to look forward to as we slide into another dark age.

MERS Makes Landfall on U.S. Soil
Good luck if you have bad luck and get infected with it.

2nd MERS case in USA
From Saudi Arabia and allowed into the USA with no health checks.

The dirtiest things in your possession when it comes to infections and how to protect yourself.

Collapse Update: Pensions at risk, China Gold, Annihilation of Savers

A majority of pensions will face bankruptcy.
If you are feeling safe in your old pension plan then read this.  Most are underfunded and based on high rate of return assumptions.

Chinese Gold Demand Up 20% this year.
They know not to hold dollars and the government wants gold investment.

Annihilation of Savers All Over the World
Jimmy Rogers says we should all be worried.  Don’t worry Jimmy we are worried but only a little.  If you have your ducks in a row such as Water, Food, Shelter, Self Defense Tools (guns and ammo), and precious metals there is not much point in worrying, but just focus on living the best you can.

Baby Boomers Living with Mom and Dad
This is just a replay of the old days when it was the parents that might hand the home over to the kids in order to have someone care for them.  The reality now is that there has been no recovery and will not be one as long as the policies put in place continue.  The ACA is the most destructive action ever devised to destroy the American economy since it is one massive tax increase.

Another Real Estate Crash?
It might just be happening but what we do know is that sales are slowing and prices will follow.

17 things to show anyone who doesn’t believe the economy is in trouble.
Each of these is cause for concern.

Number One Thing To Hoard Before a Crisis

If you hear the ads on what to hoard in a crisis the actual truth is that you should hoard it before one begins.  I am going to give you a short list.  Call it the F list since if you don’t have it in place and an emergency strikes, you are Royally F___ed.

 In my opinion here are the top 5 with the #1 item being the item 2nd in importance to sustain life behind the air your breathe.  The rest fill the needs to avoid starvation and exposure to life threatening temperatures and to protect you from attack.   I’ll round the list out to five items that I would have in place before I bothered with ninja gear, fancy electronics, a bug-out bag, or a retreat.  (Most others that come up with a list like this determine that freeze dried survival foods are the #1 on the list.  Remember, you can go without food for a while but no water in 3 days and you are facing potential death from dehydration.  Usually that means you drink dirty water and then risk succumbing to infection and diarrhea.)

#1 Filtration (water) – and all things that can give you clean water that includes filters, bladders, canteens, hydration packs, and even emergency water packets. Storing lots of water is a must.  Here is a nice workup on emergency water supplies.

#2 Food – in every possible easy to use and prepare format.   I’d go with canned and foil/plastic sealed food.   Ideas include precooked mac&cheese, powdered milk, canned bread, fruit cups, peanut butter, canned beans, energy bars, survival rations  and to top it off an assortment of vitamin supplements.  Salmon in a pouch is an easy way to ramp up your protein stores.  Multiple can openers should be part of your food storage.  No cooking required is the best type to have stored and ready.  Dried rice or pasta is not high on the list until you have the means to boil water that won’t consume your heat sources.

Poor Man’s Survival Food – Vienna Sausage

#3 Fuel  and Fire – To heat your shelter and food is essential as well as for transport.  This category includes propane, butane, wood, wax candles, charcoal, lighter fluid, lighters, kerosene + heater, and gasoline.  Be sure to limit the volume of gasoline in or near the home.  One option is just to make sure all vehicles have 3/4+ full tanks all the time.  Things such as space blankets that conserve fuel needed for heat can fall into this category.  Add lots of matches and lighters to your fuel list and a magnesium striker so you won’t be wondering how to ignite your fuel.  (All this assumes you have the proper means of maintaining your body temperature in the form of shelter either in a vehicle or home.    Sleeping bags and tents count as shelter if only temporary.)

#4 Flashlights – Try going without light sources.  The best ones include lawn solar lights, LED flashlights w/batteries, crank flashlights, and light sticks.   LED solar rope lights are one of the best sources for indoor lighting for an emergency since you can charge them outside and pull them in at night when needed.  Rechargeable batteries such as the Sanyo Eneloop are my favorite battery types.  The Ryobi 18V system of flashlights and lanterns found at Home Depot and online is also a great option since charging is easy and the capacity is excellent, and I like that the flashlights can rest on the square bottom battery so it can sit while on and still be useful.

#5 Firearms – Personal safety has to be insured and the best way to do that is have an equalizer in the form of a gun.  I’d get a shotgun, handgun, and rifle in that order.  Whatever you choose make sure you have hundreds of rounds of ammunition to go with it.  Do some training with it as well if for no other reason than to make sure it works and you know how to use it.

In conclusion.

If you consider preparation for emergencies a low priority at least take care of these 5 basic needs and you can make it for an extended period of time.   Think of this as insurance.

American Oligarchy, Work Camp, and Police State Update

 The US in an Oligarchy, study concludes.
It is nice that it took a big study to figure this out.  Look around you and see that even though a majority of citizens want the borders shut down, immigration curbed, foreign aid reduced, no socialized medicine, and a simpler tax system there is nothing taking it in that direction.  Instead, both sides continue forward with the desires of the Oligarchs.

The US Work Camp – 86 Million Taxpayers support the rest
We are well past the tipping point so enjoy what you can but don’t expect to turn this mess around by voting.

FBI developing facial recognition database
The slippery slope of privacy lost is nearly complete.  With cameras everywhere and face shots for driver’s license photos held in archives it will soon be impossible to remain anonymous no matter where you go.  This will go mainstream to where you enter a store and they know who you are and what you are likely to buy.

FBI visiting gun shops to find right wing extremists or simply those that are anti-government.
They seem to have less interest in Muslim terrorists than they do billy joe bob that doesn’t like Big Fed.

How the Government, special interest groups, and news manipulators lie to get what they want.  Euphemism is the stock in trade of these minions of deceit.  Any time you hear that list of words plus another thousand that keeps growing you are being lied to to form a false view of the world.  This is how governments control people.

SAT Dumb down
This is how you make it easy to manipulate the proles.

What if they Nuke a City in the USA?

I found this article and I must assume that the writer lives there since I always through NYC would be the terrorist’s first target with D.C. a close second.
Here is what you are supposed to do if they nuke D.C. 
This must mean you live or work there I suppose.
First off I assume you aren’t near ground Zero since there would be no point in reading this.  As for the other advice, I guess it makes sense but I have always heard it takes 2 weeks for the radiation to clear.  Either way, if I were in D.C. and saw a bright flash on the Horizon and felt the roar I’d follow the old rule of bending over a kissing my hind parts goodbye.

One would think if any city has protection against nuke attack it would be D.C., or at least I hope so.  I simply can’t imagine all those self important, greedy, and power grasping elitists not finding a way to protect themselves first before us.

I’d worry more about contagion.

Guns and Ammunition Update: .22 Long Rifle Perspective. BB shortage, Russian Ammo Rumor

 .22 Ammo still scarce and prices have leveled off at a new high.

Current Market Prices for .22 LR

Brick: Wally World = $29  Gun Shows = $50
Box of 50  $5 at gun shops and shows.  No 50 round boxes found at Wally World

CCI Stinger – $10 per 50 or more no matter where you shop.

.22 Magnum $15-$20 per 50 rounds.  This has become as expensive as 9mm so why bother.

When the current Administration first won election in 2008 the price for a brick of .22 at Wally World was less than $12 per 550 rounds if my memory serves me correctly.  I ran into the store and started picking up bricks at that price but held back a bit thinking I might be overreacting.  I was wrong of course since the shortage of that year proceeded to raise the price to what became the new normal of $18 per brick and at that new price eventually things came back to normal.  Well, then the Connecticut school shooting occurred and it hasn’t been the same since.  .22 bricks at Wally World are rare to find and when they show up they are now coming in at $29 dollars and the guys there tell me that they haven’t increased prices and in their employment term maybe they haven’t, but prices are up.  Since 2008 .22 bulk prices have more than doubled and if you want to buy even a 50 round box of low end Long Rifle .22 the price is running somewhere around $5 or $6 putting the price of a .22 round at at least 10 cents each.  Even the bulk price is over 5 cents per round where prior to the 2008 election I couldn’t justify shooting pellets since the savings of shooting a pellet was only 1 cent per shot, not enough justify wearing out my shoulder, arms, and wrist for pumping up a pellet rifle.  I preferred .22 Long Rifle every time.

It was a year ago that gun show prices for a brick of .22 (550 rounds) was averaging $100-$110 and that has now come down to around $50 which of course is 4 times what it once cost and they really didn’t bother selling bricks at gun shows since Wally World always had it in stock and the price was too competitive.  Now, most of the .22 ammo you find at shows came from Wally World and is being resold.

My new strategy is to get .22 when I run across it at Wallys and if it isn’t there, I just pick up another tin of pellets in .22 or .177.    I have found some spot shortages of pellets as well and in one location on the East Coast they regularly run out of BBs.  So the pressure is still on for finding ammo and especially .22.  It looks like many people have switched to airgun training and practice.


Finding 9mm is easier as I have come across it fairly often at Wally’s and also at online stores.  The new baseline price is a minimum of  $15 per 50 and many guns shops and ranges are closer to $20 per box.  When I run out of my range supply I am considering sitting out for a while and sticking with .22, pellets, BBs, and laser training just to avoid the high cost of what used to be a cheap and easy to find self defense round for handguns. 

.40 S&W

It is out there without too much difficulty in finding it but the price for a box of 50 is now generally at $25 or higher so range time is becoming too much for many of us.  Wally world often has it in stock.

More Liberal Folly on Gun Buybacks in Arizona.
So the police are in a rush to destroy the guns brought in but I bet you those high dollar ones never make it to the smelter or to the turn in list.  Just saying.  Admittedly, there are plenty of low end handguns that almost deserve destruction just for the safety of the user, but it pains my heart to think of some old 1911 or a German Mauser brought back from WW2 by a vet might end up cut to pieces.  It is nice to see Arizona add some sanity to this by probably reselling those collectible guns at auctions so that the buybacks are self supporting and over time the idiots that turn in a thousand dollar gun for a food gift card might actually learn not to do that before checking on the value.

Here is a story about the shortage predicted for Russian ammo along with a video.

Ammo Shortage thoughts – the shortage is not over.
Russian Ammo Shortage Rumors
The great red ammo scare may end up being nothing but a scare after you read this article.  It appears there may still be plenty of supply options in the pipeline to include Baltic states that have no restrictions planned.  If you want 7.63×39 there appears to be a ready supply on many online sites and there is even some availability of 5.45×39 though if that is your ammo of choice then you may want to stack a little deeper.  Apparently most of that comes out of places where restrictions may come into play.  Hornady is now offering commercial 5.45×39 for about the same price as 5.56 or even a little cheaper so there hopefully will always be a ready supply of this great caliber.

Facebook to Regulate Gun Sales on their site.
I’m not sure what to make of this other than to say why would I list a gun for sale there anyway without making it clear I would only do it within the boundaries of the law.  Posting an illegal offer on a social media site seems stupid on the face of it.

Why is the USPS buying up so much ammo.
The Feds are on a buying binge when it comes to ammo, guns, and ninja gear.  Every agency seems to have an armed branch and they all go to the same training centers.  Of course this is very expensive and it is also very ominous.  Our standing army is comprised of these and they are quartered in our cities and towns to be used against us.  It also seems to be an easy way to raise ammunition costs for civilians by keeping demand high and supply low.  Don’t you wish you had stocked up earlier.

Sitrep: Bird Flu risk increases, Mers Virus in Saudi Arabia, Rule of Law Collapses, Secrecy Control and Tyranny, Stock Collapse

Bird Flu Risk  Increases as we are only a few away from human to human transfer.
It is closer every year and if it happens you can expect the body bags will be in short supply.  Preparations?  Get ready to stay home and hope your home does not share air with others like in an apartment complex or townhouse.

Mers Virus  
The death of one and the infection of others from the deadly strain show that the reappearance of this virus may portend a wider spread and worldwide transmission.

Deadly Yellow Fever Mosquito found in California.
It is a byproduct of open borders for both humans and cargo.

Deliberate effort to undermine the rule of law by Administration.
The collapse of the law enforcement system is underway with the intent to invite an unbeatable voting bloc of illegals into the country and give them citizenship.  What this means for Americans is the loss of sovereignty and our culture.  It was nice while it lasted.

Executive branch reaches for new levels of control and secrecy.
This is obvious to anyone that is honest in assessing what has happened to open and free flow of information from government.

Stock Collapse
The predictions are for a total market collapse of up to 80%.  Whatever happens, it appears the main support for such high stock prices is an increasing money supply and low interest rates.