Sitrep: Financial Collapse – Black Gold, USA Balkanized, Government Controlled Media

 Most jobs pay under 35k per year.
Meanwhile the politicians are helping the bankers loot the treasury.  We will all end up slaves to the government debt.

Why Gold is Important to the U.S. Economy
This article explains why the Romans eventually collapsed.  In the case of the USA we might be able to bypass this problem by replacing gold with black gold, Texas Tea by way of fracking.

USA Balkanization Continues as Whites Trend Republican
With the advent of a non-white presidency and the clear racial decision making of the administration along with lopsided support from blacks and other non-white groups many whites are noticing.  Though a large number of whites vote Democrat and voted for this president both times it appears that the fraudulent veneer of racial equanimity put out by the left has been unmasked.  What has emerged is a clear sign that things are as bad as they were back well before integration.  With mass immigration and minority privilege the shoe is now on the other foot. 

Government Controlled Media
NYT Reporter Recognizes the Big Threat to Press Freedom by the Most Transparent Administration.
They finally wake up a tiny little bit to the hypocrisy of the administration  once it is clear the fawning press is considered subservient.  Many of us did see through the transparency of the administration and what we saw was devoid of honesty and integrity.  Thanks for joining the crowd mainstream media.

Free Press No Longer.   Even the NYT has a reporter who is fed up.

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