Kockout Game Continues

WND Story on latest knockout.

The story the mainstream media never wants to cover is the ongoing one sided race war against whites by black males.  It involves random attacks in public places where the intent is to knock them out or injure them badly.  Usually the police pretend not to know what is up and just call it random violence.  We must acknowledge that this represents a small number of the black population doing this but it is a trend nonetheless and warrants discussion and action to protect yourself.

What to do:  Remain in a heightened state of awareness when in public places where black males are present.  Do not turn your back on them and do not pretend like you are unaware of their presence.  Keep an escape route available and carry some form of self defense whether it be a cane/walking stick, mace, pepper spray/pepper gun, stun gun, knife, or handgun.  My advice is to stick with armaments that are legal in your location so that you don’t end up going to jail simply for using it to protect yourself.

I like a pepper spray gun for many reasons and one is that it looks like a gun and might even dissuade an attack without using it.  They also have an led light on it that might blind and attacking and prevent them from noticing you do not have a real firearm. 

Your best answer is to stay out of areas where you might be at risk.  Move if you must but don’t remain a potential victim.  If you live in a locality where you can legally care a handgun then I’d add that to my daily outfit and be prepared to display it and use it if necessary.  Even a small caliber revolver is better than nothing when it comes to stopping an attack.

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