Sitrep: Financial Collapse, Energy Shortage, GOP Deathwatch

Banks Limiting Withdrawals
We want your payments but you can’t have your money.  Figure it out.

Bank Run Fears
I can happen here and probably will someday.  Just make sure you have your back covered by owning your home with no payments.

Argentina going through another inflation run.
How would you like to live this way.  Not me.  But the truth is we may have no choice in the future since we cannot control the outcome.  Buy a home, pay off your vehicles, put away some food, ammo, guns, and finally pick up some precious metal.

Half of Americans living paycheck to paycheck.
This may have always been true so I’m not sure what to make of this number.  The thing to know is that living paycheck to paycheck is not fun and generally people in that situation are very close to homeless when they have a personal disaster.

Propane Shortages Hit Midwest
More meddling by the bureaucrats has probably caused this. 

GOP plans Amnesty
This sellout by the GOP against their party base, conservatives in general, American workers, and the culture of the USA.  If this goes through it may be the last nail in the coffin of both the GOP and the chances that the US can ever veer away from the welfare state we are turning into a socialist nightmare.

Political Intimidation: Part of the Police State and Despotism

The obvious and ongoing political use of government agencies to destroy, distract, and intimidate the political opposition is the darkest aspect of the left leaning government currently leading the nation.  We are now beyond the laws when it comes to integrity in government.  It seems the Republicans have no stomach for retaliation or investigation either.

IRS prodded to begin further attacks on conservatives
The Stalinist left is now moving for a second election cycle of IRS attacks against the opposition. 

O’keefe Group Project Veritas Under Investigation
Here the governor of NY and his henchmen are fast at work doing as good as their word and attacking conservative groups with government agencies.

Anti-Obama Political Film Maker Indicted
With all the campaign fraud happening how comes this is the only guy we hear about.

Hollywood Conservative Group Under Investigation by IRS
The harassment continues and it is clearly politically motivated and directed. 

Sitrep: Pandemics, Fema Prepares, Water Poisoning,

FEMA prepares for a pandemic
They think it is coming, so what are you doing to protect yourself?  They are buying body bags, dumpsters, and cemetery plots so what should you be doing?  How about looking at the means of transmission. If you know that going out into public will risk exposure as the death rate climbs how about becoming a shut-in until the dust clears.  To do that you need a plan that includes the ability to stay home that includes savings, sick leave, food storage, water, and if possible a location where you are not sharing air with neighbors.  Apartments, townhouses, and close proximity single family homes do not fit that description.  1 acre with a home in the middle of it is my minimum.  I’d prefer 5 acres and if possible a remote location but we can’t have everything.

Food purchases in panic stage at FEMA
They are stockpiling.  Shouldn’t you!

Water Poisoning in West Virginia
This is why you should trust your senses if you smell something funny about your water.  Secondly, you should always have stored water and a means of filter it.  Without water you are dead in 3 days.

BYOBB – bring your own body bag.  FEMA can’t guarantee enough of anything including body bags so bring your own to the party if you bring nothing else.

American Police State

DHS decides to go Big BRO on Personal Identity Recognition 
They want to know where you are and be able to find you at any time of their choosing.  This is ominous.

 80 Year Old Shot in Bed by Police.
These stories are getting to regular and the consistent part of them is a trigger happy policeman.  Answer:  Better training combined with psychological testing of police to weed out the psychopaths.

 America is now one Big Prison.
We are not free if we are subject to lock-downs, surveillance of banking, mail, phone, and travel.  We are subject to searches at any time and can be drug and alcohol tested whenever the police see fit at a road block.  You are not free, not in the 1950’s sense of the word, or the 1920’s sense of it and especially not the 1776 sense of freedom as imagined by our founders.  This didn’t start with our current dictator either, but it does way back all the way to the Civil War with Lincoln and his illegal actions, Wilson and his dreams of world governance, and Roosevelt with his socialist dreams of a Democratic voting bloc forever. 

DHS Orders Sniper Ammo in large quantity
Getting ready for something?  There is no justifiable explanation for this.

NSA Veteran – We are now a police state

So they snoop and collect and pass along the information to the appropriate agencies to give them the list of crimes to charge against you.  The rule is that the law enforcement agency that is going to prosecute you has to pretend they got the information on their own with real probable cause.  Of course it is easy when you are writing fiction and have the story ending already determined.

We have long past crossed the Rubicon when it comes to freedom in the USA.   This information is so ominous and dark that I still can’t believe that the individuals responsible for this believe they can justify it.  Sure, you’ll hear terrorism given as the excuse to do all of the things they are now doing, but remember that at the same time they tell us we need to protect the public against these foreign terrorists they leave the borders open.  Worse yet, they invite them in as part of the immigration policies intent on salting the country with large areas of instability.

There is little each of us can do regarding these blatant violations of our constitution, but then the constitution has long been tossed in the dumpster.

Knowledge of this despicable state of affairs is good and for that we can thank Snowden.  Decades ago I would have thought him a traitor but now see him as an ally to free men.

Blimps by DOD may sit in the skies. 
They can track people and watch them in addition to supposedly looking for cruise missiles.

FBI seizes TOR Database
Just when you thought you had a private way to send email and view websites we learn the FBI has taken the database and is using it as needed.  The world is getting uglier here in the USA where privacy is now just a slogan.

Torture while in police custody.
Strapped in a chair and forced to inhale irritants is torture by any measure.  I bet we can’t use that at GITMO.

SWAT Teams are the norm.
They may have rules about no knock raids but the knock and kick method of going into a home seems to be standard.  If you mistakenly don’t hear that it isn’t a home invasion you may be killed by itchy trigger fingered police. 

Japanese Hero Holdout Dies – Milestone

Japanese WWII holdout dies.     Hiroo Onoda has died at the age of  91.  Though he was our enemy during the war you can say that were you to choose someone for your side in a conflict he would have been a great choice.  Never give up comes to mind.  I remember reading the story when he came out of the jungle after 29 years as a spy while still thinking the war was ongoing.   He hid in the jungle for 29 years while remaining true to his country and cause.  We have some like that here I am sure but remember who and what you swear your allegiance to.  We don’t have emperors or dictators according to our constitution as much as some of our elected leaders would like it to be so.

Another thing to learn from a person of such personal strength is that it is possible to live on your own in the woods, jungle, or wherever for extended periods without support.  This is not your first choice when it comes to staying alive but if anyone proved that you can exist and prevail over the long haul it is this Japanese soldier.

Sitrep: Baltimore test for Radiation, Mosquito Virus, Maryland is Toxic to CCW, Limiting Virus Risk by Humidity

Rad testing over Baltimore, Maryland
It is supposed to be a test and let us hope that is all that it is rather than an actual measurement to see if we are getting some plutonium from Japan.  Still, this also indicates that we have worries about Iran, and other state and non-state actors ready to do the dirty on the USA.

Mosquito Borne Virus spread throughout the Caribbean.
If you are one of the lucky ones that travels you are now also at risk of contagion from mosquito.  The usual rules apply but the best rule is to stay home.

Be careful when passing through Maryland if you have a CCW from another state. 
It is bad enough that they look at out of state drivers as a possible meal ticket for violations, but now they also check your concealed carry license status.  

 High humidity cuts virus transmission rate.
This is a solid reason for having a humidifier in your home during the winter.

Sitrep: Blowback from Gun Laws – Magpul, China Readies for War, 2014 looks like 1914, Seniors to Be Deleted-WW3?

Magpul:  Gone to Texas
The magazine manufacturer has moved its headquarters to Texas while moving manufacturing, and distribution to Wyoming.  Nice move.  This is an in your face payback to Colorado for attacking the 2nd amendment.  Hopefully it will also effect hunting and other sporting events in that state.

China is becoming bellicose. 
This is a country has made great strides in terms of wealth and military strength but apparently China is still feeling a lack of respect.  How do you go about getting it, well, you demand it through threats and action.  It is likely that some one country will feel the sting of the new Chicom confidence and I would guess that before tackling the USA it is likely that Japan or Taiwan will be the target and subject of Chinese aggression.  This may be done by pretext but the weakening position of the US in world geopolitics is creating a vacuum that must be filled.  

The building blocks are in place for disaster – a replay of 1914, writ  larger.  
The necessary ingredients for another world war are in place 100 years later.  2014 looks like 1914.  Refer above to the China becoming bellicose section for further proof.

Denying Seniors Healthcare
Obamacare will remove coverage for seniors as a way to spread the weatlh.  It’s a lot cheaper to get rid of them so you won’t have to pay medicare, social security, and can ramp up their taxes to cover the less fortunate. 

Book Review: Leverage by Karl Denninger

How cheap money will destroy the world
By Karl Denninger
Copyright 2012
Read this book if you are worried about our economic future.  Denninger covers the expanse of how our system has become distorted and what the likely outcomes are that we will face.

As the title of book describes, most of the problems related to our financial insolvency relate to leverage throughout the economy.  The author describes how the rule of law has been lost and what needs to happen to regain it.  We are essentially ruled by Oligarchs who now use our political system to bail them out for gambling and losing in the markets.    This behavior would cause most of us to file bankruptcy or go to jail but the elites are given taxpayer money to cover their losses instead.

Derivatives get heavy treatment and by the time you are done it is clear that there is no place for them in normal business transactions.   Information and disclosure are the only cures for stopping future disasters caused by derivatives.

He covers the need to address the free trade fallacy that has caused our factories to leave the country. He also explains how our need for energy is what causes us to stay involved in the Middle East.  We could change policy and change the outcome of our financial system simply by becoming energy independent.

Denninger wrote a great book and of course his blog is a must for daily reading.