Government Goons: Overreach, Underreach, Propaganda, and Corruption

IRS gets a license to Kill
This formalizes the ability of the government to stifle speech and limit the activities of political action groups that are not approved by the executive branch.  We are now clearly in a post constitutional phase of government now more accurately described as a dictatorship than a Republic.

State Department Goons at Work
A whistle blower’s gmail account was hacked and all messages were deleted.  His lawyer had all of his computers stolen.  What do you think is going on.  I know that this is no coincidence and what we have here is part of the pattern of criminal activity from the executive branch that continues unabated.  They are brazen so keep in mind that if you draw their ire that you can expect anything to come your way.  The lesson they are trying to teach us is to keep our mouths shut, submit.

GPS may be installed in all new vehicles. 
They want total control and total information.  This could also generate great revenue as well as becoming the ever present spy in your vehicle.


The two most admired.
The only way this could happen is by media massaging combined with the big lie.

Drones are not for protection, they are weapons.
They are used to take people out and apparently they are good at that but are not good at discerning whether they should be taken out.  Mistakes happen all the time.  The propaganda put out there is that they can pick up such detail that it is easy to identify combatants.


Cop gets 2 years for anal probes
You can’t make this sick stuff up.  He performed anal cavity searches illegally and in many cases without gloves.  What else is there to say except he must have liked doing it.

Corruption and Irresponsiblitity

Chicago Pensions to go Bust
This is what decades of corruption can bring to a government.

Big Gov Goons – Fail

Anti gun movement had setbacks in this top 5 pro gun moments of 2013.
Though some of the usual states ramped up their gun control laws there were many failures to tighten the rules.

.22 Long Rifle Ammo Update – Wally World

Finding .22 LR at Wally World is still the best deal.  I just came across a delivery of CCI 500 round bricks for $28.50 which is $10 more than it was a year ago and more than double what it was before the 2008 election.

Last year you could get a brick of 550 rounds for $18.50 before the crunch and by March gun show prices were up to $100+ for the same bricks.

Online prices for .22 LR are still ridiculous but if you really want some then pay the piper.  Otherwise, drop by Wally World regularly and hope for the best.  I just got lucky today but unless you know when the delivery trucks come in it is just a matter of luck.

The current limit at Wally World is 3 boxes of ammunition.

Sitrep: Mosquito Alert in Americas, Post Collapse Skills, Incandescent Light Bulbs

 Pandemics and Insect Borne Diseases

A new form of mosquito borne disease is now in the Americas.
It won’t be long before it is on the USA mainland along with every other mosquito borne disease once thought eradicated here.  If you must work outside I suggest trying Bug-Tamer suits along with some type of repellent when working outside.

Scientists dispute claim that they are making viruses more virulent. 
Research is one thing but this really is Pandora”s box.  I don’t trust most of what these people say after watching the global warming lies put out by scientists.

Post Collapse Skills

Here is a short list of things you need to be able to do if the grid goes down. 

Incandescent Bulbs

You know they are taking away the last of our inexpensive incandescent light bulbs due to environmental lunacy.    Notice the euphemism phase-out in this article from Wikipedia.  
Banned is a more appropriate description since it is banned and though done in phases to sound softer and less final, it is final unless we force the fools in government to turn things around.

Here is one way a company is getting around it.  They are selling rough service bulbs that last longer as well.  Sure, they still can’t match the cheaper price of the old ones but isn’t that what government is all about, adding more layers of cost to our lives.

The myths about the bulb ban.

A freedom perspective on the legitimacy of the bulb ban. 
We all know this is BS when the government tells us how to live, what to eat, and what light bulbs we are allowed to use.

Ammo Availability Update December 2013 – A year after the crush began.

It is out there, though not plentiful and not at a cheap price.

Looking around online you’ll find the new bottom basement price for 9mm FMJ brass case ammo newly manufactured is no lower than .26 per round and usually over .30 per round.  This is up from .20 cents per round prior to the mass purchases by the DHS beginning a year ago.  Yes, public panic and hoarding has added to the cost and availability but make no mistake about it that the price increases are every bit as much a function of market forces caused by supply dislocations of government tampering.   These supply disruptions are either through new legislation or forward purchase contracts for billions of rounds by the government that are paid for with printed money that are really nothing more than loans against our future earnings when taxed.  It is intentional.

Gun Show Pricing  – Mid Atlantic Region

9mm – .35 cents per round minimum for FMJ.  It seems that the only way to get good prices for this is online.  Many gun shops are charging close to $25-29 per box of 50 for range ammo.  The cheapest I have found with a limit of 1 box per session is $18.95.

.22 – There is nothing out there still unless you happen to walk in at the right time at Wally World.  There are gun shops that do have it at a current pricing of close to .15 per round for standard Long Rifle.  High velocity rounds like stingers are running no less than $8.95 per 50 where a year before the same box was $5.50.  By my calculations this is a 63% (62.72727) increase that has stabilized for high end .22 rounds like the CCI Stinger, when available.  5.50 x .63 = 3.465  + 5.50 = 8.965.

Standard .22 for a brick of 550 rounds is at $45 per brick.  This is now 2.5 times the original cost  or a 150% increase since last year.  You will only find this price at gun shops that happen to get a delivery.

In reality, checking this .22 online ammo price bot  the price per round is closer to .25 or .30 per round since you can rarely find a brick sized amount.  Most are per 50 round boxes and when you add in shipping it almost becomes a joke to be shooting .22 versus 9mm any more.  I’d switch over to .22 or .177 air rifles for long gun range training.    For handguns I’d go for 9mm or if you want to emulate a .22 just use .22 CB caps or shorts in a revolver.  Those are still available and somewhat reasonable prices.

As for the other calibers, well the pricing is higher than 9mm obviously and I can’t see a solid reason to burn up .40 per round at this point in any quantity unless that is all you have.  Good luck and good shooting.

.22 Ammo Shortage is still real and here is an update from another blogger that comports with my contention that this is mostly a government controlled shortage.

Gun Rights and Gun Ownership – 2A Means Something

We all know about the 2nd Amendment (2A) and generally it is understood that it is an individual right.  The gun control groups are constantly trying to find a way to limit these rights in a manner that will over time eliminate the meaning of the 2A.

Here is a strong statement of the push back from the gun owners that are no longer willing to submit to further gun restrictions.

Mayors pay for the Bloomberg alliance against guns.

55 of 62 Sheriffs in Colorado refuse to enforce new gun laws.

Sheriffs will not enforce new gun control laws.

It is nice to see some final push back against the gun grabbers.  Unfortunately, the government has found a new way to limit the utility of gun ownership by causing massive dislocations in the availability of ammunition. 

A more recent effort by the government to limit ammo availability is closing of the last lead smelter in the USA by environmental regulations will increase prices.

Lead based bullets will be more expensive and other materials such as copper for bullets will likely increase ammo costs.

Needless to say, I’d put some away for a rainy day.  For your regular shooting, I’d find alternatives and supplements such as air rifles, BB pistols, dry fire drills,  and laser trainers.

Sitrep: US Defense Declining, Retirement Savings at Risk, Anti-bacterial Soaps Now a threat, Gun Grabber Update

U.S. Nuclear Missile Forces Are Burned Out
The decline of our military is evident in the lost mission readiness of the missile forces.  This is probably duplicated throughout the military as deployments extend, benefits drop, and political correctness destroys morale.

Retirement Savings is the new target
Savings inequality is the new mantra used by the left to redistribute wealth.  Expect some type of means testing for social security benefits and also don’t be surprised by a seizure of retirement accounts to be incorporated into social security.  Even if they only take a percentage of the savings it would deal a lethal blow to many retirees and their planning.  In essence, those that saved and planned for the future will be punished and their wealth will be spread around. 

FDA now warns against anti-bacterial soaps.
The naturalists knew this could happen and so it has happened.  The 10+ year experiment with these soaps laced with anti-bacterial agents now appear to have added a layer of health risk that good ole regular soap never caused.  Save those soaps for a medical emergency or something but I’d go back to the tried and true basic soap.  For a while it was actually hard to find standard liquid soap so I went back to bars.  Maybe this will fix things.

Gun Grabber Update

California Gun Owners Worried About Gun List
They should be worried since the only plausible reason for it is to seize their guns at the government’s time of choosing.  It is always nice to have a list of what it is you are looking to take with you.

Colorado Sheriffs won’t enforce new gun laws.
55 of 62 of them won’t and the remaining ones are obviously Federalized by taking free goodies in exchange for submission.  Know your local Sheriff so you can know how you will be treated.