Knockout Game – Coming to Your Neighborhood

Find yourself on the street one day and imagine that going to the grocery store could put you in the sights of a murderous attacker who really is just doing it for kicks.  I have no interest in ending up on the ground for a curb stomping or some other form of entertainment enjoyed by the criminal class. 

Knockout game is nationwide.
Hey, it’s fun.  That is what the hoodlums think but when you get cold cocked and pummeled out of nowhere it is no fun at all.

How to protect yourself.  First off, you should be aware of your surroundings and if you hear steps coming up from behind step out of the way and look back well before they are right up on you.    Find a pretext to do so if you must but don’t pretend no one is there and wait to find out if you are a target.

Trayvon may have been playing the knockout game. 

Knockout game now in school hallways. 

More attacks in Philly.  

Never walk past or between a group in an environment where you have no help forthcoming if they attack.  I would stop coming forward and move to the other side of the street or turn around.  Don’t give them what they want which is you to pretend you don’t notice them as a threat since that would be deemed socially offensive.  Think about survival and not good manners.

If you can legally carry weapons do so.  At a minimum I’d carry a walking stick or cane and some type of chemical defense such as Pepper Spray.  If you are allowed to do so where you live you can always get a CCW permit and carry a handgun. 

Watch your back.

Self Defense is a Right: It Depends

Maryland Man Charged With Murder After Stopping Home Invasion
Needless to say, if the exact same situation occurred and it was a policeman that killed the intruder coming into his home there would be no case at all.  It would be a good shooting or whatever they call it nowadays on the other side of the blue line.

  So what do we make of this.  It appears that the state of Maryland in particular has decided that it is okay for the police to kill in defense of themselves and if by chance to protect and serve the public.  At the same time is is not okay for an armed citizen to take the exact same steps in defense of himself and others even if in his own home.

What to do:  I guess they are telling us to make sure to call 911 first so the operator on the other end can talk you out of defending yourself.  I’d have someone else make the call and make sure I protected myself and my family.  In Maryland the rule is that you must also retreat and avoid apparently to the point of waiting until you are choked out and the assailant is now proving that he means business before you can act.  Merely kicking in your door does not constitute a threat in the once Free State of Maryland.  That is what it has been called since November 1, 1864 and I now suggest they just dump that slogan in favor of one more appropriate such as the Flee State.

Sitrep: European Right Awakens, Death of Money, Chinese Troops in Hawaii

European move to the right rattles establishment politicians
It may be too late for them but at least they are awakening to the insanity of multiculturalism and socialism as a means of destroying their culture.

The Death of Money 
Time is working against us as more money is printed and the value continues to slide.

Murray Rothbard on what they have done to our money.

Russian Lawmaker Predicts Death of US Dollar in 2017
It may happen before then but all of us need to protect ourselves.  It may also be wishful thinking from that politician who I suppose wishes the Russian currency were distributed worldwide.

Milk $8 a gallon is farm bill doesn’t pass.
That should give you a clue in to buy some powdered milk and realize that it is one of the most subsidized products we have to eat.

Chinese Troops on US Soil
Training drills on US soil that involve our potential adversary makes no sense unless you want to give them an opportunity to scope out the target.

The Lies of Government – Obmamacare , Employment Figures, Gun Confiscation

Obamacare – Now Called ACA once it becomes a joke

Read this article on AP and you’ll see that it is clearly not affordable.
The big question is how many of these dupes now in shock actually voted for the government that now has hurt them.  Statistically half of them deserve it.

The Administration decided to lie about the cancellation numbers.  It was known beforehand while they still pushed the keep your doctor and keep your plan mantra.

The kids that voted for this will now wake up to a new world they helped create with their votes.

What does this mean for the rest of us.  We are on thin ice when it comes to healthcare down the road due to doctor shortages and treatment rationing.

Do whatever you can to keep good health.

False Census Data

Employment figures fudged
It did help them win the election.

Gun Confiscation

Kalifornia Kicking in Doors for the Good of the People
This is a nationwide model used to find a means of denying people their gun rights.

1911 Again Adopted by the Marines – Stick with the 9mm

They went back to the old tried and true 1911.

12,000 on Order for 22.5 million

Review Colt M45A1

This really has limited relevance to our readiness.  It is important to note that while the military is limited to FMJ ammunition civilians and police are not.  Look at what the police choose and you will see few .45 caliber weapons.  True they have gone to .40 S&W, but many have not since it is more expensive, carries more recoil and blast, wears down the weapon faster, and is difficult for many shooters to manage and it is not really a joy to shoot.  I say stick with the 9mm and focus on the ammo, training, and best platform within that caliber that gives you safety, reliability, capacity, ease of use, and if needed concealment. 

The alternate if going with a revolver is the .38 special and that is again the direction I would take, though you could go with a .357 if you want to man up.

Sitrep: China Threat – Nukes, Collapse Update, Social Breakdown, Age of Antibiotics is Over

 China Threat

China Threatens Nuclear Sub Attack on USA
This is an update to their threats back in the 90’s when Clinton was in charge.  Now they have many more subs capable of hitting the US mainland with nuclear weapons and they know we have an extremely weak president at the moment. He is too busy crushing domestic opposition.

US Military Being Purged
This cannot come at a worse time since we have threats from all side including our main rival China.

1983 War Games Almost Caused Armageddon 
If you think the Chinese bluster is a joke just remember how close we came to going at it with the Soviets over a game they thought was real.

Financial Collapse

Only One Peaceful Path To Avoid Destruction
Denninger is a math guy and his numbers usually make sense.  The bottom line for him is that we can’t vote our way out of destruction.  Protect yourself.

Annihilation of US Dollar is Coming
This along with the confiscation of deposits to make banks whole will finish off the US economy and way of life.

Social Breakdown

NYC Coping with Flash Mobs
Gangs of bikers, skate boarders, and whatever else you can think of are now the next big problem for cities.  Think of Attila pushing his way through NY with his horsemen in a bid to show power and strike fear as he drove those victims of earlier conquests before him.  Do you want to live where this is allowed.  Not me.  Not ever.

Prepping May Be a Flag or Become Illegal 

Here are some prepping ideas for social unrest. 

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial
What more needs be said other than what a waste for good Americans to be killed by criminals not legally in the country.

Pandemics and Disease

The age of antibiotics is over according to the CDC.
 So if you lived between 1950 and now you have been within a charmed timeline where most bacterial illnesses could be treated.  That is now coming to an end.